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by: Sheila Welch

Fermen.&ProteinPurification BTEC101

Marketplace > City College of San Francisco > Biotechnology > BTEC101 > Fermen ProteinPurification
Sheila Welch

GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sheila Welch on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BTEC101 at City College of San Francisco taught by EdithKaeuper in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/219525/btec101-city-college-of-san-francisco in Biotechnology at City College of San Francisco.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
BTEC 101 Protein Folding Protein B asics 0 Proteins are the workers of the cells 39 Proteins are encoded by DNA Central Dogma 0 Form follows function The Central Dogma Gene expression 1 Temmale strand mRNA Rrotem amino am chain Melmonme Praline Leucme A smne Argmme Protein structure Proteins are a composite of amino acids Amino acids have a general structure as seen on the next slide The order of the amino acids determines the proteins conformation Form follows function Amino Acids Cunvemmnal depidian Threedimgnsiunal depiuion uCn1 hm quot Sxdczlmm f IvmJlmnm mlularpu 4 coon 4 Ammu H thml mum Cnrhoxyl group group group gmup Pnsmve Negallva r AmyIna Nl l ln lyslne Asnnnlo add nlmnmln mu Avg ms ml Asp mm a u x n E Cl 0 39300 CIDW CIOU HgN Hy tf n He zi H Mari rte CH2 CH CH2 CH2 AH I NGH IIH l3H 2 2 2 I I I CH2 fH OH E IN HC NXH l H2 I o NHQ quotNH3 NH2 Amino acids with elect cally charged side chains Saline Immune A paragina 5m nu Ash 5 T N 1200 300 cloa Hg i f H Haiti ilH Hgltl f H H f DH ng CH C 3 HZN o Amino acids with polar but uncharged side chains Cysteine Glycine PMIn cm my Pro c a P clam iou liner H3K4 c H Hah C H H2 C H I I L sz H H2 CH2 75H CL Special cases Alanlne Isoleuclne unnlne Ala Uh nu A I c oo L LIDOD H3IQ 3 H Hgn l f H Hg f H CH3 H CH3 sz CH2 CH CH3 nae cHJ Fg nflalanlne awayth may e 19 yr 5 700 W 300 V CIOD ngg Lrt H Hz f H HJI f n CH2 DHQ CH2 CCH NH l Arnlno aclds with hydrophoblc slde chalns Peptide bonds umm l mlmnl mulv Inn hmumh Krmnmn a Mimic a ld mcnamals 1 T i T u KCKay EKNKxC KCRM H A g R H Mammer 1 Manama 2 Manama 3 Monomer a condensation a nation Polyneptide H R T H H R T 3 H c N C C N C H s E C 7 H o n H n o H RESIWB 1 Residue 2 Remdue 3 Resume 4 Condensation Peptide bonds 0 Formed by the ribosomes in the cell it is a dehydration reaction 0 Order of the amino acid is encoded in the Order of the amino acids Will determine the function of the protein 4 Aniluo acids cavhoxyl mun hummus Miaminus m m W Polypeptide Mm we rmmmcn am unanpupAMehnMn s nmmg palmmm nu n a Plums mm mum slrurtlln Pnly phdes as unsung spesi shapes Fe 115 are subihzed by bonds including hydrogen and msumde hands Hydmgcn bmvd Drsuk de bond Two or morgpolyrep des as sumhlelo39ovm a e rote amisst ypolhe cal moiecuIE has Is a leh amen magie up of our polypemides Pulvpnphd mm H c 5er sham C H of cystInc m 75H group at we cysteine side chams an Mu m farm 1 cavalzm hand lmween Ihe wliur moms 2n ml Gh Cn H Duulllde budge Collagen Dennlming a e mu slw m a any ad w cmldary cluvc of 3 Mc a New gx Dcmmmlmn y mm mm


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