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Introductory Algebra

by: Kurtis Baumbach

Introductory Algebra MAT 090

Kurtis Baumbach

GPA 3.76


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About this Document

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kurtis Baumbach on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAT 090 at Colorado Northwestern Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/219606/mat-090-colorado-northwestern-community-college in Math at Colorado Northwestern Community College.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics Fall and Spring semester openings for Introductory Algebra courses MAT 090 on the Rangely residential campus This course prepares students for college level math courses Pay commiserate with educational background 17002100course plus possible enrollment bonus Adjunct pay scale and contract Instructor is required to be present 4 hours per week for classroom instruction with outside availability to students preferred Educational background in Mathematics or related eld required Masters or Doctorate in Mathematics Math Education or related eld is highly desirable Contact Dr Todd Ward for further information Course Description MAT 090 Includes firstdegree equations inequalities formulas polynomials factoring polynomials solving quadratic equations by factoring coordinate geometry graphing linear equations and applications Algebraic fractions and systems of linear equations may be included Course Competencies I Demonstrate knowledge and usage of firstdegree equations inequalities and formulas I II Demonstrate knowledge and usage of polynomials II III Demonstrate knowledge and usage of factoring and solving quadratic equations by factoring III IV Demonstrate knowledge and usage of coordinate geometry IV V Demonstrate knowledge and usage of algebraic fractions V Optional VI Demonstrate knowledge and usage of linear systems VI Optional Course Outline Review prerequisites as needed Optional II Demonstrate knowledge and usage of firstdegree equations and inequalities Solve first degree equations including those involving fractions decimals ratio proportion percent Check the solution of first degree equations Solve first degree inequalities Graph solutions for first degree inequalities Define the unknowns when solving a word problem gt WUOW Translate word problems into algebraic equations or inequalities Solve word problems and summarize results using a complete sentence Apply formulas in calculating perimetercircumference and area of plane geometric gures Evaluate formulas for given values of the variables Solve a formula for a specified variable Solve word problems that apply formulas Demonstrate knowledge and usage of polynomials Determine the degree of a polynomial Add and subtract polynomials Multiply monomials Multiply a monomial by a polynomial Multiply a binomial by another binomial Divide polynomials by monomials and binomials Simplify expressions containing positive zero and negative exponents Change notation from standard decimal form to scientific notation and vice versa 1 Apply scientific notation and properties of exponents to simplify expressions IV Demonstrate knowledge and usage of factoring Factor out the greatest common monomial factor Factor the difference of two squares Factor trinomials of the form xA2 bx c Factor trinomials of the form axA2 bx c Apply the zero product property to solve quadratic equations Solve word problems that require quadratic equations V Demonstrate knowledge and usage of coordinate geometry Graph linear equations and inequalities in two variables using the Cartesian coordinate system Determine the x and yintercepts of a linear equation Determine the slope of a line between two given points Determine the slope of a line given the equation of a line Determine if two lines are parallel or perpendicular by their slopes Determine the equation of a line Determine the equation of a line that is parallel or perpendicular to a given line and passes through a given point Write the equation of a line in various formats Solve and graph applications using one equation with two variables VI Demonstrate knowledge and usage of algebraic fractions Optional Simplify algebraic fractions Optional Add subtract multiply and divide algebraic fractions Optional Solve fractional equations Optional Solve application problems involving algebraic fractions Optional VII Demonstrate a knowledge and usage of linear systems Optional III F QWFUUOPJ WHH gt mwbowgt HF QWFUUOPJ COPS A Solve systems of linear equations by graphing the addition method and the substitution method and identify the system as consistent inconsistent or dependent Optional Solve application problems by solving a system of linear equations in two variables Optional


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