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Principles of Chemistry II

by: Mrs. Abigail Fay

Principles of Chemistry II CHEM 1212

Marketplace > Clayton State University > Chemistry > CHEM 1212 > Principles of Chemistry II
Mrs. Abigail Fay
Clayton State
GPA 3.6


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Abigail Fay on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1212 at Clayton State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/219575/chem-1212-clayton-state-university in Chemistry at Clayton State University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Chemistry 1212 1 Liquid Solid Review Problems The vapor pressure of methyl alcohol at 50EC is 0530 atm The molar enthalpy of vaporization of the compound is 376 kjoulemole What is the normal boiling point of methyl alcohol Draw a phase diagram for Kr Normal boiling point is 152EC normal melting point is 157EC triple point is 169EC 0175 atm critical point is 63EC 542 atm Which has the higher density at 1 atm Krs or Kra Explain why 15 g of steam at 100EC will melt more ice than 15 g of liquid water at 100EC The pressure in a cylinder of nitrogen continuously decreases as gas is released from it On the other hand a cylinder of propane maintains a constant pressure as propane is released Explain this difference in behavior Ifthe triple point of carbon dioxide is 57EC and 51 atm and its critical point is 31EC and 73 atm describe the behavior of carbon dioxide gas when compressed at the following temperatures a 20EC b 70EC c 40EC The triple point of benzene is SEC and 21 mm Hg The density of liquid benzene is 0894 gcm3 the density of the solid is 1005 gcm3 The normal boiling point ofbenzene is 80E its critical point is 289EC 48 atm Sketch a phase diagram for benzene in the region of0EC to 300EC The vapor pressure ofbenzene is 1000 mm Hg at 261EC and 4000 mm Hg at 606EC What is the normal boiling point of benzene On the basis of the description given classify each of the following solids as molecular metallic ionic or network covalent Explain to yourself a A lustrous yellow solid that conducts electricity b A hard black solid melting at 2350EC to give a nonconducting liquid c A nonconducting pink solid melting at 650EC to give an electrically conducting liquid d Red crystals having a characteristic odor and melting at 171EC Explain why evaporation leads to cooling of the liquid Trimethylamine CH3 3N and propylamine CH3CH2CH2NH2 have odors that are ammonialike and shy Explain why propylamine might be expected to have a much lower vapor pressure at a given temperature than the trimethylamine Hydrogen iodide HI has a vapor pressure of 7600 mm Hg at 351EC Hydrogen uoride HF however has a vapor pressure of 696 mm Hg at the same temperature Explain why the vapor pressure of hydrogen uoride is lower than that of hydrogen iodide when we might have expected the opposite result from their molecular weights The percent relative humidity of a sample of air equals partial pressure of H20 vaporvapor pressure of H20 x 100 A sample ofair at 23EC was cooled to 15EC where moisture began to condense as dew What was the relative humidity of the air at 23EC Account for each of the following statements a When lakes freeze in winter they do so from the top down b Liquid H20 has a boiling point of lOOEC while liquid H2 S reaches its boiling point at 42EC c Motor oil ows more slowly in cold weather d Surface tension decreases with increased temperature e The pages of a wet newspaper are difficult to separate f A freefalling drop of water will assume a nearly spherical shape The vapor pressure of water was determined by the gas saturation method by passing 100 liters of dry helium through a saturator containing 6544 g of water After passage of the gas 6313 g remained The temperature of the water was 25EC Calculate the vapor pressure of water at that temperature Two lliter containers are connected to each other by a valve which is closed One container has liquid water in equilibrium with water vapor at 25EC The second container has been totally evacuated Discuss the changes that take place in each of the following upon opening of the valve assuming that the temperature remains constant a the concentration of water molecules in the vapor state b the number of molecules in the vapor state c the vapor pressure Account for each of the following a In crossing the Mojave Desert or any desert by car one s water supply is kept cool by keeping it in a canvas bag strapped to a bumper or fender on the outside of the car b Wet clothing can be dried outofdoors even though the temperature is below zero and the clothes frozen c A winter golfer stands on a frozen pond and nds that his golf shoes spiked slowly sink into the ice d A summer golfer standing on a tarred road nds that his golf shoes spiked slowly sink into the tar e Explain why vapor pressure curves rise sharply for most liquids with steadily increasing temperature From the following information generally sketch and clearly label the PT equilibrium phase diagram for a pure substance such as might be described below Solid eXists under its own vapor pressure up to a transition temperature where it is then in equilibrium with liquid only Solid and liquid densities are virtually identical The heat of vaporization is very high as is its critical temperature Using the equilibrium phase diagram for water fully describe all of the changes which occur in the system a as one gradually increases the pressure from some very low value to some very high value along a constant temperature line at 001EC at lOOEC at 374EC b as one gradually increases the temperature from some very low value to some very high value along a constant pressure line at 4 mm Hg at 760 mm Hg above 218 atm


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