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Ruth Hall Extra Notes

by: Ke'Ania Hall

Ruth Hall Extra Notes 75032

Ke'Ania Hall
GPA 2.73
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery

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About this Document

Here are extra notes for the novel Ruth Hall and Other Writings
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery
Class Notes
#RuthHall #Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ke'Ania Hall on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 75032 at Bowling Green State University taught by Allan Emery in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see topics-Amer Renaissance in Foreign Language at Bowling Green State University.

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Date Created: 10/07/15
Ruth Hall and Other Writings Notes 0 Extra Notes 0 Is Ruth considered weird I A lot of the characters Within the novel seem to dislike her greatly and sees her as an odd ball 0 She was not properly raised by a woman gure nor was she taught how to become a proper housewife 0 She raises her rst daughter to enjoy nature and in a similar way that she was when she was sent to boarding school 0 She does not follow society s rules and regulations about women which makes the female characters dislike her more 0 Ruth s relationship with Mrs Hall I Mrs Hall hates Ruth 0 Because of her beauty 0 Ruth is not the proper housewife 0 Mrs Hall believes that Ruth is a terrible mother 0 Ruth is unruly 0 Not t to be with her son I She s very critical of Ruth I Ruth somewhat takes the abuse om her in laws but it weighs on her 0 Ruth has low selfesteem o Ruth s Relationship with Her Family I No one in her family truly likes her I They all would like to pretend that she no longer exists after the death of her husband I Despite the large amount of money both her in laws and father possesses they do not help her and tries to push the responsibility onto each other I The only healthy relationship in her life seems to be in her marriage and with her children I Brother feels negative towards her due to the great amount of affection she possessed for him 0 Mrs Leon I She is similar to Cassy in UNCLE TOM S CABHV I She could be seen as a representation on how not all marriages are blissful 0 Sometimes marriages are worse with the husband living if it s a bad one 0 Somewhat envies Ruth for being married and happy with Harry 0 Mr Hall I He does not seem to take Ruth seriously 0 EX When Daisy gets sick he does not hurry to try and check on her or save her results in Daisy passing away I Does not evaluate Ruth as critically as Mrs Hall but still strongly dislikes her 0 The Structure of the Book I The book is structured in short chapters I Can be seen as diary entries Seems to make getting through the novel easier Brings the main points of the story and of her life forth instead of bringing them out She enhances the imagery within the novel This gives the reader a chance to make their own decisions about each event as well as each character She does not drag out the points and events of her life and of the characters life This helps the reader digest the main points and material of the novel instead of drowning them in unnecessary details 0 The Ending When Ruth is standing over the graves of Daisy and Harry this is sometimes considered a different unique ending 0 People wonder why the novel did not just end when Ruth received the bank note but instead ended this way 0 This could be because Fanny Fern is trying to show that to her a bank note was never more important than her family 0 This could also be shown as her thinking of them as her motivator as well as reminding the reader that these were the only people besides her other daughters that actually made her life worth living I They could be used as a device to remind the reader and Ruth that her life was not all bad


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