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Africa and Health Issues Notes

by: Summer Boone

Africa and Health Issues Notes AFST 2100

Marketplace > University of Georgia > African Studies > AFST 2100 > Africa and Health Issues Notes
Summer Boone
GPA 4.0


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About this Document

These are my notes from the lecture on 10/6 regarding Africa and Health Issues.
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Summer Boone on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AFST 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Aderibigbe in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see in African Studies at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 10/06/15
Africa and Health Issues 339 In Africa it is rare to be over 65 years old the majority of the population is 15 years or younger I Mortality rate is high early on I In Nigeria 124 out of 1000 children die before their 5th birthday 0 This is 25x higher than other countries 339 The normal life expectancy of the world population is 83 years old for males and 86 years old for females this is based off somewhere in Japan I In Nigeria life expectancy is around 52 years old v 5 leading causes of death in Africa I 1 killer HIVAIDS I Lower respiratory tract infections I Diarrheal diseases I Malaria I Strokes 339 HIV I In Middle East Africa and North Africa there s roughly 230000 people infected I In SubSaharan Arica there s roughly 25 million infected this is the highest in the world 0 7 out of 10 people are infected with HIV and 12 million have died from it I HAART is a lifesaving treatment that is now being spread across Africa 0 This makes it possible for everyone infected with HIV to survive I quotAversion of imminent mortality is a giant step forward but may not directly translate to functional survival 339 Children with HIV I 90 of all HIV infected children are under the age of 15 O 90 of these kids are in SubSaharan Africa 0 Thanks to HAART the survival rate of these children is increasing I Worldwide only about 33 of HIV infected children have access to HAART O In SubSaharan Africa this is even lower and only about 27 of HIV infected children have access to HAART I HIV infected children are 36x more likely to have psychiatric disorders 0 Studies have shown that HIV is possibly related to psychosocial distress and suboptimal cognitive function which can dampen the benefits of HAART 339 Most of the information we have about HIV in SubSaharan Africa actually comes from other continents doing research I Little information actually comes from the source 339 The goal of HIV research is to collect date on 3 levels I 1 Psychosocial Adjustment 0 Researchers take a biomedical perspective to measure how structural and lifestyle decisions affect your way of life 0 The objective is to determine a relationship between perinatal before birth HIV exposure and psychosocial issues during a child through ages 618 I These children can be HIV Exposed Positive HIV Exposed Negative or HIV Unexposed Negative 0 5 indicators are measured I Depression I Hopelessness I Distress I Positive outlook I Esteem I 2 Cognitive Function Executive Function I 3 Overall and Domain Specific Quality of Life


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