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September 29- October 6 Notes

by: josiepelham

September 29- October 6 Notes 108-2F

GPA 3.89
Human Population Earth Environment
Julie G Price (P)

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About this Document

Notes are from class and from the powerpoints posted on canvas
Human Population Earth Environment
Julie G Price (P)
Class Notes
ENV 108
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by josiepelham on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 108-2F at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Julie G Price (P) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Human Population Earth Environment in Environmental Science at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Date Created: 10/06/15
September 29 October 6 Chapter 7 0 Central Case Study The Commons at Kennesaw State University O 0000 O Minimized Energy use Water consumption Waste generation Provides biodiesel for vehicles by donating oil UAB does this also 0 Food production currently exceeds population growth but it is not equally distributed 0 Food security guarantee of adequate safe nutritious and reliable food supply 0 O O O 0 Under nutrition not consuming enough calories Over nutrition consuming too many calories I US 15 million adults are overweight I 500 are considered obese Malnutrition shortage of the nutrients that the body needs Kwashiokor lack of protein and amino acids Marashmus protein deficiency and not enough calories 0 Agriculture 0 0 000 O Croplands grow plants Rangelands raise cattle Traditional agriculture I Uses humananimal power hand tools simple machines I Plant polycultures I Different crops are planted in one field Monoculture I Planting a single genetically similar crop I More efficient but reduces diversity is disease prone I Narrows the human diet I Used in industrial agriculture Industrial agriculture large scale monocultures irrigation fertilizers pesticides Seed banks store thousands of different seed types Wild crops can t breed with GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms We need diversity and industrial agriculture threatens this 0 Green Revolution 0 0 Increase in food through technology crop varieties farming in the 19405 Norman Borlaug father of the Green Revolution 0 Sustainable Agriculture Soil Healthy soil water and genetic diversity Renewable source that can be depleted Soil influences ecosystems as much as the climate It is the parent material I Base geological matter Weathering I Converts rock into soil I Humus partial decomposition critical soil Horizons I 6 layers of soil Soil Profile I Cross section of soil as a whole Leeching I Movement through horizons earthworms Topsoil I Most nutritive for plants vital for agriculture Rainforests I Terrible soil because minerals and nutrients get washed away by the constant rain Swidden Agriculture I Used in tropical areas after cultivation I A plot is left to regrow trees into a forest I Not efficient Soil degradation I Loss of soil quality and productivity I Erosion washing away of soil 0 Humans are the main cause of erosion Desertification I Soil is completely destroyed I Dust Bowl 19305 0 Soil is completely destroyed and there is widespread drought Soil Conservation Service I 1935 I Works with farmers to develop conservation plans for farms I quotNatural Resources Conservation Service Managing soil I Crop roation Contour farming Terracing ntercropping Shelter belts Conservation Reserve Program Irrigation artificially providing water Water logging water suffocates roots too much water Salinization buildup of salts Over 586 species are resistant to 330 insecticides Integrated pest management 0 Suppress pests without using pesticides Chapter 8 This is the second half of chapter 8 only The first half was covered for the first exam Captive breeding with birds hand puppets are used to look like parent animals 0 Whooping crane central case study Cloning DNA of an endangered species is inserted into an egg without a nucleus Forensics analyzes evidence to identify or answer questions relating to a crime used to find out if you killed an endangered species Biodiversity hotspots o 23 of the land surface contains 50 of all plant species and 42 of all terrestrial vertebrate species 0 Alabama is a hotspot because we have Pine forests hardwoods coastal regions mountains and hills freshwater and saltwater habitats plains and fields Lots of isolated river and stream systems 0 Endemism Moderate climate Good rainfall Variation in temperature North to South gt of species of fish reptiles and amphibians o 13 of earth s area is in Parks wilderness reserves etc Not all areas are managed for biodiversity I Linking protected areas allow populations to intermix


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