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EXPH 364 October 5

by: Madison Notetaker

EXPH 364 October 5 EXPH 364

Madison Notetaker
GPA 3.2
Jean Lu McCrory (P)

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About this Document

Here are the notes from Monday October 5. I try to be as detailed as possible and give easy to understand examples!
Jean Lu McCrory (P)
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Notetaker on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EXPH 364 at West Virginia University taught by Jean Lu McCrory (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Kinesiology in Physiology at West Virginia University.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Start of notes for Exam 3 Chapter 10 Continued Exph 364 Projectile Motion Projectile an object ying though the air that is ONLY subject to gravity and air resistance Trajectory The ight path of a projectile 3 outcomes of projectiles Range distance long jump eld goal Height high jump eld goal Time in the air diving more timemore tricks gure skating gymnastics A PERSON CAN BE A PROJECTILE The muscle forces DO NOT affect the center of mass or the path traveled AN AIRPLANE IS NOT A PROJECTILE because it has propulsion If the airplane is CRASHING no propulsion then it is a projectile GRAVITY only affects the VERTICLE component of a projectile AIR RESISTANCE only affects the horizontal component of a projectile The air resistance inside a bowl shaped stadium can also affect vertical 3 factors that in uence trajectory Angle of projection Projectie speed Reative height Angle of Projection Vertical Trajectory 90 degrees to the horizontal allows the object to go straight up and down Parabolic Trajectory Left and right halves are mirror images rainbow Negative Angle is Horizontal Trajectory means it goes DOWN Projection Speed The MOST IMPORTANT factor affecting range Long jumpers sacri ce their angle of projection so they don t loose speed Relative Heidht This is the takeoff height COMPARED to the landing height The relative height is 0 if the object starts and ends with their center of mass the same ex kicking a soccer ball it stays on the ground the whole time It is POSITIVE if the take off is high and the landing is low ex diving starts up on the board and lands in the water It is NEGATIVE if you take off low and land high ex throwing a basketball to the hoop you let go of the ball lower than when it hits the backboard Initial Velocity Speed magnitude and Angie direction When given the Initial Velocity draw a vector to solve for X and Y The HORIZONTAL VELOCITY is constant At the apexmiddle of the parabola the VERTICAL VELOCITY is 0


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