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Week 8 Notes

by: Lane Paulson

Week 8 Notes ART 176

Lane Paulson
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman

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About this Document

Missed class Monday, these are Wednesday's notes in lecture.
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman
Class Notes
Art, art176, ISU, german art
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lane Paulson on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 176 at Illinois State University taught by Vanessa Schulman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Arts and Society: Visual in Art at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
The Exhibition Entartete Kunst and the Attack on Modern Art Degenerate Art 1937 Entrartet Degenerate Morally corrupt or inappropriate Demonstrating quotdegenerationquot decay or decline Perverted Decadent selfindulgent Over 1000 works of modern art con scated from German museums included Work byJewish artists Wassily Kandinsky Improvisation No 28 1912 0 Marc Chagall The Wedding 1918 Work that was considered quotunpatrioticquot or quotunGermanquot Alexei Jawlensky Mother ofNikita c 1910 Otto Dix War Cripples 45 Employabe 1920 Work inspired by quotprimitivequot sources such as African Art Ernst Ludwig Kirchner SefPortrait at Window 1920 0 Karl SchmidtPottluff Sand L c 1925 Images of inappropriate or unmarried sexuality 0 Max Beckermann Bath 1930 0 George Grosz Before Sunrise 1922 Pretty much anything abstract or done in a modern style Oskar Kokoschka SefPortrait 1917 Franz Marc Red and White Cats 1912 quotCubism Dadaism Futurism Impressionism etc have nothing to do with our German people For these concepts are only the stammerings of men to whom God has denied the grace of a truly artistic talent and in its place has awarded them the gift of deceoptionquot Adolf Hitler 1937 000000 StateApproved Art in Fascist Europe Fascism single party state with one leader Marked by hyperagression and extreme nationalism Grosse Deutsche KunstaussteIung Exhibition of Great German Art 1937 0 Art is neat and organized 0 Important symbols Eagle Third Reich symbol to Hitler Swastika Aryan race symbol Sepp Hilz one of Hitler39s favorite artists 0 Leaves avantgarde movements 0 Compare Art 0 Romantic period in Germany Wilhem von Schadow Portrait ofa Woman 181526 Serves as inspiration for Red Neckace Before Hitler Sepp Hilz Red Neckace 193345 Pure maiden Doesn t look political but in context it is very political what it means to be a German at the time Sepp Hilz Rustic Venus 1939 Girl is an example of a pure virgin what German women should be quotPure form of nakednessquot Nazis she is naked in her room not posing NotsexuaHzed Max Beckmann Bath 1930 SexuaHzed Arno Breker Readiness 1937 Known for oversized nude male gures Serves as a symbol of masculinity Exaggerated buffness in the nude ready to create a heroic deed Symbol for fascist government Adolf Wissel Farm Family from Kahenberg 1939 Nuclear family in rural area quotTraditional family valuesquot Hans Happ Fruit ofthe Earth 193345 Does not look political but is very political in context Alessandro Bruschetti Fascist Synthesis 1935 Compare style to Giacomo Balla futurist artist Speeding Automobile 1912 Praises Mussolini he is at center of artwork Gerardo Dottori Portrait of the Duce 1933 Focus on war and technology Mussolini is at center Hubert Lanzinger The StandardBearer 193436 Depicts Hitler as a hero coming to save Germany Medieval riding on a horse


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