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by: Brock Simonis


Brock Simonis
Colorado School of Mines
GPA 3.88

Stephen Chuen

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About this Document

Stephen Chuen
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brock Simonis on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTGN 475 at Colorado School of Mines taught by Stephen Chuen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/219619/mtgn-475-colorado-school-of-mines in MET & Materials Engineering at Colorado School of Mines.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Tuliam39 sFarmula 1978 I cm School Q39Mimx GSM karfcr Wow him and Coatings Rem v 2330 Electron Donor Power of Oxygen in Oxide Systems O t39 l B 39 39 p 10a aszcny Electron Donor Power of Free Oxide Anions Z R 03 A A I AllCations 239GA 77 q 7c 177127 m1 Ar a 13 i 4 My l V Z ggfmw I Z A 2 Coordination Number of Cationl Molesof CationA A Molesof OxygenAtoms G A Basicity Moderating Parameter depending on Pauling39 sElectronegativity IonicFractionof Free Anions O 2 in the Dissociated Slag Z Sumof All AnionSCMdCalionsof the System ZmMao ZmMeO 7771503 2ms139q zmnol ZZmMW 2me 3mCaF2 mBaFZ mSlOl mml 2mAl203 n02 gt I cwwmb t12mg a am 0 391 r Emitting Jaimg mi OR Boilin oint PFe 1 atm g p 2420 gtPFe 001 atm O O E 3 E D o E 5 70 oryFe30 or on FeSC 6 Weight percent carbon Colorado SchOOZ ofMinles CSM C enter for Welding J oinin g and C oqtjngs Research C W CR Subcn cal region Medium strength steels Jegiqn Grajn coarsean 350 MPa lt RPMlt 450 MPa 39 1 2 kImm High and Med i Subjected to Weldi 3 ie 1 32 a 3 we on J Comparison between High and LOW Heat Inputs Intercnhca um Strength Steels ng Heat Cycle runnan C Si Mn Cu Ct Ni N 191 M39x quot1quot quotmo knmm MACOS Mannesmann actelerated coutin vmm 5001 Heat Affected 685550 Zone Properties I 3233292 I 1 0 l I l I I I W l l 010 020 030 040 050 060 010 020 030 CEuw Cam5255 Mn CHMO V Cu Ni 39 Mn Cu 6 Ni 5quot s 5 15 25 20 20 10 40quot NW formula Mannesmam formuia Diiren Korkhans and Niederhoff 3R International 87 500V 4 Colorado School oflMines CSM quot Centerfbr Welding Joining and Coatings Research CUUCR C O Typical Problems observed in High Strength Steel Welding Metallurgical Origin 39 HAZ Cracking WM Microfissuring iowe and Liu 99 HAC Cracking 7 t V 7 Processing Origin Porosity at Long Arc or Improper Start Slag Inclusions at Low Current Variable Current at Different Positions Colorado School of Mines CSM C enter for Welding Joining and Coatings Research C WJ CR Steel Weldability Map Cracklng Concerns E HSLA steels a TMCP steels Lowcarbon steels m Cr Mo steels QuanchedAandtempered steels D HTLA steels Zone III BE I 3 y s lama iqlm bm z g l c a E 0 3 Fracture resistance to breakage ksi 8 Carbon 5 equlvalem Weldabllllv n 397 o 2 0 tea 5 s 785 880 MP3 070 dl lcult CrMnCrMo to weld 01 Diverse slee s l 60 F Ni Mo and so on 0 W1quot preheating 0 Steels lechnological 02 03 05 06 07 08 0 10 11 590 MP3 050 precaunons Cr or Ni or V Carbon equivalent Steel 390 490 MPa 9 325410 MFa n Without 0 30 preheating n 020 100 295 390 490 550 685 785 880 Fraclure resistance to breakage MPa M big J 39 mg M13 IIW MnSi CrMoV NziCu CEC 6 5 15 Wmtetton CEC 2N 6 40 10 2 0 Cottrell CEC MK Nb 0001 6 5 3 U 0mm in the wing Damien J 0 Neillfarmuta mm 4m C52 Cmmfw Kim m audme Rem CWJCR Si Mn NiCu Cr Mo V CEC D 24 10 4O 5 4 14 CEC mcucl MMo 25 16 20 20 15 Ipm PmCr Mncucr 58 30 20 15 10 60 mm mm C521 Cawa rm WWCWW Rem EWJCR 5 53 4KMa CEKa Km p 0 Kinetics Approach CE Kgc KgmMn KgSi O Partitioning Approach 1K50K mMnKQSiKGLnC Kf CLnC KfWMnLnMn K SiLnSi Lin aei alga 1986 CE Kgc qu Mm w WamMWWCwWRW EWJCR Hm 442639 99053 206 4020 QUCE m 10g S 23CE 135CEIE 0882 x 11505 067BCEm 0601 CEIC EEEQampM 24 6 15 12 8 4 Si MnCrV Cu Ni Ma Nb CEHC 24 5 10 18 25 3 CEMCEQEQE 356 20 9 5 4 Maw qu Mm w WammWCwWRMCWJCR Fw dly 0 Rosean Solution 1946 Atty5 is directly related to the heat input H At 8149 10 7 85 X n E 39idencv H Heat input 2 x Thermal conductivity Aim 2767x1045 p Speci c gravity 4h MP0 q Speci c Heat CaiaradoSchaal gum QSM Cmmfw Weldbg Jdrdngam39 Coating Rem CWJCR 0 Lorena H201910510gtC03CEC6610810gt5 CEC ampZ Q 8 ll 5 6 3 17 9 MnCu Si Cr V Ma Ni Forpw mym we 16 25 10 15 40 0 D nen For IOOVoIv crostructuneMorB nHAZ HVM802C305 WSiCrMoVNiCu HVB 350C 101 8 11 5 6 3 17 9 CEC CdaradoSchaal gums QSM Cmmfw Wcldbg Jdrdngam39 Coating Ram CWJCR 141PM Mm 3111 01quot 80 Akelsen Remit Omaien and 31mg an n 0065 rm Y S 232 191 0267 00908 Blackburn er a1 1997 U73 313 831m 381 036T 008GS YS 02c setyieldstrmgthsi t zmmmm T5 50 lomnsformatimhampetature c GS austenlte grainsize UTS ultimate tensile WIN 3397 calwlabedcoolingm cls CdaradoSchaal gums QSM Cmmfw Wcldbg Jdrdngam39 Coating Ram CWJCR Application Steel Weldability Index oer imp Weld A1610 0quot E x U U S O 392 O O 8 0 u U D E 1 U 396 9 3944 39C O Si MnCuNi i X 2 0 ColomdoScthl of Mines CSM CenZerOV39Weldinggl ining andCoa ngs Research CW3 CR a Ito 1976 Q 17 kJcm Base Alefal Cr Mo V 58 13 W Heat Affected Zone Properties Empirical Relationships SveI ISSOI I 95 Colorado School of lines C V 0 1 41 I a L U3 a C O Hardness Formulas for Calculating Maximum Hardness of the HAZ All Concentrations in wt Modi ed NSCSM Pm formula Hm HVIO 189 67C 507 PM 101 71 IC 461Pm arctan X X log 13 0501 790C 1101Pm0543 055C 0 76Pm PM C Si30 Mn Cu Cr20 Ni60 Mulls V10 SB BL 70 formula Hm HVIO H Kl exp aY Y5 Y log rm in seconds H 884C 287 K K 269 454C 365i 79Mn 57Cu lZNi 53C 122Mo 169Nb 7089B xK 478 3364C 2568i 66Ni 408Mo I321V 1559Nb Y5 0085 207OC 0459Mn 0655Cu 0122Ni 0222Cr 0783Mo 30B BL 70 S formula HMHV10 H Kl exp 11Y Y Y log 85 in seconds H 884C 287 K K 237 1633C 1157Pm 01K 566 5532C 2280le Y5 0 00300 600C 777Pm MW formula 100 Martensite HVMHV10 802C 305 MW formula 100 Bainitc HVB 350 C Sill Mn8 Cu9 CrS Nil7 M016 V3 101 MW formula 0 lt Martensite lt 100 NJ 2019 Cl 05 log I 03 Sill Mn8 Cu9 CrS Nil7 Mo6 V3 66 l 08 log 135 MW general formula A 100 Manensite100 HVM HVXHVM HVB 0 lt A lt 1 A lt 0 A 01 gt1 A HVC 802C 452C A 3504 Sill MnS Cu9 Cr5 Ni17 Mo6 V3 305 l 0167A Cei39zterfor Welding Joining and Coatings Ra aarch CUUCR Summary of Different Regression Equations Relating Yield cry and Ultimate Tensile 0R Strength to Weld Metal Chemical Composition Strength in MP3 and Concentration of Elements in wt Yield and tensile strength Aswelded condition 0 335 439C 60Mn 361C Mn 0quot 379 754C 63Mn 337C Mn 004 lt C lt 015 06 lt Mn lt 18 Ref 8 c 293 91Mn 22851 122512 c 365 89Mn 169Si 44512 c 006 007 06 lt Mn lt 18 02 lt s1 lt 09 Ref 9 0V 305 121Mn 137Mo 8Mn Mo 6 383 116Mn 150Mo 8Mn Mo C 004 06 lt Mn lt 18 0 lt Mo lt11 Ref 10 e 320 113Mn 6401 42Mn Cr 539 395 107Mn 63Cr 36Mn c C 004 06 lt Mn lt 18 O lt Cr lt 24 Ref 11 o 332 99Mn 9N1 21Mn Ni c 401 102Mn 16Ni 15Mn Ni c 004 06 lt Mn lt 18 0 lt Ni lt 35 Ref 12 e 484 57Cu 0quot 561 59Cu C 007 Mn 15 0 lt Cu lt 14 Ref 13 500V 4 Colorado School ofMines CS1 quot Centerfor Welding Joining and Coatings Research CUUCR C O Weld Metal Properties Empirical Relationships Stressrelieved condition 039 288 91Mn 958i 10812 OR 344 89Mn 2125i 79812 C 006 007 06 lt Mn lt 18 02 lt Si lt 09 Ref 9 6y 287 113Mn 193M0 29Mn M0 CR 373 113Mn 167Mo 37Mn M0 C 004 06 lt Mn lt18 0 lt Mo lt11 Ref 10 oquot 312 100Mn 58Cr 22Mn Cr 639 393 106Mn 66Cr 10Mn Cr C 004 06 lt Mn lt 18 0 lt Cr lt 24 Ref 11 039 319 85Mn 17Ni 21Mn Ni a 393 95Mn 17Ni 19Mn Ni C 004 06 lt Mn lt 18 0 lt Ni lt 35 Ref 12 Svensson 95 O JmWSW WWW 39 He IWS kjlm 39 IMMJWPM 20m an 5 SmYWJ W 100 o Hsz wrong 11de Wow m 7 PW mm 1997 mmqwmm Canterfw Wildlm Jairdngma39 Casting Rm CWJCR Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility Martensite Start Temperature Ms A Martensite Start Temu erature AMs Andrew Linear 1965 Ms Z 539 423C 304Mn 177 Ni 121Cr 75Mo Self et al 1986 Wrought Metal Ms 2 521 350C 14331 175N1 289Mn 37681 295Mo 119CrN1 231CrMoC Self et al 1986 Weld Metal Ms 2 521 350C 136 Cr 166N1 251Mn 30131 404Mo 40 Al 107CrNi 219Cr073MoC w39on 1amp 15 avage 1944 pe39lla 1944 wm t 1946 22219 I 94 6 quot6 and Others CrackingN0 Cracking Map for High Strength Steel Welds I l I I I I I I I 39 Martensite Start Temperature Calculation using Self Weld Metal Equation Mm lt MSW Cracking IIIIIIIIIIIIII A D O O E V H C 9 C O U C 0 5 O h 395 gt I 2 9 U 3 E D Martensite Start Temperature C Wang and Liu 97 Olson Wang Liu er al 96 500V 4 Colorado School ofIMines CSM quot Centerfor ll39elding J oming and Coatings Resem clz CUUCR C O Weld Undermatching and Overmatching NonUniform Hydrogen Distribution o5 I I Wan and Liu 97 3 04 Tn Overmatched g 39 E Weld Metal 03 i o a E 02 Evenmatched 5 MiCVO SSng Weld Metal 01 Tramgerse Cracking 39 I x a AH HWM HHAZ ml1009 metalatm 2 O O I 01 quot 3 39 7 39 HAZ 0 390392 x Cracking 0 I 39 O 03 x 04 39 Undermatched 39 E Weld Metal l 0539 I I I 39 I quot39 60 4O 20 O 20 4O 60 A 1 o AMS MsWM Ms AZ C W Wt wimm Cidgas


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