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Ancient Epic

by: Giuseppe Homenick

Ancient Epic CLST 202

Giuseppe Homenick
Christopher Newport University
GPA 3.73

Bradley Buszard

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About this Document

Bradley Buszard
Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Giuseppe Homenick on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLST 202 at Christopher Newport University taught by Bradley Buszard in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/219499/clst-202-christopher-newport-university in Classical Studies at Christopher Newport University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Aeneid 1142 Camilla the death 01C Tumus Aeneid H O Aeneas dedicates the spolia oPima 1 56 0 Pallas meral Part1 ProcessiO 57429 O 12 c133 truce to bury the dead 150180 0 Pallas meral Part 2 Evander 181259 0 The dead are buried 240294 Aeneid H 0 Latin assembly 0 Diomedes retusal to help is recounted 295 90 o Latinus suggests a truce ywvra o Drances agrees and rebukes Tumus 44507 o Tumus retorts and is Prepared tn ght Aeneas 50859 o The Tro ans advance and both sides Prepare again to ght 59657 0 Camilla and Turnus Plot their attack 658697 Aeneicl 11 0 Diana explains l ier connection with Camilla ancl toretclls l ier cleatl i 698787 battle isjoinccl ancl many clie 7884355 Aristcia 01C Camilla 854 959 Arruns lltill5 Camilla 9601108 0 Opis lltill5 Arruns 11094150 0 Tl IC Latins witl iclraw into their city 1151120 Aeneid 12 O Turnus goes to ght Aeneas Latinus and Amata are unable to dissuade tiim 1109 0 Turnus and Aeneas Prepare 0152 O The two sides line UP to observe the duel but Juno rouses Juturna to aid Turnus 155216 O The two sides swear oatl is but Juturna incites the Italians to break them 217592 Aeneid 12 O Slaughter ensues Aeneas attempts to halt it but is wounded lay an arrow 595457 0 Turnus lgtutchers many Trc ans 458519 0 Venus heals Aeneas who charges out to Turnus 520628 0 Juturna drives Turnus chariot eluding Aeneas 629 675 Aeneicl 12 O Turnus and Aeneas many others 674745 0 Aeneas leads an attack on the city Amata kills 116136 746819 0 Juturna can restrain Turnus no longer and he charges Aeneas 820927 0 They ght Turnus ees Aeneas chases him clown 9284048 Iliad 22 24 The death of Hector the funeral and games for Patroclus and the ransoming of Hector s body Iliad 22 4 Priam s speech t Hector waits outside then flees it Zeus debates then sends Athena to deceive Hector 49 Achilles kills Hector abuses his corpse 4 Hecuba and Andromache mourn Iliad 23 i The funeral games for Patroclus i v w Chariot race Boxing and wrestling Running Armed duel Archery Sh otrput Scene from BenHur Iliad 24 A The gods pity Hector Zeus sends Thetis to Achilles ris and Hermes to Priam divine explanation 4 Priam goes to Achilles and wins his pity human explanation a A truce Troy mourns and buries Hector Temple of Apollo lliad19 21 Achilles at War After the Iliad 4 Death of Achilles 4 Death of Paris by Philoctetes r Trojan Horse 4 Death of Priam r Death of A39styanax Q Nostoi Three Fated Requirements 1 Philoctetes the bow of Heracles 4 Neoptolemus 1 The Palladium Iliad 19 it Achilles rejoins the Achaeans 4 Agamemnon fulfills his promises 1 Achilles refuses to eat despite Odysseus advice quotg Achilles arms for battle Iliad 20 t Zeus releases the other gods to join the fight Aeneas and Achilles fight it Achilles kills several lesser Trojan champions Hector escapes for a time lliad21 It Achilles kills Lycaon 4 Achilles fights Seamander Hephaestus defeats Seamander 4 The gods fight r Agenor and Apollo delay Achilles the Trojans to reach their walls The Iliad in Retrospect Gods 8y Fate Homer 8y Tolstoy Greek Epic 0 The Tran Cgcle CgPria Iliad AethioPis Little Iliad 5 lliou Persis Nostoi includingOdgsseg Telegonia 0 Theban Cgcle Oedipodea Thebaid Epigoni 0 Others Titanomachia Alcmeonis etc


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