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Notes Week 4

by: jewellog

Notes Week 4 Psych 220

GPA 3.5
Psychology and Culture
Dr Matthew Lee

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About this Document

Psychology and Culture
Dr Matthew Lee
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by jewellog on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 220 at James Madison University taught by Dr Matthew Lee in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Psychology and Culture in Psychlogy at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 10/06/15
092115 Monday September 21 21115 1117 Power and Privilegg In a multicultural democratic society who has more power and privilege What happens psychologically when different groups have different amounts of power 0 Question about female prime minister and sexual assault The Dominant cultural group can be different looking based on what demographic you are looking at When you can divide power based on group you are creating a social stratification 0 Men over women 0 White people over black people 0 The wealthy over the poor It is only recently that people are starting to talk about how it might be men that are causing the problem not women Positionality a measure of your place in social stratification 0 Those who are higher have more cultural privileges social or psychological advantages from being a member of a dominant group Cultural deficit theory you are on top and you believe that it is the fault of the minority that they are like that and have less of an ability to move up It is easy to have a high positionality and tell people below you to work harder Attained privilege If you come from a lower positionality and you worked your way to the top 0 It is easier to tell other people to do the same thing that you did Ascribed Privilege any privilege that people give you based on demographics or assumptions 0 If you are white and thus people assume you are educated O The negative thing can be the same Distributed differently You can use it to uphold the dominant culture 0 Jim Crow Oppress the subordinate cultures 0 Jim Crow Or you could level the playing field Psychological Outcomes SES and health outcomes Psychological superiority internalized privilage 0 You have always been at the top so you deserve better treatment Psychological inferiority internalized opression 0 When you feel helpless about moving up those are the top are right Five Faces of Oppression Marginalization people being separated and treated poorly due to certain factors you have less of a say in society Exploitation members of a dominant group exploit the resources of the minority like slave labor or paying a lower wage Powerlessness when people on the bottom experience internalized oppression they can39t do anything to change the system learned helplessness accommodations and what not Cultural Imperialism dominant group set the norms and rules for society and they expect everyone to follow the same rules we focus less on qualitative resources Violence when people in a lower hierarchy are experiencing abuse violence genocide O Gerrymandering you can change your district to favor your own ideology Conformity Adapting behaviors attitudes emotions to social cultural norms in a given context 0 You can gain privilege avoid conflict or fit in Psych and Culture Page 1 O Colored pen study I Majority red or green color available In the US 75 of the people knowingly picked the wrong answer 0 They had different reasons for doing this There are some cultures where there is a higher degree of conformity Russia China East Asian people picked the majority color Europeans picked the minority color Passing people who would try to pretend to be part of a majority group by looking like them quotBecoming Americanquot Conformity is not identical across cultures It is higher for lower SES groups There can be huge risks to not conforming o Amish thing Conform or lose privilege 0 Japanese tea ceremony norms and quotsaving facequot Rachel Ray39s Keffiyeh not wearing it Psych and Culture Page 2 092315 Wednesday September 23 21115 1117 Nationality Nationality legal status of belonging to a particular geographic or cultural state 193 Nationalities in the world Citizenship status Real Taiwan Palestine Kosovo Somaliland Transdniester Nationality can change based on historical or political forces Some people don39t get formal recognition from the countries they live in O The Roma people Romany quotGypsyquot 0 They are migratory but they aren39t technically citizens o Bedouins some people don39t see nation lines as we do 0 Tuareg Kenya was at one point a colony of the British 0 The Nubians were from Sudan who were fighting for the British but they lost so the British left and the Nubians were left behind but are oppressed and not recognized The Dalit caste they are the Untouchables they aren39t recognized and they are widely oppressed in South Asia UN Guidelines say that you can use the term quotStatelessquot to describe people who have no formal recognition from the nation they live in O Kurdistan they have over 28 Million people but no country as their own There are countries that are listed as being at risk for committing genocide or secession basically forcing people to be stripped of their rights Bicultural or Multicultural people who have two or more cultural influences impacting their lives Blending engaging in psychological tendencies from more than one culture 0 Multiple Selves 0 Greater creativity ability to discriminate stimuli FrameSwitching o Gain privilege from associating with gt 1 culture 0 Selfesteem personality also often coincides with frameswitching Acculturation Pos39t39ve Acculturation curve A 0 People are really excited initially 0 People freak out because of the cultural differences 0 People slowly start to adjust Sojourner when you are only there temporarily and you don39t adapt much Reverse culture shock 0 Me with Scotland and tea Negat39ve Cultural Distance how similar or dissimilar your country is to the new country 0 Cultural distance is low between here and Canada Honeymoon Crisis of Culture Shock Adjustment 0 Cultural distance is high between here and India Factors that help with acculturation include how 0 Geographical closeness 0 Language 0 Cultural fitPersonality match I German culture running like clockwork Appearances what do you look like Need for cognitive closure they find it hard to adjust because they want specific answers to questions they have to know all of the rules they are less willing to just jump in John Berry Model There are four ways to adjust to a new culture Attitudes toward host culture No Culture shock in scotland McDonalds in france Attitudes towards quot39 Integration Separation heritage Assimilation Marginalization culture Of these four the best tends to be those who are integrated because they get to keep both of their cultural traditions There are plenty of positive aspects of acculturation This depends on where you move to and where you are coming from New Freedom Opportunity Selfesteem may improve for some people Negative Aspects Acculturative stress 0 Likelihood of depression anxiety substance abuse 0 There may be healthy new norms 0 Japanese immigrants died earlier 0 Latino immigrants may disrespect authority figures Psych and Culture Page 1 Exposure to stereotypes and discrimination O Discrimination the quothair queue lawquot I It was illegal to have hair this way which was common for the Chinese 0 Native American mascot study I When white students look at Native American mascots they report more negative feelings towards Native Americans 0 Stereotype threat I When someone feels worried that they will live up to a stereotype associated with their race or gender This doesn39tjust apply to moving from one country to another this could also apply to sex changes religion moving from one culture to another Psych and Culture Page 2


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