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Week 1

by: James K. Hiller
James K. Hiller
LA Tech
GPA 2.921
Calculus 3
Dr. Walters

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About this Document

12.1: 3-Dimensional Coordinate Systems 12.2: Vectors
Calculus 3
Dr. Walters
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by James K. Hiller on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 243 at Louisiana Tech University taught by Dr. Walters in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Calculus 3 in Mathematics (M) at Louisiana Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
sawJ W quot fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff T 12 21639c us 39 EAWE 94 J at 51 MIC5 a in e39 n I I ma a quot1 Ed caxamM Sir0a 1 0 2 3Dkuu390 1 ftviw I ny SLt w 139 A 522339 ugw tm 5 29 xiiPk 39 391 39 Jawtfi39 Jq 101016 f 39 5 k i1 1quot Motif 0 39 7 39939 Vida t 39 mm XYPL quotquot thy J fu kin s 1 fl u mSut hXzELl I v 4pm 1 39 r x 39 Casual 7 3965 I 2 L1 1quotquotquotL 1 amuwk bk 917315 6 Wm 3931 Mr Le amass4 rm f a e tut Y I P ewc 71 R rxbptn tly A 3 i eXY39pInOL I B t A5 i 39 R b 5quot c Mk regwttl a 54ampa D 3quot q r 29 Oquot 8 W quot quot1 nu o 3391quotquot T39M quotquot l Ti DshucctotLe xwlmn 9 V r 39 9123 A r quotquotquotquotquot 39 quot I Rm Dimer 6151 Letti r z XZPAM 5 9 L d I c5411 1 I D ss 0 e zZg39 J 3 g l l nigh Cvm l L 1 J i quot539 l CD Datumlt6 4 x3 g 397 397 quot 4 L 1 RM baud YAus39 a lithium I a an E A j 51ng a 2275 EFT5339 D 593 H 2133 M M4 mg i C g ggz efwr quot quotquot are K JJ My 5 V 39 4 7quot In 39 quot 39 s Solotg39 L 631 i 2 43 Mr Chadd 04 f 5 u A L I W 39 A V 7 M WM m I a V quot4 a rJ 7 Livquot I Sbj eJ v 62quot J 39 399 afJ at0 0313 I Arms 61 l quot a n 171 LH4V Uu 1 f 395 m x L quot TLoF u tm39 glen quit 39RMHJMMLQUquot 39Nuw lm39s tan Ztlfnc 1 4 I t af mtu v ulC cver yuv vanmien 316 39amp5 u p Iquot Zjh r T quotck sa Mnwg39r nF gr 1 E a 39 t 39 x Y 39 6 6L 5 r 0amp1 C J 5 1 Jibquot 0quot a39w 1 his mtv Lou evt s lccgku fie atquot3 zQE y y 4 V a t V 3 fl cv pow tutu 1 1r M 7 Iquot a anquot A RP o 24 L duq v t 051 Agc m f cg 3 2 SP 39 aquot 6M u r az4 721 In cv pom quot PP r PrtSu tS SPlu t 43sz Two Vectww Rm el the S Dn guDIIrttfbha cw ESQ H JJMMJM D 5V gd5 e c uh t 3 qu feJ 739 6 5 5 i f ky are Seasa Aft5 74 t tlli 3D Mbquot L quot Y 6 I p c I a mowct SELmgsfu 6 V E W I allot I a 71 7 2D 59 gD39SRALsLL v 6 0 6 gqvq39 ziotm a in V N 3 v quot 239 aw 3 can i 6 I p o u i N xs5vl i 2i 3 Adua V 1 r vv A J ec lt73z 1 l 1 H vw gquot r J k a IS I Dtu E I ct klth 2 Pi 55 x A mmg quot P as s i P 2 a V 3 21 Kc natw t 39g 11 Rquot 33 z Jampzampx ga h u W XY 20 vz ref 7 33 391 7 U I a uzh IQ A I Exf sm VCCt J quot u t I LiJ 499 I


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