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Chapter 6 part 1 & 2 Tegrety

by: Anna Dosso

Chapter 6 part 1 & 2 Tegrety HNES 250

Anna Dosso
GPA 3.5
Nutrition science
Elizabeth Hilliard

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About this Document

Here are the notes an power point fill-ins for chapter 6 from the tegrety lectures online.
Nutrition science
Elizabeth Hilliard
Class Notes
chapter 6 hilliard nutrition
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Dosso on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HNES 250 at North Dakota State University taught by Elizabeth Hilliard in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Nutrition science in Nursing and Health Sciences at North Dakota State University.

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Date Created: 10/06/15
Chapter 6 POWER POINT FILL INS 0 Slide 5 0 3O 0 3 0 Bones 0 Slide 6 0 All 0 Slide 7 O Insulin 0 Slide 8 0 Composition 0 Slide 10 0 Acid base regulators 0 Antibodies 0 Slide 11 O Gluconeogenesis O Dehydration 0 Slide 12 O Nitrogen 0 Amino acids 0 Slide 14 0 Liver O 9 0 Slide 16 O Nonessential O Tyrosine 0 Slide 18 0 Shape 0 Slide 21 0 Changes 0 Acid 0 Mechanically 0 Function 0 Slide 22 0 Chemical 0 Uncoils 0 Proteases Slide 24 0 Synthesis 0 Liver 0 Enzymes Slide 25 0 Protein 0 Colon cancer Slide 27 0 Energy 0 Fats Slide 29 O Tyrosine O Tryptophan Slide 30 O Deamination O Urea Slide 31 O Deamination Slide 32 0 Digested 0 Animal Slide 33 0 Composition 0 Essential Slide 34 O PDCAAS O Digestibility Slide 35 0 Essential 0 Synthesis Slide 36 0 Fish 0 Eggs 0 Gelatin Slide 37 O Isoleucine Slide 39 0 10 35 0 Kidney Slide 40 0 gkg Slide 46 0 5 7 0 Vegetables Slide 47 0 Beef 0 Yeast bread 0 Pasta Slide 49 0 Childhood 0 Thin 0 Short Slide 50 0 Chronic 0 6 18 0 Growth Slide 51 O Edema 0 Fatty liver Slide 53 O Re feeding Slide 56 0 Saturated 0 Cholesterol 0 Soy O Homocysteine Slide 57 0 calcium Slide 58 0 Nutrient O Satiety 0 Slide 59 O Kidney O Nitrogen 0 Low 0 Slide 60 0 Body 0 Sequencing 0 Slide 61 0 NOTES 0 Protein helps with growth and repair 0 Skin and GI tract cells are replaced with new protein 0 0 Some hormones are proteins 0 EX Insulin and Glucagon 0 Protein helps with transportation of uids and electrolytes 0 Water follows protein 0 If there is less protein in the blood than water isn t being pulled out of the capillaries I If this doesn t occur tissue uid maintains and edema can occur 0 Proteins are a good source of energy with 4kCals gram 0 Proteins have long chains of amino acids and contain Nitrogen 0 Every Amino acid has an amine groupacid group hydrogen and an R group meaning some other type of group I Each R group differs making multiple types of amino acids MUST KNOW ALL ESSENTIAL AMINo ACIDS Table 61 on slide 15 0 Conditionally essential 0 Is a nonessential amino acid that becomes essential in certain situations I Ex Our bodies make tyrosine from phenylalanine but if you have PKU you can t eat phenylalanine and therefore you can t make tyrosine so tyrosine becomes essential for that individual Amino acids group together to form peptides which then form protein Denaturation will change the shape of a protein 0 Ex Cooking eggs forever changes the egg from clear to white just crushing and moistening O Acids are needed to breakdown protein SLIDE 23 HOW PROTEIN IS DIGESTED Allergy immune response to a protein in a food Nitrogen Balance 0 Positive nitrogen balance is good for growth high protein diet less excretion O Negative nitrogen balance occurs in starvation less protein being eaten 0 Balance is perfect for healthy adults Amino acids can be converted into other amino acids or completely different compounds Deamination is when the nitrogen is removed from an amino acid that was broken down 0 This extra nitrogen will be converted into ammonia and then urea which is excreted via urine A complete protein means that it has all of the essential amino acids needed for our body in good portions Animal protein is easy to digest and absorb but plant protein is not easily digested A limiting Amino Acid is an AA that is found in the lowest amount therefore we are not getting what we require to produce protein 0 If a limiting Amino Acid is present protein synthesis decreases and sometimes stops until enough of that AA is found 0 The quality of protein refers to its ability to meet the bodies needs for protein 0 Plant proteins are typically deficient in at least one amino acid 0 It s better to go by your body weight when determining how much protein you need 0 This value changes if you are a vegetarian athlete ect I View Table 63 for amounts of protein in certain foods 0 Taking a lot of one AA in a supplement can have negative affects 0 If one receptor receives multiple AAs and we overload our system with one AA then competitive binding will occur and the receptor will only receive the one AA 0 Protein Energy malnutrition protein or calorie deficiency PEM 0 Typically starts in early age 0 2 types I Acute short time thin for their height I Chronic long time short for their age 0 Marasmus I Chronic food deprivation I Not enough callories or protein I Not growing taller I Diarrhea sick often heart failure death 0 Kwashiorkor I Lots of edema typically in the stomach I Acute food deprivation I Fatty liver because of lack of protein transporters 0 When correcting PEM I Provide electrolytes and small amounts of protein then carbs and fats I Re feeding too quicky will cause a potassium to be transported out and this can lead to heart failure 0 Animal protein has a lot of methyanine which converts into Homocysteine O Homocysteine can lead to heart troubles I Osteoporosis 0 High protein can result in calcium excretion in high amounts 0 Ratio 20mg calcium 1 g protein 0 Fad diets like high protein diets can lead to poor Vitamins and nutrients Kidney Disease


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