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Business Ethics Week 1 Lecture Notes

by: Cal Clark

Business Ethics Week 1 Lecture Notes PHL 309U

Marketplace > Portland State University > PHIL-Philosophy > PHL 309U > Business Ethics Week 1 Lecture Notes
Cal Clark
Business Ethics
Dr. Colin Patrick

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About this Document

These are detailed notes from our introductory conversation about doing ethics. These notes cover everything from the lecture and organize the ideas under subheadings. I highlighted key vocabulary ...
Business Ethics
Dr. Colin Patrick
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cal Clark on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHL 309U at Portland State University taught by Dr. Colin Patrick in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Business Ethics in PHIL-Philosophy at Portland State University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
rt and State UNIVERSITY Prof Colin Patrick Business Ethics 309 October 1st 2015 Lecture Notes T0 llll ESTI N x a ETHms P jii o m for ethical theory comes from w to explain ethical judgements 0 Ex It was wrong of you to lie to me I Why o Is it the consequences 0 Or perhaps the inherent wrongness of lying o Lying is a fundamental example of the Categorical Imperative Immanuel Kant 0 Laws do not replace ethics Laws themselves are up for ethical inquiry 0 Ex Huck Finn it used to be legally mandated that Northerners return runaways slaves I So did that used to be right but now it s not 0 No Laws are not necessarily ethical 0 Ethical theory reflects ethical practice 0 Ethics is an activity 0 Ethics is also unavoidable Everyone who belongs to a society or a community will at some point in their lives face an ethical dilemma I Ex No habeas corpus in the Middle Ages wrong to throw you in a dungeon without due process Ethics says we ought not to be detained without good reason etc 0 Ethical theories are just that theories 0 We don t have to bow down to them 0 These theories are the result of deep careful systematic and general thought by some of the greatest thinkers Mil Kant etc 0 Ethics is just giving a shit Coin s colleagues 439 Portland Stte UNlVlERSITY Process of doing ethics 1 Recognizing that there are questions to ask that these questions are worth asking a Ex Driverless cars Is that OK It puts the Uber drivers out of work Can we trust this technology What if someone dies b Ex Political philosophy in the 17th18th centuries Enlightenment guysHobbes Locke Rousseautried to rationally justify social order This was NEW 2 Debate discussion new perspectives a No one person can think of everything There s always an application example etc that flies under the radar or contradicts a given theory i Ex A Utilitarian would justify the murder of Socrates More happiness for the rest of the members of the city that are sick of hearing it But is that right 3 Answers Making a serious effort to arrive at answers a Test against experience b Practical and actionable c We don t want answers to uncritically apply 4 Revising answers a Which is reallyjust repeating steps 13 b Yes it is in fact a neverending cycle Normative ethics is basic theories of right and wrong Metaethics explores abstract moral theory looks at psychology philosophy of language not just debating right and wrong Business ethics is a form of applied ethics Normative ethical theories surrounding production and distribution of goods and services is a subset of the umbrella is a subset of the umbrella 66 O O O O MAM r 5T4 3 0 5H IWM flIrv 0 0000000 0 O 0 Portland State UNlVIERSITY Internal questions in business ethics Obligations if any between employers and employees Workplace issues eg discrimination favoritism Obligations if any between managersexecutives and shareholders Privacy eg drug testing Whistleblowing External issues in business ethics Obligations if any between companies and shareholders To the environment and resources Business interests in politics Power that corporations wield Bus ethics and Deon possible examples At wi contracts Corporate social responsibility Shareholderstakeholder obligations Treatment of workers mere means Kant Product and workplace safety Privacy Truth telling eg advertising Bus ethics and consequentialism possible examples Smith and the invisible hand Role of the market in preference satisfaction Bus ethics and virtue theory possible examples Can you be a good businessperson and good human being I Consider the poker analogy p 15


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