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The Classical Era

by: Taylor Buffenbarger

The Classical Era MUS 1250

Marketplace > Ohio University > Music > MUS 1250 > The Classical Era
Taylor Buffenbarger
GPA 3.2
Introduction to Music History and Literature
Garrett Field

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About this Document

These are my notes from last Tuesday (9-29-15) and Thursday (10-1-15) on Classical Era music. They cover new forms, structures, and composers.
Introduction to Music History and Literature
Garrett Field
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Buffenbarger on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 1250 at Ohio University taught by Garrett Field in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Music History and Literature in Music at Ohio University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
00000 The Classical Era 1750 1825 Industrial revolution American revolution Monarchs continue to rule with absolute power French revolution The Enlightenment 0 Men began to argue that humans must liberate themselves 0 Science was more important than literature religion etc Viennese School 0 Joseph Haydn 0 Mozart 0 Beethoven Five Aspects of Classical Era 0 Melodies are memorable 0 Symmetrical four bar phrases 0 Harmonies are diatonic built from seven tones of the major and minor scales 0 Homophonic texture 0 Four basic meters 24 34 44 or 68 Themes musical ideas Classical era composers used as building blocks in compositions Thematic development expansion of a theme 0 Themes can be divided into motives smallest phrases 0 Ex Beethoven s Symphony No 5 0 Motives are often treated in sequence repeated in higher or lower pitch Classical Era music has particular forms 0 Symphony and string quartet 0 Sonata and concerto Absolute Music 0 Form is important 0 Multi movement form Symphony and String Quartet structure 0 Fast 0 Slow 0 Triple meter dance 0 Fast Sonata and Concerto structure 0 Fast 0 Slow 0 Fast Movement one in a multi movement cycle is the sonataallegro form Three sections of the sonata allegro form 0 Exposition 0 Development 0 Recapitulation O Exposition repeated two themes are presented in contrasting keys 0 Theme 1 establishes home key 0 The bridge leads to theme 2 0 Theme 2 is a contrasting key 0 Development themes undergo thematic development 0 Composer will sometimes modulate O Recapitulation all themes return in the tonic key 0 Ends with a coda extension to the final closing theme 0 Third movement of multi movement cycle is almost always minuet and trio form It am 4 u am 4 n Each section is 8 measures 0 Chamber music 0 Music for a small ensemble 2 10 players with one player per part 0 String Quartet consisted of 0 2 violins 0 l viola 0 l cello 0 Joseph Haydn 0 Prolific 0 Vienna 0 Over 100 symphonies 0 Father of the Symphony 0 The Op 76 I Set of sis string quartets I Focusing on second movement I Emperor Quartet 0 Composed for Emperor Francis 0 Mozart 0 Austrian composer pianist violinist I Opera buffa Italian comic opera I Opera seria Italian serious opera I Singspiel lighter form of German opera that involved spoken dialogue I Known for him simple elegant and tuneful melodies


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