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Ancient Epic

by: Giuseppe Homenick

Ancient Epic CLST 202

Giuseppe Homenick
Christopher Newport University
GPA 3.73


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 69 page Class Notes was uploaded by Giuseppe Homenick on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLST 202 at Christopher Newport University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/219502/clst-202-christopher-newport-university in Classical Studies at Christopher Newport University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
The Voyage of Eneas The Organization of Eneid 3 a The x Egean Sea Thrace Delos and Crete A Western Greece The Strophades Actium and Buthrotum 4 Italy and Sicily Castrum Minervae Mt Etna and the voyage around Sicily Major Themes of Eneid 3 9 Labor and exhaustion 3 x Eneas mission 3 Anchises guidance The Egean Sea 4 Thrace and Polydorus horrifying grave 13768 1 Delos and Apollo s oracle 697120 A Crete a pestilence Eneas Penates appear to him in a vision 1217191 Western Greece 4 The Strophades the Harpies and Celaeno s prophecy 1 9272 67 a Actium Eneas trophy 2 6872 89 s Buthrotum Helenus Andromache and a new Troy Helenus prophecy 2907505 Italy and Sicily 1 Castrum Minervae the Trojan fleet reaches Italy 5067547 Mt Etna Scylla and Charybdis Achaemenides Polyphemus 5487686 s The voyage around Sicily Syracuse Anchises death at Drepanum Carthage 6877718 Castrum Minervao Italy and Sicily 1 Castrum Minervae the Trojan fleet reaches Italy 5067547 Mt Etna Scylla and Charybdis Achaemenides Polyphemus 5487686 s The voyage around Sicily Syracuse Anchises death at Drepanum Carthage 6877718 Mt Etna Italy and Sicily 1 Castrum Minervae the Trojan fleet reaches Italy 5067547 Mt Etna Scylla and Charybdis Achaemenides Polyphemus 5487686 s The voyage around Sicily Syracuse Anchises death at Drepanum Carthage 6877718 e f 7 a 4 1 0 9 7 391 r Q N Drepanum Modern Trapani Eneid 4 Dido and Eneas 9 Dido confesses her love to her sister Anna and resists betraying Sychaeus 1730 5 Anna convinces her by personal and political arguments to pursue Aneas 30755 4 Dido s love consumes her she neglects her duties as queen 56789 A Juno and Venus plot a wedding 907128 Eneid 4 cont 9 A hunting expedition and wedding 1297172 Rumor informs arbas who prays toJupiter who sends Mercury to Aneas 1 7372 78 4 Aeneas prepares to leave Dido learns of it from Rumor and confronts him 2797392 9 As Aneas makes ready his departure Dido sends Anna to beg deay 3937449 Eneid 4 cont 9 Dido tormented decides to die 4507473 She tricks Anna into helping her build a pyre 4747503 4 As Dido plots her suicide and vengeance Mercury warns Aneas to flee 5047583 4 Dido curses Eneas stabs herself upon the pyre and eventually dies 5847705 Eneid 1 Cf Odyssey 5 8 it Proem 1733 Q Juno s storm 347156 1 fEneas arrival at Carthage 1577222 4 Divine interlude Jupiter and Venus recount the history of Rome Mercury 2237304 Eneid 1 cont Venus tells Aeneas of Carthage 3057417 Eneas and Achates go out on recon naisance 4187493 In Dido receives the Trojans 4947656 Cupid inflames Dido who asks Eneas for his tale 6577756 Carthage Republican Rome s Greatest Enemy 0 39Nnus Marla SEA y Smricumw Cuma the usabl v Bay of Naples TYRRHENIAN SEA Charybdis I n I Lipari rslandA 5mm of Messina SICILIAN 150 Home v0 Mites Affci ent Carthage g v r 4 A 4 11mm 401mm mu IIIins wwmngpannwm am cum m m mum urMmmzu m 7 am Scale 1120000000 Carthago delenda est Dido Building Carthage JMW Turner 1815 Eneid2 Main Points it Pius Eneas Q Ascanius and Anchises 1 Lares and Penates 4 The fall OfTroy the Trojan horse Sinon Laocobn and his sons In the Eneid Th Death f Laoco n Hellenistic SC u I p tu r39e El Greco Oil on CahVas ca 1610 Eneid 2 Main Episodes t TheTrOjan horse 17249 4 The sack OfTroy and the death of Priam 2507558 5 The immediate aftermath for Eneas and his family 5597804 Eneid 2 9 Eneas begins with the debate over the horse and Laocoon 1756 L Sinon s tale 577198 4 Laocoon and his sons die and the horse is brought into Troy 1997249 9 The fleet returns and the City gates are opened 2507267 Eneid 2 cont Q Eneas is warned by a dream of Hector s ghost 2687297 1 Eneas fights valiantly but in vain 2987505 2 The death of Priam 5067558 4 Enea s prepares to kill Helen butVenus reveals the gods presence and sends him to rescue his family 5587623 x Eneid 7 8 The Italians and Arcadians Scylla g Chmybdis IslAnd of MP Aeneas Journey Ends Eneid 7 9 Eneas passes Circe and reaches the mouth of the Tiber 1736 L 2nd proem maior rerum mth nascitur ordo maius opus moveo 3 7745 4 The Latins Latinus Lavinia Turnus omens Latinus incubation 467106 A Celaeno s prediction comes true 1077147 Eneid 7 Q Trojan representatives meet the Latins 1487248 Latinus welcomes the Trojans and offers his daughter in marriage 2497285 Q Juno summons Allecto 2867340 9 Allecto I she poisons Amata who hides Lavinia and leads the other Latin women in pseudo Bacchic rebellion 341405 Eneid 7 Allecto II she drives Turnus mad and he rouses the Rutulians for war 406474 Allecto she causes Ascanius to wound Silvia s stag inciting the Latins to war 4757539 Q Allecto reports back to Juno Offering more terrors but is discharged 5407571 t The Latin farmers and women demand war Latinus retires 5727600 Eneid 7 A Juno throws open the gates of the temple of Janus launching the war 6017640 A Catalog of the troops note especially the last two Turnus and Camilla 6417817 Eneid 8 it Turnus rallies allies for war 1732 4 Aeneas vision from Tiber and the sow omen 3371 10 x The Trojans sail upriver reach Pallanteum and are welcomed warmly by Evander1117241 a Cacus and rites of Heracles 2427400 in Evander describes Pallantium 4017484 quot39 WWW mmmw Pmmmsmrcal Schematic man 110 V gnan Egg m a 311 BOAR m e a HHCEHESVIHMO dt mw WNW amine mmH Wmm w mm m WWMW 2 a mum1 Site of Lapis Niger Find quotThe Hut of Romulus Eneid 8 19 Venus asks Vulcan to forge armor for Aeneas 4857591 4 Aeneas army gathers Evander sends with Aeneas his own son Pallas 5927760 1 Venus brings Aeneas armor which Virgil describes at length 7617955 Aeneid 940 War Nisus and Eurgalus the gods AC ClCl 9 O Iris rouses Turnus to attack 1 58 0 Turnus res the Trcjan ships but Cghele turns them into nymphs 59159 0 Turns makes a hold speech comparing their assault to the Trcjan war then the Kutullians as the 39Ircjans stand guard 16025 0 Nisus and Eurgalus expedition 252609 Aeneid 9 O The lament ot Eurgalus mother 610667 0 battle isjoinect 668786 0 Ascanius kills Numanus Kemulus 78785 0 Apollo restrains Ascanius 852897 0 The Trcjans open the gates and great slaughter ensues 898958 0 Aristeion ot Tumus 9591090 Aeneicl IO 0 Council ot the goals Venus Juno ancl Jupiter 1168 0 Ascanius ancl tl ie Trc ans continue the gl it wl iile Aeneas raises more allies 169229 0 Catalog ot Aeneas allies 250504 0 Aeneas sl iiPsnngl is urge l iim on toretelling great slaugl iter tor the Kutulians 505560 Aeneicl IO 0 Aeneas nally arrives ancljoins battle with Turnus ancl tl ie Kutulians killing many 56 5OC O Pallas rallies tl ie Arcaclians ancl cl iarges killing many 501608 0 Turnus lltills Pallas ancl talltes l iis lgtelt 608702 0 Aeneas goes lgterserllt 705852 Aeneid 5 6 Games for Anchises The Cumaean Sibyl Orcus The Voyage of Eneas Eneid 5 vs Iliad 23 4 Important Changes from the games for Patroclus in Iliad 23 3 4 contests instead of 8 The Lusus Troiae The behavior ofEneas vs that of Achilles Eneid 5 Their progress hampered by a storm the Trojan fleet stops at Eryx where Aneas declares games honoring Anchises the first Parentaia 1771 Q The rites and the serpent prodigy 727103 1 4 contests naval race 1 147285 foot race 2867361 boxing 3627484 archery 4857 544 Q The lusus Troiae 5457603 Ship Race of Eneid 5 9 Cloanthus Mnestheus Gyas Sergestus Cloanthes passes Gyas Gyas throws his helmsman Menoetes overboard 4 Mnestheus urges his rowers on with an impassioned speech Sergestus hits a reef 4 Mnestheus is in second place but Cloanthus still wins he vows a sacrifice to the sea gods Foot Race of Eneic 5 4 Important point 1 note the character relationship and behavior of Nisus and Euryalus We ll revisit these two in book 9 Q Important point 2 compare the actions of Eneas after this race with those of Achilles after the chariot race in Iliad 23 Cf also fEneas actions after Acestes arrow bursts into flame in the archery contest 12 with Caestus Mosaic 1st century A D Rest of Eneid 5 1 ris stirs the Trojan women to burn the ships Eneas prays and Jupiter sends rain 6047699 1 Anchises shade tes Eneas to leave the infirm behind and to visit him in Orcus 7007745 A He founds Acesta Segestum and departs aided by Venus amp Neptune but Palinurus dies as a scapegoat for his people 7467871 Eneid 6 f The Trojans reach Cumae and Diana s temple 1741 1 Aneas promises the sibyl a temple and the XV viri she foretells his coming trials and success 42797 1 Eneas asks to visit his father s shade the sibyl tells him of the golden bough and of Misenus death 977155 8 S E c a u E 3 u 2 E o 3 E u z lt w Bay of Naples TYRRHENIAN SEA Charybdis u a I Lipan39 Vslands Straits of Messina SICLIAN SEA V50 Imomelers v0 was NISIDA Cumae Modern Cuma Cape Misenum Miseno P t T o A I Sibyl One of Five Michaelangelo Eneid 6 9 Eneas buries Misenus plucks the golden bough sacrifices then follows the sibyl into Orcus 1567235 1 They pass some gods and monsters 2367294 4 Charon Styx and Palinurus 2957383 4 Cerberus infants the unjustly condemned suicides including Dido 3847476 Modern Palinuro Enelc 6 g Heroes including Deiphobus the Greeks who fought at Troy run in fear 4777547 4 Tartarus 5487627 and Elysium 6287678 Anchises describes the nature ofthe soul and introduces some ofEneas Roman descendants 6797892 Eneas departs through the gate of false dreams 8937901 Romans of Enelc 6 9 Kings Alban Kings Numitor Romulus Numa Ancus Martius Tarquinii Brutus 8 his sons 9 Early republic Decii Drusi Torquatus Camillus Middle republic Fabricius Amilius Paullus Scipios Fabius Maximus Cunctator Gracchi 4 Late republic Caesar Pompey 4 Augustus Marcellus 39723 BC miiwmia 413 Z V lyuxafr I 7 l39 quot x At2 Theater of Marcellus


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