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Sample Preparation Outline (Informative Speech)

by: Frankie Bjork

Sample Preparation Outline (Informative Speech) CST 110

Frankie Bjork
UW - L
Communicationing Effectively
Dr. Carey Thaldorf

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About this Document

This is kind of what your preparation outline should look like when all of your information is on there.
Communicationing Effectively
Dr. Carey Thaldorf
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Frankie Bjork on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CST 110 at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse taught by Dr. Carey Thaldorf in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Communicationing Effectively in Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Frankie Bjork CST 110 Informative Speech October 3 2015 Topic Degenerative Diseases Neurological Disorders General Purpose To inform Speci c Purpose To inform my audience about neurological disorders or degenerative disease and the physical and mental effect they have on the ill and their family ThesisCentral Idea Neurological disorders or degenerative diseases have a signi cant physical and mental impact on the ill and their family members Introduction Attention Getter Do you know how common neurological disorders are Relevancy Statement In 2007 the United Nations UN did a study and revealed that every one in six people in the world has a degenerative disease or some type of neurological disorder Chances are four people in this room will develop some form of degenerative disease in their lifetime Credibility Statement My aunt is one of the most giving people in the world She would give you her last dollar if she knew it would keep you fed In 1975 the world decided to repay her by giving her Multiple Sclerosis also known as MS For forty years she has continued to work have hobbies and be with her family However her are ups became more frequent and more drastic this summer She went in the end of August to get some tests done and found out that her MS had progressed into vicious forms of Multiple System Atrophy MSA and Parkinson s Reveal Topic Today I m going to be telling you about what neurological disorder or degenerative disease are and their physical nancial and mental impact on the ill and their family Transition Let s start with what neurological disorders and degenerative disease are Body Main Point 1 MerriamWebster dictionary de nes degenerative disease as quota disease characterized by progressive degenerative changes in tissuequot This means that your tissue deteriorate over time and often very rapidly Neurological disorder is simply the medical term for degenerative diseases a Subpoint 1 People who suffer from neurological disorders like Parkinson s Lou Gehrig s ALS and Alzheimer s often suffer from loss of movement and bodily functions A loss of balance and the inability to eat talk or breathe on their own is common Eventually their heart losses its ability to beat on its own MedlinePlus b Subpoint 2 Many neurological disorders or problems in general are diagnosed by an electromyography EMG An EMG can detect electrical signals that are sent by motor neurons to contract muscles MayoClinicorg c Subpoint 3 For many neurological disorders there is no cure The only treatment that can be given is help with the symptoms Many patients receive treatment to reduce pain and increase mobility MedlinePlus Transition Now that we know what neurological disorders and degenerative diseases are let s look at some of the symptoms ll Main Point 2 Many patients with neurological disorders suffer many physical symptoms leading up to their diagnosis a Subpoint 1 The physical symptoms that often require and EMG are i Tingling ii Numbness iii Muscle weakness pain or cramping iv And certain types of limb pain MayoClinicorg b Subpoint 2 As I said before many of the physical symptoms of neurological disorders are treatable or at least manageable through prescription drugs or physical therapy MedlinePlus Transition To help you better understand I m going to go into greater detail about Parkinson s lll Main Point 3 According to the American Parkinson Disease Association APDA sixty thousand people are diagnosed with Parkinson s every year Right now there are one million people in the US alone that have it Parkinson s is typically diagnosed after sixty but ten percent of the population will be diagnosed before that a Subpoint 1 There is no medical test that can diagnose Parkinson s However doctors can use past medical history and physical exams APDAorg My aunt s MS and her physical symptoms helped to doctors to correctly diagnose her b Subpoint 2 Many people often experience nonmotor related symptoms Including but not limited to i Loss of smell ii REM Behavior Disorder RBD 1 This causes people to act out their dreams because the paralysis that is normally present during REM sleep is absent APDAorg c Subpoint 3 As I stated before there is no cure for neurological disorders including Parkinson s There is also no known cause due to the absence of any test or biological marker that can con rm a diagnosis APDAorg Transition Along with there being a large physical impact neurological disorders also cause a large mental impact IV Main Point 4 People who suffer from neurological disorders often suffer many emotional problems but all lead up to depression Many people feel depressed because they believe that they are hopeless and no one is there for them National MS Society a Subpoint 1 Many people are in a stage of grieving They are mourning their loss of movement and independence The National MS Society states that grieving is quotgenerally related to changes in selfimage triggered by the diseasequot b Subpoint 2 High levels of anxiety and overall distress is common There is often much frustration in both the ill and their family Many people are frustrated because they don t know when their next episode is going to be its severity or its lasting effects National MS Society c Subpoint 3 Many often suffer from something called the Pseudobulbar Affect PBA This causes unpredictable and uncontrollable bouts of laughing and or crying PBA can also be a major cause of distress because bouts of laughing can occur during inappropriate times leading to embarrassment and shame National MS Society Transition While there are many physical and mental impacts the nancial impact of caring for someone with a neurological disorder can be devastating V Main Point 5 The American Association of Retired Persons AARP estimates that outofpocket expenses for caring for someone with a neurological disorder can start at 7000year a Subpoint 1 However the Alzheimer s Association estimates that outofpocket expenses can exceed 55000year for certain neurological disorders such as Alzheimer s b Subpoint 2 Costs include i Ongoing treatment for symptoms diagnosis and followup visits ii Treatment and medical equipment for other conditions or symptoms iii Home safety modi cations if needed iv Prescriptions v Personal care supplies vi lnhome care vii Fulltime residential care in a nursing home if needed c Subpoint 3 The Alzheimer s Association also states that a semiprivate room in a nursing home can cost a little over 77000year Thankfully most expenses are covered by your health insurance Transition Now you should be well informed about what neurological disorders are and their impact on the ill and their family members Conclusion I Summary Statement Today I talked about what degenerative diseases are I also talked about the physical mental and nancial strain of either having a degenerative disease or caring for someone that does ll Memorable Closing Statement Remember four people in this classroom are going to have a neurological disorder Even more of you are going to know someone who has a degenerative disease like me REFERENCES Degenerative Disease 2013 Retrieved from httpwwwmerriam webstercommedicaldegenerative20disease Degenerative Nerve Diseases MedlinePlus 2014 April 29 Retrieved from httpswwwnlmnihgovmedlineplusdegenerativenervediseaseshtml Electromyography EMG 2012 October 25 Retrieved from httbwwwmavoclinicorgtestsprocedureselectroconvulsive therapybasicsdefinitionPRC20014183p1 Planning for Care Costs Caregiver Center Alzheimer39s Association 2015 Retrieved from httpwwwalzordcarealzheimersdementiacommon costsasp Cynthia R 2010 October 18 High Costs of LongTerm Caring for Alzheimer39s Patients Medical Assi AARP Retrieved from httpwwwaarporgreationshipscaregivinginfo10 2010thehidhcostsofcarindforazheimerspatientshtm Emotional Changes nd Retrieved from httpwwwnationamssocietvordSvmptomsDiaonosisMS SymptomsEmotionaChanges Nearly 1 in 6 of world39s population suffer from neurological disorders UN report 2007 February 27 Retrieved from httpwwwunordappsnewsstorvaso newsid21689ampcrneurologicaVhFOf Viko American Parkinson Disease Association Understanding the Basics nd Retrieved from httpwwwapdaparkinsonorgparkinsons diseaseunderstandingthebasicsl


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