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Key terms chapter 4

by: Allie Martinez

Key terms chapter 4 Psy 1800

Allie Martinez

GPA 3.28
Developmental Educational Pyschology
Dr Richmond

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About this Document

All of the key terms in chapter 4.
Developmental Educational Pyschology
Dr Richmond
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie Martinez on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 1800 at Metropolitan State College of Denver taught by Dr Richmond in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Developmental Educational Pyschology in Psychlogy at Metropolitan State College of Denver.


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Date Created: 10/06/15
Differentiation Integration neurons axons dendrites Synapses Glial cells Hindbrain midbrain Forebrain cortex Executive functions left hemisphere right hemisphere synaptogenesis Synaptic pruningA Myelination colic Cephalocaudal development Proximodistal trend Gross motor skillsA Fine motor skills Puberty growth spurt Menarche Spermarche Personal fable rough and tumble play SIDS exportchp 4 2 Page 1 exportchp 4 2 the gradual change from general to specific behaviors and reasoning over developmentA Coordination of body parts improves over time cells that send information to other cells at the end of the neuron they are long branch like ends that actually send the information on the receiving end pick up the information the gap between the neurons where information is sent and picked up other cells in the brain that help support neurons with structure and protection the quotold brainquot controls basic physiological needs such as breathing digesting and balance connects hind and front brain and acts as a pit stop and relay station for the two WHAT MAKES US HUMAN developed enough for complex thought emotional responses and motivation where communicating reasoning planning come from communicating planning and other purposeful thoughts and actions are called this controls the right side of the body controls the left side of the body the burst of new synapses in the first 312 years when a synapse isn39t used enough it dies out and makes room for more used pathways or new pathways in the brain where healthy fat covers the axon terminal making information transfer quicker between neurons when infants cant be consoled from their crying usually takes place in the first 3 months of life developmental trends that take place from the bottom down Like how babies have such large heads and also seen in how tl developmental trends that take place close to the center than reach outward running jumping riding bikes typing writing using scissors maturation signaled by hormones a rapid increase in both height and weight a girls first period a boys first ejaculation experience belief that teenagers have that they are the only ones have ever experienced this kind thing before good natured fighting with peers great for toddlers sudden infant death syndrome Babies dying with out any seemingly good cause Page 2


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