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by: George Hilll

GeneralBiology BIO101A

George Hilll

GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by George Hilll on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO101A at City College of San Francisco taught by CrimaPogge in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/219515/bio101a-city-college-of-san-francisco in Biology at City College of San Francisco.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Campbell et al Biology 8th ed Study hint Scan the chapter and start lling in the study guide before class While working through this study guide make a list of key terms in the right margin Usually these terms are boldfaced in the study guides or they appear in the referenced gures Consult the glossary in the back of your textbook or on the companion website if you are not sure of de nitions Read pages 118 and the handout Biological Key Concepts for lecture and 1926 for lab Be prepared to answer concept check questions you can nd answers to concept check questions in appendix A of Campbell et al Biology Make note of any questions you have about the reading Bring those questions to your discussion section on Thursday or Friday Themes connect the concepts of biology 1 Key concept I Sustaining and perpetuating life poses challenges for living entities Use figure 13 to describe challenges and give examples for each 2 Which of the properties described in gure 13 an be found in nonliving entities 3 Which characteristics common to all cells contribute to allowing cells to perform all activities required for life p 78 4 Explain skeletal similarities and behavioral differences between penguins and jackrabbits Can those differences and similarities be considered adaptive responses key concept 2 5 Can you illustrate key concept III The responses that evolve are constrained by a the laws of chemistry and physics and b present and historical abiotic and biotic factors internal and external With the example of skeletal similarities and behavioral difference between penguins and jackrabbits 6 Explain how the properties oflife emerge from complex organization give an example 7 lllustrate the theme Organisms interact with their environment with an example from cell biology that includes the two major dynamic processes ofany ecosystem Note that a single cell can be an organism as well as an ecosystem 8 Use DNA as an example to illustrate the theme Structure and function are correlated at all levels of biological organization you might want to do the Mastering Biology activity to deepen your understanding of DNA 9 Distinguish between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells Figure 18 Use the Mastering Biology activity to commit the differences to your memory 10 What is the goal of systems biology Give examples of applications of systems biology Crima Pogge CCSF for Bio 101 A page 1 11 List three research developments that have advanced systems biology 12 Explain the importance of regulatory mechanisms in living things Distinguish between positive and negative feedback Figure 113 Give an example for each 13 Concept check Always do all concept checks Note that for question 112 What theme or themes are exemplified by the sharp spines of a porcupine all themes are exempli ed ll Evolution accounts for the unity and diversity of life 14 What are cilia How are they used in a paramecia and b humans How can you explain the similarity between cilia in humans and paramecia Figure 116 15 Hypothesize why evolution remains controversial in the US 16 Define evolution note that you need to be able to de ne all boldfaced terms Describe the 3 observations and 2 inferences that led Charles DanNin to his theory of evolution by natural selection 18 Is fitness in the DanNinian sense an absolute or a relative character Does t equal perfect Explain your answer 19 How did the orchid Orphys apifera come to look like a bee 20 What concept of DanNin s theory of evolution is misrepresented in the depiction of apes becoming more and more upright to nally become human What would be a more appropriate depiction Evolution is often simpli ed as survival of the ttest emphasizing the role of competition Make a case for cooperation being a major force in evolution 22 Concept check Why is natural selection a theory l 2 An asterix denotes a question that you won t nd explicitly in the textbook I will address those questions in lecture You can ask me about them in the discussion and often you can find the answer with a google search Note Exams consist of short answer and multiple choice questions All questions are derived from study guides which you ll nd for all chapters on my website at httpfogccsfeducpogge Print study guides and ll them in as you are rst reading the chapter Fill in the remaining answers during lecture Study guides will help you organize your lecture notes focus your reading and deepen your understanding of the concepts discussed Understanding the answers will help you commit the ideas to your memory and to draw connections between the concepts discussed throughout the course lfyou are not sure about what a question is getting at please ask for feedback in the discussion section There are multiple choice practice quizzes both in the textbook and online at Mastering Biology lgnore questions that do not refer to study guide questions and use the practice quizzes to further commit concepts to your memory Most important if you get a question wrong analyze why you got it wrong Did you not study this concept or did the wording trick you Crima Pogge CCSF for Bio 101 A page 2 II key concepts for B 0 101A m unruth m ey Wateglel rur perpetuating Ilre nus We can unnsw Erma mversm nf We farm pmmem nf sustammg and perpetuaung We under gwen enwnnmemax unnmtmns A rate m n m m s as mfferent Evmutmnary smutmns m me new Key s was an mm a dwarsz nf We have Evmved see bemw m m e w x n n n strategms Tms Wm hnpequy new ynu see bmmgy nut as awmb e nf mscnnnected facts thatynu have m memnnze furthe next qmz but as ngma unherent set nf auapuve respnnses ammgwm CnmaVugge Ccsr Key strategies 1 Examples The evolutionary optimal solution to conflicting biological challenges often involves tradeoffs Solutions with an overall positive effect have evolved l Competition for limiting resources has favored solutions that conserve energy and resources A Natural selection has favored solutions with a safety net In order to sustain life reactions have to be fast and specific which often is a function of location concentration and structure U39l Complex biological structures have evolved that re ect the complexity of tasks necessary to sustain life Campbell theme Structure and function are correlated at all levels of biological organization O Surface areatovolume ratios are kept high to maximize the ef ciency of many biological processes Tradeoff the size of biological structures is constrained 7 At each ascending level of biological organization complex interactions give rise to new properties in the higher level emergent properties Biology 101A Crima Pogge CCSF AH mmughnuttms unurse We wm Wm Mammy keysz rafeges39fmmwmg frnm mesa unncepts We wm mvesugate fur Examp e Whmh strategms mnsewe Energy and resumes What safety nets are used em ammgwuwemamgge Ccsr


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