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identifying biological sex

by: Maria Ariza

identifying biological sex ANTH 0630

Maria Ariza
GPA 3.0
Forensic Anthropology
Alicia Grosso

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About this Document

Forensic Anthropology
Alicia Grosso
Class Notes
ID biological sex, bones
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Ariza on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 0630 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Alicia Grosso in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Forensic Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 10/06/15
VVVV Biological Sex Sexual Dimorphism How are females different from males in their species when looking at the skeleton 0 Not a huge dimorphism in humans when compared to other species 0 Women typically share 92 with human male 0 Differences change over time I For example a female 10000 years ago had a jaw bone that we would think of male today Good evidence for biological sex 0 Soft tissue 0 Unborn fetus in pubic area indicates female Questionable evidence for sex 0 Clothing Wigs Driver s license Jewelry Other accessories THESE WE ASSOCIATE WITH GENDER LIFESTYLE CHOICES ETC OOOOO Analysis Methods Morphology macroscopic 0 Visual bone variation 0 Nonmetric O Qualitative Metric ostometric 0 Quantitative All in the bone 0 90100 complete 0 9095 pelvis Biological Sex Pelvic Region 0 Some parts don t survive well 0 Male pelvic bone Taller and bigger generally 0 Pelvic inlet Superior view I Male Heart shaped narrower I Sacrum is narrow and long I Female Wideround I Sacrum is wide and short these differences aid with child birth Acetabulum size Obturator Foramen shape oval for males triangular for female Anterior view Iliac crest is ared and atter for females Sharper for males Pubic Shape 0 Triangular for males 0 More squared or rectangular for females Subpubic angle 0 Obtuse or Ushaped for females Phenice Method 1969 About 95 accurate 0 Female ventral arc has a bit of bone that sticks out I Subpubic concavity ischiopubic ramus looking at the BACKSIDEposterior not the frontal section Concave Curves inward 0 Female Ischiopubic ramus medial edge It has a waistlike shapenarrow ramus as opposed to males whose ramus is thicker Pelvic bone 0 Sciatic Notch I Male V shape I Female U shape this shape increases canal for birth 0 Preauricular Sulcus I Male Shallow or completely absent I Female Large wide pittied looks scooped out 0 Dorsal Pitting I Groove on pelvic bone linked to females rarely found on male I Often linked to birth but not 100 proved Buikstra and ubelaker 1994 Scale created to rate the notches from female to male 0 1st being female and 5th being male Auricular surface area above the sciatic notch 0 Female elevated 0 Male at ush Biological Sex Skull Glabella between eyebrows Projects the most 0 Female at almost can39t feel it 0 Male sticks out Sharper edge on females Eye socket 0 Females circular socket O Males square socket Temporal Lines 0 More marked on males Jaw 0 Completely vertical or inverted on females towards the back of the jaw VVVV gt gt Chin 0 Female pointer rounder O Males squared and protrudes Zygomatic Process 0 Males There s a crest that protrudes extends past external auditory meatus EAM it s very robust located sort of above the earmastoid process 0 Females Doesn t extend at all or very little Forehead has an acute angle on females These are scaled 15 0 Nuchal Crest O Mastoid O Supraorbital margin 0 Ridgeglabella 0 Mental eminence Bossing Parietal and frontal eminences Primary center of ossification Could be due to pathology use caution When using this to ID sex Mandible O Gonial angle I Male 90110 I Female 125 O Ascending ramus Has waistlike shape on females Posterior Distal Humerus O 90 accuracy process 0 Olecranon fossa shape I Male triangular I Female oval shape 0 Trochlear Extension and constriction I Male beyond bigger longer than capitulum appears asymmetric I Female Level With capitulum waistlike look 0 Angle of medial epicondyle I Lay it down on table look eye level for this I Males completely a 0 Females angles upward Rib ossification Comes With age usually 0 Male marginal ossification 0 Female more of a central deposit 0 Both of these are on the sternal end of the rib Disease and biological sex 0 Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna I Frontal endocranial surface I Isolated bony nodules I Older females I Maybe menopausal seen on males too but it s not common Nonmetric variation and biological sex Suprascapular notch Scapular notch 0 Both have male predominance Septal aperture 0 Has female predominance This is located on the humerus USE CAUTION FOR THE ABOVE MENTIONED Metric methods Varies with ancestral group Femoral Head 0 Female 3846mm 0 Male 4449mm O Realize that these two have a range of overlap This all goes back to the human species not haVing huge sexual dimorphism Humerus 0 Female lt43mm 0 Male gt47mm Scapula height 0 Sectioning point FM and classification rate I American black 150mm 87 I American white 153mm 89 Problem You don t know ancestry of remains Subadult Biological SeX kids Auricular surface 5050 chance Sciatic notch 70 chance 0 Male deep notch 0 Female shallow notch Subadult mandibles 0 Male squared and robust 0 There was a study that tested this method on 11 mandibles 82 accuracy 0 Later Scheuer redid this test in 2002 and there was a 64 accuracy overall 0 DAUBERT TEST I Can the method be repeated Yes I Was the recording standardized Yes I Was there a known error rate Yes I Was it peer reViewed and published Yes I Was it accepted by the community NO


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