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Speech Notes part 2 for test

by: Isabel Cano

Speech Notes part 2 for test CMS 111

Marketplace > University of Southern Mississippi > CMS 111 > Speech Notes part 2 for test
Isabel Cano
GPA 3.21
Oral Communication
Sean Fourney

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About this Document

Im going to be creating a study guide tonight for the test on monday and posting it online tomorrow night the latest.
Oral Communication
Sean Fourney
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isabel Cano on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMS 111 at University of Southern Mississippi taught by Sean Fourney in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
TEST TWO NOTES Ways to gain attention through Introduction Statics shocking Narratives question rhetorical question humor praise quote Purpose statement The signi cant of your speech General purpose to inform to persuade or entertain Clear purpose in nitive phrase tells action and actors Practical can it be applied to something SPEECH GIVEN Central Idea or thesis Rewards What can the audience gain from the speech credibility sources have to be fair Energy Preview directions of main ideas and What Will the audience get from it conclusions summary of speech and tie ideas together Chapter 7 Organization Topical types 39 classi cation narrative 39 plot setting and antagonist Spacial visualization Where something exists Chronological Time 39 statics to nish evolution Causal 39 C and E Problem solution 39 Problem cause and solution MMS Monroes motivative sequence 39 attention need 39 satisfaction 39 visualization 39 action Chapter 8 Internet search engine 39 algorithm Directories human and subject based references 39 takes you to the original source Evaluation 39 credible refdeskcom How do we know things 39 Authority 39 personal experience 39 inquiry 39 intuition traditions 39 religion Chapter 9 39 selection bias selective perception and con rmation bias 39 what we need to be is skeptics and critical thinkers 39 What not to be Cynicism ridicule a topic true belief because you are one sided bias ideology The Three P s one C Possibility How likely is this to happen Plausibility moving closer to solving a problem EX playing a lottery with 20 people instead of 20 million Probability proven veri able 39 statistics 39 authority Certainty 39 nothing is Chapter 10 Arguments 39 reasoning take your audience there evidence syllogism 39 order or paper major minor conclusion 39 deduction start with general information then into something speci c framework Induction 39 going from speci c to general Measure every claim Fallacies 39 personal attacks Ad populaisum bandwagon people Hasty Generalizations 39 Stereotype 39 vividness effect 39 Cultivation theory 39 correlation causation False analogies 39 super cial similarities glaring difference insuf cient sample Evaluating Sources 39 be current unbiased 39 credentials 39 whats missing 39 questionable statics 39 out if eld experts Toulmins logic claim Statemnet grounds evidence 39 warrant justi cation implication and themes Backing support system 39 Rebuttal counter attack objection 39 Quali er how probable is it https studysoupcomuniversityofsouthemmississippicmsl l 1 oneweekofnotes test2partonechp7amp8id52226


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