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Week 5 Bundle

by: Willa Sharpe

Week 5 Bundle CLAS 1010

Willa Sharpe
Rise of Rome
Chrisopther Caterine

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About this Document

These are the notes from the fifth week of Rise of Rome! Hope they are helpful! Happy studying!
Rise of Rome
Chrisopther Caterine
Class Notes
Rise of Rome, Christopher Caterine, CLAS 1010, notes, tulane
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Willa Sharpe on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 1010 at Tulane University taught by Chrisopther Caterine in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Rise of Rome in Classical Studies at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome September 28 2015 The First Punic War 264 241 BC The Phoenicians Puni Roman 0 In charge of Carthage 0 Naval Power 0 All over map Carthage 0 Biggest city in the West Super powerful Basis of power is the navy Built on natural harbor Controls the water way south of Sicily 0 Rome originally doesn t care about Carthage and isn t concerned with Sicily Romans liked to fight on land and close to home Beginning of Con ict 0 Syracuse vs Carthage Syracuse hires mercenaries to go to Messana Mercenaries defect and want to rule Messana Mamerites Syracuse sends people to fight the Mamerites Mamerites look for help look to Rome I Send 2 embassies one to Rome and one to Carthage I Rome says no I Carthage says yes I Sends garrison to Messana 0 Makes Rome skittish and sent contingent to drive Carthage out 0 Rome makes allies with Syracuse 0 Rome uses Messana as a foothold Sizing up Rome s contenders O War at sea I Carthage is a power house 0 O O O O O O O I Can bring men to Sicily 0 Navy is virtually invincible I Rome has no ships 264 BC 0 Rely on allies completely dependent O War on land I Carthage has a weak army 0 Mostly mercenaries 0 Mercenaries tend to rebel I Rome is dominant 0 Army of citizens and allies 0 Military valor results in an infantry battle 0 Highly effective structure 0 HUGE ARMY O Carthage unmatched at sea Rome unmatched on land Which one will win First decade of the War Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome Rome holds North and Southeast Rome sacs Agrigentum Carthage is at Lilybaem Rome captures Carthage ships 120 Try to fight with the ships the same way they fight on land and fail horribly Standard naval tactic I Sail around and pierce side with a long bronze stick 0 In order to get around this Rome leverages its strength I The corvus 000000 0 A gang plank with a nail at the end send marines on boat to kill people then go back on their ship 0 Battle of Mylae 260 BC I Rome wins I Consul awarded triumph first triumph of a naval battle I Rostra think of this battle 0 Send people to Carthage and they fail horribly I Thing switch 0 Battle of Drepana 249 BC I Town above Lilybaem I Romans defeated I Roman general disobeys tradition and gets exiled O War of Attrition I Roman blood or Punic coin I 2 J ulys in a row Rome loses a eet of 200 ships in storms I Corvus causes the ship to fall over I Undo Roman advantage I Fighting becomes fiercer I Sicily is devastated I Rome loses 17 of their male population I Carthage racks up HUGE DEBT I Dying on behalf of the state is super ingrained in Rome s Brain End of War 0 Rome abandons the corvus and teach the traditional naval fighting style I Who are the rowers 0 Proletarii 0 Let s the Proletarii do it because no one person can claim victory 0 Doesn t let them gain dignitas 0 Rome tries to control small islands around Sicily by Lilybaem 0 Battle of Agates Island 241 BC I Rome successful in gaining islands I Carthage ships coming in are weighted with supplies and new recruits easy to sink 0 Rome adjusts ships to take out some of the supports for the bronze stabbing beam Carthage surrenders 241 BC Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome 0 Give up all claim to Sicily Pays a massive indemnity O Carthage can t pay mercenaries I Mercenaries revolt some take Sardinia by force I Carthage loses hold on North Africa 0 236 BC Carthage retakes North Africa 0 Mercenaries ask Rome for help on Sardinia 0 Rome establishes a presence on Sardinia Carthage loses hold in Mediterranean Rome takes Corsica too 0 Tries to manage same way as Italy Corsica and Sardinia don t like this 227 BCE Rome elects praetors to oversee Sicily and Sardinia Corsica is a provinciae take or an area of control Praetors governors These annual areas of purview are Rome s first commitments outside of Italy Rome has huge naval power Proletarii now involved in war and want an equal say Military science is no longer envisioned as a brute force but more tactical Rome s soldiers are fighting way longer than they used to After Punic war Rome mints coins to pay soldiers 0 00000 September 30 2015 The Second Punic War Carthage gives up its navy focuses on African and Spain Hamilcar Barca leader in Carthage dies in battle in Spain in 229 BC Rapid advancement 237 229 BC 0 Spanish are fierce O A lot like Romans 0 Hamilcar can mint new coins I Carthage mints new coins O Replaced by Hasdrubal I Summons Hannibal to Spain Advancement worries Rome 0 Ebro river treaty I Can t go past this I Acts as a buffer I Seems to indicate that Romans are okay with Carthaginians expanding Hasdrubal dies 0 Not replaced by senate s choice 0 Replaced by Hannibal I Assigned by soldiers Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome Hannibal 0 Very very fierce 0 Could endure cold and heat and go without food 0 Only around 18 when he takes control Beginning of a new con ict 0 Siege of Saguntum 219 I Rome says Saguntum was protected I Rome tells Carthage to send Hannibal to them in chains 0 Carthage says no I Rome declares war 0 P Cornelius Scipio sent to help 0 In France meets Hannibal at Massilia I Rome defeated but it is only a small Victory 0 P Scipio returns to Rome I Cn Scipio the consul s brother proxy sent on to Spain 0 Hannibal crosses the Alps in the winter I Unsuccessful because they lose a lot of people and all but one elephant I Gauls make it hard I Hannibal becomes blind in one eye 0 Halian Gauls join Hannibal 0 Want to check Rome s power Sizing up contenders 0 Hannibal has few advantages I Limited forces weakened by the march across the Alps I Probably 20000 foot soldiers and 6000 horse I Operating in enemy territory 0 But will the Roman allies defect I Can t get resupplied 0 Rome should have the upper hand I Huge number of troops I Control the sea I Know territory well C Scipio says this is serious Battle of Trebia Dec 2018 BCE 0 Loss for Rome 0 Almost 25000 soldiers lost 0 How Battle of Lake Trasimene North most lake 217 BCE 0 Loss for Rome 0 15000 troops lost 15000 troops captured 0 How I Hannibal has awesome tactics Roman Allies remain loyal O Rome s management style of their allies is effective Romans decide to nominate a dictator 0 Not chosen by a consul Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome 0 No consul is in the city 0 Haven t had to do this in a long time since 367 O Q Fabius Maximus I Consul twice I Avoids direct approach I This works I Blocks Rome and doesn t engage I Called a cunctator 0 The guy who waits to fight I Master of Horse causes trouble I Tries to cause mutiny I Convinces people to name him codictator O Undermines dictatorship 0 Keeps armies separate 0 Fails gives up office Battle of Cannae 216 BC 0 Consuls divided on tactics I One wants to wear Hannibal down I The other wants direct fight 0 Combine army and switch days 0 Varro eventually seeks a pitched battle 0 Rome fields 90000 men 0 Hannibal out maneuvers Rome s vastly superior army 0 5070000 romans murdered including the consul that didn t want the direct fight Fallout of Cannae O Hannibal doesn t attack Rome I Why No one knows O Rome s allies start to defect I Samnite and Greek cities to the south 0 Rome accepts Fabian tactics O LeX Opia 215 BC I Woman can t buy clothing or jewelry 0 Rome starts fighting in Illyria I Scared that Carthaginians will call on Macedonia 0 Hannibal takes Tarentum 212 BCE I Romans still control the port 0 Romans retake Tarentum 209 BCE O Hannibal contained in Apulia I Last hope is reinforcements from Spain War in Spain 0 The Scipiones slowly liberate Carthaginian stronghold I 211 BC both Scipios die in battle 0 P Cornelius Scipio son of former General is put in charge same type of thing as Hannibal I Keen mind for battle tactics Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome I He is a privatus cum imperio 0 Private citizen with imperium O Hasdrubal driven out tries to reinforce Hannibal Battle of Metaurus River 207 BCE 0 Roman victory O Hasdrubal can t reinforce Hannibal no hope P Cornelius Scipio is elected consul 205 BC 0 Takes war to Carthage O Scipio invades Africa 0 Wants Hannibal to withdrawl I Carthage calls him back I Army is abandoned in Apulia Battle of Zama 202 BC 0 Scipio reroutes calvary O Drives mercenaries and citizens out 0 Romans regroup 0 Roman Victory 0 Scipio given triumph and given triumphant honorary cognomen Africanus I Can t be inherited Aftermath 0 Terms severe I Carthage gives up all its sea and land holding I Must pay huge indemnities I Can t declare war or peace without permission from Rome 0 Further I Masinissa a king of Numidia is made a Roman ally I Rome now dominates the W Mediterranian 0 Cost of victory I 33 of Rome s adult male population is dead How does Rome pull this off 0 Immense respect for fighting 0 Death for state an honor 0 Total disdain for cowardice O POWs lose citizenship October 2 2015 Roman Expansion West and South Background 0 Number of praetors and consuls were insufficient 0 3rd c wars are far ung I Spain Africa Illyria I Annual officials not feasible 0 Strategies were inconsistent Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome Lottery system determines who goes where 0 Not a good system 0 Causes losses 0 Hard to allot credit where it was deserved Experimental Magistrates O Praetors increased to 6 or 4 depending on the year Stop increase because Romans are afraid that if there are too many praetors it will water down the office 0 Prorogation The extension of someone s imperium beyond their year in office Stay in some place until replaced Imperium disappears when you get back to Rome Proconsul and Propaetor Who determines the extension 0 O O O Governed Provinciae The senate because they have the most experience with foreign diplomat P Cornelius Scipio Africanus as first privatus cum imperio All officials given provinciae Prorogued official holds less imperium than the new official Never have an overlap of imperium 0 Official with Imperium on top Governor 0 People below the Governor Quaestor in charge of money Legati serve as proxies when governors are in the field need approval from the senate for these people Amini group of unofficial advisors chosen by the governor Support lictor or scribe 0 Goal is to maintain peace Prevent invasion Check in on people and communities Settle dispute capital cases 0 NonItalian cities are taxed Grain rather than money Bids for tax contracts at Rome Want to be a tax collector Pay money they bid up front Publican act as legal agents Huge oversee from these people 0 Money ships horses local tax collectors Profit between what they pay upfront and what they make in country Corruption is rampant Creates a tax bubble Limited attempts to stay abuse Quaestio de repetundis 149 BCE Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome 0 Sue only the governor 0 Special court 0 Senate oversee Rome involvement in Africa 0 Fairly limited after 201 BC 0 I Numidia propped up as the rival I Masinissa key ally from 204 BCE Rome uses diplomatic in uence I Always favors Numidia I M Porcius Cato cens 184 BCE dies 149 BCE 0 Visits Carthage in 157 BCE Childhood and young adulthood during the 2rld Punic war Sees Carthage doing well and doesn t like it Wants Rome to destroy Carthage Third Punic war 0 00000 Carthage resists Numidia Carthage gives up land to Numidia to make Rome happy Then gives up their arms Rome opens hostilities Presses Carthage to fight P Cornelius Aemilianus elected as consul for 147 BC I Adopted grandson of P Cornelius Africanus I Blood grandson of L Aemilius Pallus Macedonicus I Sacks Carthage in 146 BCE Fall out I Carthage is gone I Scipio Aemilianus is given the cognomen Africanus I Africa is made a provinciae Roman action in Spain 0 O Involvement in 218 BC I Wars are fought continually P Cornelius Scipio from 211 BC I Scipio is recalled in 205 BC 0 Est Italica first 0 For veterans I Defensive population 0 Rome imagines two Spains I 2 provinciae 0 Near Spain 0 Further Spain I From 198 BC there are always allotted provinciae I Campaigning and governing O Policies vary radically I Greatly vexed locals 0 Causes them to fight 0 Ti Sempronius Gracehus pr 180 BCE Notes Week 5 Rise of Rome I Fixed the obligations 0 Locals liked that Why Spain 0 Lumber for ships 0 Metal deposits gold silver copper tin I Governed by publican staffed by slaves I Getting assigned to the mines was the worst thing for slaves 0 Dead within 3 months 0 Military glory I Spaniards valued military valor I Fighting never wiped out the cities I Just enough to get a triumph I Spanish triumph factory Changing landscape after 150 BC 0 Plunder greatly reduced I Not enough booty to justify loss of farms 0 Battles become harder fought I Romans start to lose BADLY O Lusitania is conquered first I 139 BC Viviathus assassinated O Celtiberians resist fiercely I Stronghold at Numantia I Romans repeatedly defeated I Senate rejects generals treaties Ending Spanish war 0 P Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus con 11 134 BC I Besiege Numatians 133 BC I Manages to take the city 0 Lasting impact I Roman colonies I Baetis River area is slowly Romanized


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