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Chapter 5 - Accommodation

by: KUMIKO Notetaker

Chapter 5 - Accommodation H102

Marketplace > Republic Polytechnic > Hospitality > H102 > Chapter 5 Accommodation
KUMIKO Notetaker
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Fattimah Ally

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About this Document

Hi guys! Hopefully my detailed note of lesson 5 is helpful for you!
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Fattimah Ally
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by KUMIKO Notetaker on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to H102 at Republic Polytechnic taught by Fattimah Ally in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Hospitality and Tourism Management in Hospitality at Republic Polytechnic.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Chapter 5 Ac ommodation Types of Accommodation 1 Deluxe Hotels 0 Accommodation quality and service of the highest standard 0 Services are available 24 hours Specialised and ef cient staff Cater to highend travellers and dignitaries 2 Business Hotels Quality d cor and amenities Offer a wide range of services including concierge tness centre and business centre 24hour call centres 3 AllSuite Hotels 0 All rooms in these properties are suites 0 In direct competition with deluxe properties 0 Most services are available 24 hours Raf es Hotel is the only allsuite hotel in Singapore 4 Boutique Hotels 0 Are normally small in size with few rooms Furnished in a themed stylish andor aspirational manner Built near conservation areas Can also be categorised by tier Luxury Upscale MidTier Economy 5 MidMarket Hotels 0 Also called touristclass hotels 0 Most offer onpremise food and beverage concierge tness centre and business centre services 6 LimitedServiceBudget Hotels Caters to travellers with a limited budget 0 Have very limited range of amenities and services 0 Rooms with ensuite bathroom 7 Airport Hotels Located near airports Can be differing categories of hotels ranging from economy to luxury class Cater mainly to airline passengers with overnight layovers distressed passengers and airline crew on layovers 8 Resorts Cater mainly to the leisure travel market 0 Are usually located away from cities Offer extensive leisure and recreational activities 9 Bed amp Breakfast 0 A private home which takes in guest with breakfast included in the price of accommodation 0 It can range from modest homes with one spare room to restored historic houses with luxury prices 10 Farm Stays Stay in a farmplantation as a paying guest 0 An experience of rural life 11 Caravan Parks 0 A designated park land with space available for rent 0 Guests stay in either in a campervan recreational vehicle or a motorhome Normally located near animal reserves farms or any other place with some exotic activities 12 Hotels 0 Basic accommodation with beds for rent normally in a dormitory Baths are communal with no peripheral services or amenities Cater to budget travellers 13 Capsule Hotels Originated in Japan 0 Extremely small rooms that ts only a single bed O ers cheap and basic overnight accommodation 14 Motels and Motor Inns 0 Found along major interstate highways America amp Europe Informal and basic accommodation with ensuite bathroom Cater mainly to longdistance travellers Food and beverage may be available but limited 15 Serviced apartmentsResidences Cater to the extendedstay market 0 Rates are negotiated on a weekly 7 days or monthly basis Residences normally come with a sitting area kitchenette and bedrooms 16 Timeshare Most of these properties are either condominiums or resort properties 0 Owners pay a yearly fee and in exchange have the right to use the property for a xed period of time normally for a week 0 Owners can swap properties with other owners Appeals to a more uppermiddleincome market leisure market 17 Luxury Train Luxurious accommodation and nedining on board 0 Many of these rail journeys include excursions along the route and some are a combination of train ship and air travel 18 Cruise Liners 0 Accommodation onboard cruise ships called staterooms or cabins Meals included Shore excursions during portof calls Offer recreational facilities on board eg swimming pool tness centre casino and spa Classifying the Accommodation Sector Location Size of property Type of service Length of stay Target market Rates Theme D cor Accommodation Tiers 1 Luxury 0 Highest quality and service standards Caters to an exclusive market Mainly in prime locations andor in historical buildings 2 Upscale Well services high quality properties 0 Generally in prime locations or with boutique positioning in prime or distinctive locations 3 MidTier Includes midmarket hotels Primarily locate in prime commercial zones or immediately outlying areas 4 Economy 0 Properties in the budget segment 0 Generally located in outlying areas Trends and Challenges Overbooking Guaranteednonguaranteed reservations Pricing strategies Practice Questions 1 The accommodation sector can expect full occupancy all year round a True b False 2 Motor lnns commonly found along highways in America are usually equipped with full range of amenities and cater to short distance travellers a True b False 2 Explain and elaborate the following words a Concierge b Business centre c Tiers d Onpremise 2 What are some of the recreation and entertainment facilities that can be found in accommodations 3 Based on your prior knowledge list the characteristics of the following types of accommodations a Deluxe hotels b Budget hotels c Resorts d Business hotels e Boutique hotels 2 Describe the types of accommodation you would recommend for each of the following type of tourist coming to Singapore a Group package tourist from Kuala Lumpur b Business tourist from Hong Kong c Medical tourist from Indonesia d Free and easy heritage tourist from the Philippines e High networth tourist from China 2 Star rating for hotels is regulated in Singapore a True b False 2 Which of the following is the correct order of the accommodation tiers from lowest to highest Midtier upscale luxury economy Economy midtier upscale luxury Economy luxury upscale midtier Luxury upscale midtier economy 2 Recommend a suitable accommodation for the following travellers Provide an example for each a A family of two adult and two children below the age of 12 years going to Hong Kong b A business traveller to Singapore c A newly wedded couple on a honeymoon trip to Bali QUEQ Learning Outcomes 1 Compare the different accommodation concepts and their target markets 2 Describe the importance of the accommodation sector to the hospitality and tourism industries 3 Explain the key success factors trends issues and challenges affecting the accommodation sector Need answers Feel free to drop me an email 15043445 myrpedusg


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