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Chapter 6: Urban Geography Notes

by: Anna Stidham

Chapter 6: Urban Geography Notes MTRO 101

Marketplace > Towson University > Global Studies > MTRO 101 > Chapter 6 Urban Geography Notes
Anna Stidham
Intro to Metropolitan Studies
Professor Nathan Burch

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About this Document

October 1, 2015. Detailed class notes on Chapter 6: Urban Geography.
Intro to Metropolitan Studies
Professor Nathan Burch
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Stidham on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTRO 101 at Towson University taught by Professor Nathan Burch in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Intro to Metropolitan Studies in Global Studies at Towson University.

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Date Created: 10/06/15
Reasons for City Location 0 Environmental Factors Urban Heat Island the effect of increased heat over urban areas caused by human activity and heat retention of buildings and roads Because summer blacktop holds and absorbs heat and radiates it on sunny days Rural areas have a ton of water and the water holds heat but doesn39t radiate it 0 Economic Factors Industrial location theory theory predicting that industries locate in such a way as to minimize transportation costs of raw materials and nished goods Assumes we are in isolated region that there is only one market no variations in transportation cost per distance all at land straight line distance from factories to other locations perfect competition perfect knowledge of the market and small rms Coal is most expensive bc you need a ton of it and it is extremely heavy so if you need a lot of coal you want to be closer to the coal mine then other mines Car factories need certain metals but also need to be near the market a big city so many decided to be near market and just pay for the transportation of metals Other costs rms consider labor processing land tax equipment service ex internet transfer cost moving costs in uence of culture or institutions politician on your side or university backing individual behavior of the owners women wanting to continuing legacy in one town Agglomeration clusters of similar industries that gain cost advantage by locating near one another Externality an effect that an individual or organization has on another without either party being compromised Positive Externality a bene t given from one individual or organization without compensation lighthouse Bene t Specialized infrastructure trained and specialized workforce tax bene ts Negative externality a cost imposed form one individual or organization to another without compensation air pollution water pollution noise pollution traf c from a new mall affects people who live around the area Carbon shares must buy permits that allow you to pollute so it can help with acid rain or health care compensation to people that are effected by pollution from factory Disadvantages Not have any more available land labor wages get too high poHu on Social Factors Natural Crossroads intersections of modes of transport that facilitate population and trade rivers railroads or highways Breakofbulk locations in which goods are transferred from one mode of transport to another truck to train ship to truck etc Buffalo39s port to canal transfer Access to raw materials and resources social value on goods Bakken Shale Western North Dakota lot of oil Amenity City a city with optimal specialized recreational opportunities good place to ski lake shores ocean shores Las Vegas gambling Administrative or political city a city established as a seat of government functions chosen because they were in the middle of the state because it is centrally located and everyone has equal access so one city didn39t become primate Strategic Military Location easily defensible area hard for others to take over Religion or Educational Regions Mecca39s shrine college towns


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