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Principles of Biology Lab II

by: Allene Blanda

Principles of Biology Lab II BIOL 1108L

Marketplace > Clayton State University > Biology > BIOL 1108L > Principles of Biology Lab II
Allene Blanda
Clayton State
GPA 3.88

Barbara Musolf

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About this Document

Barbara Musolf
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allene Blanda on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1108L at Clayton State University taught by Barbara Musolf in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/219555/biol-1108l-clayton-state-university in Biology at Clayton State University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
BIOL1108L Animal Diversity II Musolf Objective Observe the diversity of animals gain an appreciation of the evolution of animals through observing the development of different structures and to relate structure to function Knowledge skills 1 Identify structures indicated in the lab 2 Know at least one function for the structure 3 Identify the organism the phylum to which it belongs its sex where appropriate and supply the appropriate categories to describe the organism from table 181 in your lab manual pp 486487 Table 182 is a useful study guide as well 4 Understand and know the definition for all the bold face terms in the sections of the lab indicated Identify all reproductive structures of both the male and female specimens that you dissect V39 I encourage you to answer questions that accompany the lab exercises in the lab text The questions will not be graded but answering them will give you feedback on how well you understand the material Ex18 1 Phylum Mollusca Clams 1 Follow procedure 113 a Study the outside of clams that have not been opened b Dissect the clams that have been precut ie Procedure 3 has been done for you c External structures to find i Dorsal side ventral side hinge umbo d Internal structures to find i Mantle foot gills adductor muscles visceral mass ii Look for some of the other internal structuresisiphon heart etc You are not responsible for them on the practical because they are difficult to find Ex 182 Phylum Arthropoda Lab Study A 7 Cray sh dissection 1 Procedure 14 2 External structures a Headicompound eyes mouthpa1ts and antennae b Thoraxiwalking legs carapace gills reproductive structures c Abdomeniswimmerets telson and uropod anus 3 Internal structures Excretory system Green gland Reproductive system testis or ovary Cardiovascular system heart arteries Digestive system esophagus cardiac sac pyloric sac hepatopancreas intestine rectum anus Nervous systemibrain ventral nerve cord ganglia FL 0quotm D BIOL1108L Animal Diversity II Musolf Lab Study BiGrasshopper dissection 1 Procedure 12 2 External structures a Head ocelli compound eye antennae mouthparts b Thorax forewing hindwing walking legs c Abdomen ovipositor females only spiracles 4 Internal structures a Digestive organsiesophagus crop stomach ceca intestine rectum anus b Excretory systemiMalpighian tubules c Nervous system ventral nerve cord brain


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