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English Composition I

by: Cathrine Kshlerin

English Composition I ENGL 1101

Cathrine Kshlerin

GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cathrine Kshlerin on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 1101 at College of Coastal Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/219602/engl-1101-college-of-coastal-georgia in Foreign Language at College of Coastal Georgia.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Rhetorical Situations Rhetoric The study of how language works and how to use it effectively Purpose All writing must do something It must have a reason for beingexisting Exigence Why we write the reason or motivation for writing stronger than purpose your story needs to be told We write to express who we are Genre what kind of storywriting will this be stance how do we get started Kenneth Burke quotUnending conversationquot Very few conversations ever actually end Therefore our contributionstand must be substantial You must listen and figure out how you can contribute to the conversation Stances o Definition what is it Is it a pen or pencitrying to define something 0 Evaluation ls it good or bad Does it succeed 0 Cause how did it get that way 0 Proposal What should we do about it You are always trying to negotiate with your audience All writing is an action and is expressive of whathow you are as a person Audience If you understand your audience you may change your genre andor stance Ethos ethics or credibility as a writeryou Logos logic and arrangementtopic Pathos audience and their valuesaudience you gotta remember your audience Kairos appropriateness Bathos Appeal to extreme emotion Take 15 minutes sit and think Tuesday August 23 2011 1 Note takers 2 Writing Literacy Narratives a Pg 29 lt v39 S viii E xiii x39 Think about a time when you learned to readunderstand something Focus in on a single event or small sequence of events Someone who taught you to read or write A memento that represents an important in your literacy development Learning to write lMs learning to write an email CORRECTLY etc Remember a time when you could understand comprehend etc quotI get itquot What did that moment do for you and what is the audience supposed to take away from YOUR my experience quotSo whatquot quotWho caresquot are the 2 most important questions you should ask yourself Audience is about the package Literacy narratives are about telling a story Don t make the writing process more difficult that it has to be If you worry about whether your writing is perfect you will stress yourself out Writing is never complete you just find a stopping place Pa per must be 3 4 pages700 1000 words 3 Nemat a She was writing her own fairy tale 4 Malcolm X a He wanted to learn so he could be quoton topquot 5 Alternate Literacy a Literacy we all possess by being Americans and watching TV 25 August 2011 1 Memory and forgetting a Bill McKibben says we have lost our sense of history 2 Questions re Lit narrative Free writing Give yourself 5 10 mins and just start writing It helps avoid D the quotBlank Pagequot CT Free writing A way to think about it is as a series of questions Clustering Another way of free writing quotinstant associationquot 5quot Q Cubing Thinking of your topic as being in a box and you look at the box from different angles like a Rubik s cube i Describe ii Compare iii Classify iv Analyze v Apply vi Argue e You do not need to PROVE anything only persuade 3 Beginning to write Reading HW PgMemoir 153 160 261 277 Final draft is due Thursday Sept 8 Rough Draft is due on Tuesday Sept 6 30 August 2011 1 Schedule Changes See below 2 Audience a Write to the most specific audience that you can think of 3 Beginning Ending a quotShitty First Draftsquot b Sometimes you have to begin again c quotEducated Imaginationquot Q Let other people do your work for you Do not plagiarize but do use other people s words Use quotes and whatnot e Get your point across Sept 1 1 Reading 802 80 9 For Thursday Sept 1 Additional rdg is on Blackboard 2 Rough draft is due on Sept 6 Sept 8 3 Final draft is due Sept 8 4 Read pages 314 322 913 15 1 Nicholas Carr A Pg 961 Sept 1 2011 1 David Sedaris Bart Giamatti The Rhetorical Situation a Enthymeme 2 Reading and Hearing 3 HOMEWORK Rough Draft of your literacy narrative September 6 2011 1 All writing can be improved a It will never be finished but it will be sufficient for the time and place b Someone will always disagree with you 2 Editing and revision each take time a Read the draft at least once b 3 Think holistically about your work 4 When we engage in constructive criticism we engage with new ideas a New ideas challenge us to think 5 All writers are vulnerable a Do it to help them i Use pgs 34 36 as a reference September 8 2011 1 Cover notes a What part of your paper are you proud of b What is your 1 concern 2 Defining Describing a Definition is with us everywhere every day b We define everything c The vast majority of the definitions we use do not come from a dictionary Q 39 h OCI I T Reportive definition You are accepting someone else s definition Stipulative if you meet certain criteria In real life most people are not persuaded by a dictionary s definition Operational definitions If the posted speed limit is 65 but everyone is going 75 you might want to do 75 All of these definitions are constructive definitions They are constructed to conform to our expectations Adam Smith said quotWe all act on our own self interestquot We use them to identify and name things We use them to chart and define public opinion Aristotelian de nition A pencil is 3 HW Nicholas Carr 961 973 Tuesday September 13 2011 1 Getting the tools you need for free or little SSSS 2 Study Skills 0 CT 0 Study Skills marathon The Online Writing Lab OWL wwwDianahackercomzresdoc Grammar Girl 3 Definition Description HW HB Handbook which is the yellow part of the textbook 3 pages Define some term Write a paragraph as the proposal Reread Carr s piece and identify the 5 most important terms to this article Thursday September 15 2011 1 The Significance of definition 2 Making your point 3 HW Proposal Due Tuesday Tuesday September 20 2011 1 Dave Berry a Stereotypes i TV dads are portrayed as kind of stupid ii b Context i It needs to be defined or else people might get confused ii c Definition by Category i Characteristics ii Example 2 Notes About Judy Brady 3 Proposals Housekeeping Other Details Thursday September 22 2011 1 Wives Husbands a Classification is defined by others b 2 Coherence Flow a X caused Y b The subject that performs an action c 3 Rhetorical Fallacies a lfJohn Smith does not serve in the military he must not be patriotic i Nahhhhh b 4 HW Hurston 916921 Gates 83236 Tuesday September 27 2011 1 Racein America a Identity b Race America ClassEngland c 2 The Problem of Identity 3 Nature vs Nurture 4 HW HL Gates A Giant Stepquot Thursday September 29 2011 1 MidTerm Grades 2 Rough Draft a Due Tuesday Oct 4 b Final draft due 1011 c One of the best ways to become a better writer is to explain something to someone Q Opinion vs Argument i Who cares ii If you don t care Rob doesn t care iii Take it from quotthis is my opinion to quotthis is my argument iv Defend your opinion 3 Gates quotA Giant Step a Context b Exigence the call to write i Why would Gates write this piece c Written in Dec 1990 in the NY Times Magazine i Collection was called quotAbout Men d ZN Hurston i Born in 1890 ii quotWIMTBCMquot was written in 1928 4 HW Pp 352372 Tuesday October 11 2011 1 Who is the audience for your paper 2 What did you do to help your audience understand your point 3 What part of your paper shows the most improvement Thursday October 13 2011 T Things A Actions R Relationships P People 5 Scope TTreatment Is this scholarly AAuthority Who are these people R Relation to Similar Works How do these pieces fit together The more attention you pay to this the easier it will be to write Let the research write the paper provide the material in between to write the paper Monday October 17 2011 Question 5 always see people trying to text and pay attention during class or even worse talking during class and then attempting to pay attention I know people who are always posting statuses on FB about how they are trying to do their HW or study which makes me wonder why they even bother trying to that in the first place People know they cannot attempt to be productive on FB Multitasking seems to be detrimental to be efficient Tuesday October 18 2011 1 Thoughts about the research paper a This paper focuses on issues not fact b This paper is also about ideas C d What is it Is it good or bad How did it get that way What should we do Your topic is a question to your subject 2 quotMultitasking canquot 3 Finding opportunities in other s writing 4 HW Writing an annotated bibliography pp 116124 Thursday October 20 2011 1 Writing Annotations a 9957 9 1quot 3 T 7 Why does this source matter Tell him if it is good bad or indifferent You will have to have read the source You need to discuss the relationship between one source and other TARP 9 STAR Tell him what it covers Scope i what does it cover Treatment i Is this a broad review Does it discuss the topic in a broad way Relation to similar works Definition At least one source that defines what it is your talking about i What is Affirmative Action Causation i how did we get to this point Evaluation i Bring in those other voices ii This research is soundthis research sucks m Proposal i What should we do about it ii K n Authority i Does the author know their stuff ii The more you can get your sources to talk to each other the less you have to write 2 From research notes to research topics 3 Reflections of Regent s HW Annotated bibliography due 1027 Seven sources three annotations MLA or APA Format


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