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psych 102 week 4

by: Debbie Chen

psych 102 week 4 102

Debbie Chen

Social Psychology

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About this Document

Social Psychology
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Debbie Chen on Friday October 31, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 102 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by KLEIN in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 58 views.

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Date Created: 10/31/14
Outline Week 4 0 70 lecture 30 book for test 0 Book According to the test 0 Maranon 0 Schacter and Singer 0 Nisbit 8 Storm Maranon 0 99 said no I should feel emotion but I don t 0 1 was not seen by the psychologist had previous interaction with emotion 0 Hypothesis was a joint 1nction of P amp C E PampC 0 Special type of 1nction o The 1 had an explanation 0 YOU NEED COGNITION TO FEEL EMOTION Schacter 8 Singer 0 Test Maranon s theory 0 Drug Suptoxin supposed to improve eyesight 0 Hypothesis E PampC 0 Actually was epinephrine 0 Tell them different things 0 O O 0 Group 1 informed It takes 20 minutes for it to reach its 1ll potential side effects at 5 mins epinephrine Group 2 uninformed 20 minutes for it to reach its 1ll potential Group 3 misinformed wrong side effects Group 4 placebo no epinephrine salt water 0 IV Epinephrine Confederate angry or happy 0 Cognitive labeling Emotional PlasticityTwo factor you need an explanation IMPORTANT 0 People who had the happy confederate rate your scale of happiness 1 3 OOO Placebo SHOULD have the least happiness Group 1 198 it s the drug Group 2 equal can t explain use context not the drug I m in a happy world Group 3 equal don t have headache use context not the drug I m in a happy world Group 4 163 it s the drug Either the drug caused it or it s because of the happy world 4 gt 1 0 People who had the angry confederate rate how happy you are 0 Group 1 it was the drug I m not angry 0 Group 2 not euphoric at all used context 0 Problem why misleading if you say one group is more euphoric than the other no one s angry everyone s still euphoric just less euphoric Nisbit 8 Storm 0 Insomnia study 0 Eat a drug that makes you fall asleep everyone gets a placebo 0 Independent what they tell you about the drug I Relax is not relaxed so they become more anxious fall asleep later I Anxious anxious is due to the drug not to me fall asleep faster Outline 0 Selfawareness theory Dubal 8 Wickland Dienor eta Halloween study Dupal amp Wickland IQ Hull Alcohol 0 Selfhandicapping John and burglas but don t need to know OOOO 0 Egocentric Bias 0 Self 8 other SelfAwareness Theory 0 When you direct your awareness internally you will notice several things 0 Behavior o Goals 0 Actual behavior 0 Ideal behavior 0 When we fall short of our ideals we don t feel good negative 0 Must perceive to feel bad 0 Therefore you either change or you do not think about it 0 It s not the fact that the discrepancy leads to negative feelings you need to internally direct your awareness 0 How to make someone selfaware Halloween Study 0 Please just take one piece 0 Mirror selfawareness IV 0 Without mirror took a lot of candy IQ Test With mirror took one piece Top 10 Bottom 1o IV score toldcameramirror DV how long the person waits before leaving Camera low IQ shortest time I don t want to think about it Alcohol Drunk people aren t as selfaware Part I wine tasting 0 You did wellyou didn t do well IV Some people are naturally selfaware not selfaware People who score better is selfaware or isn t selfaware and scores badly drank more Selfhandicap Giving ourselves backups in case we fail Example really smart valectorian taking 20 units of medical course Contingent success when you are success 1l amp you know you deserve to be IV Noncontingent success when you are success il even if you don t feel that way Bogus IQ test 0 You can take a drug before the next test DV I Dumb drug I Smart drug 0 Noncontingent chooses dumb drug self handicap


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