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Ruth Hall Characters

by: Ke'Ania Hall

Ruth Hall Characters 75032

Ke'Ania Hall
GPA 2.73
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery

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About this Document

These are the beginning set of notes for Ruth Hall and Other Writings. These notes are about the characters from the novel.
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery
Class Notes
#RuthHall #Characters
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ke'Ania Hall on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 75032 at Bowling Green State University taught by Allan Emery in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see topics-Amer Renaissance in Foreign Language at Bowling Green State University.

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Date Created: 10/07/15
Ruth Hall and Other Writings Notes Characters 0 Ruth Hall 0 Fictional version of the author Fanny Fern o Quested for love and ended up putting all of her happiness into her marriage with Harry and in her daughters 0 After the death of her mother she was sent away to boarding school 0 A strong woman that nd a way in a world where just about everyone who she knew turned their back on her and manages to do right by her family 0 Harry Hall 0 Ruth s husband 0 Meant to imitate Fanny Fem s rst husband 0 Very loving of Ruth and is the rst source of happiness in her life 0 A banker who worked hard to provide a good life for his family 0 His death om typhoid fever is devastating to both his wife and daughters 0 Hyacinth Ellet o Ruth s older brother who does not show her any affection and is bothered by her affection and admiration towards him 0 A famous and wealthy publisher for The Irving Magazine 0 He is one of the people who I GfllSCS to help Ruth after the death of her husband and tells her that she has no talent in writing 0 Mr Ellet o Ruth s wealthy father 0 Another of her family members that re 1sed to help her in her time of need 0 A publisher of The Youth s Companion and other religious magazines 0 Daisy Kathy and Nettie Hall 0 Ruth s three daughters 0 Daisy died at a young age from a fever and began the series of tragedies in Ruth life I Daisy is similar to her mother in that she is free spirited and loving 0 Kathy is Ruth s eldest living daughter I She was temporarily placed in under the guardianship of her grandparents when Ruth fell on hard times I She was considered abused by her grandparents since they didn t really take care of her I Compared to her other sisters Kathy is more timid and quieter I She hates her grandmother greatly I She wishes for her family to be happy and living under the same roof 0 Nettie is the main one of the three sisters that closely resembles her mother I She acts just like her mother smart witty and everything that her older sister Kathy isn t 0 Mr amp Mrs Hall 0 Mr Hall is Ruth s fatherin law I Although he does not diser Ruth to the same degree as his wife he can easily persuaded by his wife to feel the same way as her I He does not help Ruth or his granddaughters after the death of his son and even blames her for his death 0 Mrs Hall I She is Ruth s spite ll motherin law 0 She despises Ruth and caters to Harry 0 She constantly puts Ruth down and is even jealous of her 0 Mr Tibbetts o The editor of The Pilgrim and Ruth s initial publisher 0 He refuses to give her the proper salary she should be earning for working with him due to her being a woman 0 Mr Walters o The only man who values and respects Ruth 0 He is the one that helps her out of her desperate state and gives her the means to make her wealthy enough to take care of her family on her own 0 He could be seen as her best iend in a sense


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