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by: Emily Miller


Emily Miller
Intermediate Spanish
Diana Arroyo

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About this Document

Intermediate Spanish
Diana Arroyo
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Miller on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HISP-S 200 7873 at Indiana University taught by Diana Arroyo in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Intermediate Spanish in Spanish at Indiana University.




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Date Created: 10/07/15
Ser vs Estar Notes Uses of amp Ser is used to classify and identify permanent or lasting attributes If the general rule isn t specific enough for you think of the acronym DOCTOR which stands for Description Occupation Characteristic Time Origin and Relationship 1 Description For description think of what you would say if someone asked you quotWhat s he likequot These are the essential qualities that define a person and probably won t change They can be a name or a physical description EXAMPLES Yo soy Raul I am Raiil Yo soy alta morena y delgada I am tall darkskinned and thin 2 Occupation Occupations are seen as life long careers and are therefore seen as more quotpermanentquot than many people would think in the United States EXAMPLES Soy profesora del espa ol I am a Spanish teacher Ellos son estudiantes They are students 4 Time Time includes days dates and hours For hours use es for one o clock and son for all other hours EXAMPLES Hoy es mi rcoles Today is Wednesday Ayer fue mi cumplea os Yesterday was my birthday Ahora es la una y media Right now it s one thirty Son las cinco y veintecinco It s five twenty five 5 Origin As the place a person is from or the material something is made from is not going to change we use ser for origin EXAMPLES Celia es de Espa a Celia is from Spain Adela es peruana Adela is Peruvian Mi anillo es de oro My ring is gold 6 Relationship Even after someone dies or someone breaks up relationships are described using ser EXAMPLES Lynne es mi madre Lynne is my mother Marcos es mi eX novio Marcos is my exboyfriend Uses of Estar Estar is used to indicate temporary states and locations If the general rule doesn t suffice think of the acronym PLACE which stands for Position Location Action Condition and Emotion 1 Position Position is the physical position or posture a person or thing is in EXAMPLES Mi abuela est sentada My grandmother is sitting downseated Yo estaba acostada cuando me llamaste I was lying down when you called me 2 Location The location of someone or something describes Where it is permanently temporarily actually or conceptually EXAMPLES El ba o esta a la derecha de la sala The bathroom is to the right of the living room Estamos en el cafe ahora y estaremos en el cine en 20 minutes We are at the cafe right now and we will be at the movie theatre in 20 minutes 3 Action Estar is used to describe an ongoing action using the present progressive tense EXAMPLES Estoy lavando los platos sucios I am washing the dirty dishes Estamos leyendo 10s peri dicos We are reading the newspapers Mi bisabaelo esta maerto My greatgrandfather is dead 4 Condition Physical and mental conditions are described using estar EXAMPLES Estoy tan cansada esta ma ana I am so tired this morning Mis ni os estan enfermos hoy My children are sick today Mi madre esta un poca loca My mother is acting a little crazy 5 Emotion How a person is feeling at a certain moment is described using estar EXAMPLES Estoy triste I am sad Ella esta contenta porque recibi unas ores de su novio She is happy because she received some owers from her boyfriend C ONJ U GATI ONS 51m erE39W 59139 m In rest l 139 m In I m11111011115 1r 5 95m hi were 5 E ri u Ell 5 E i U l RENE115 50mm ng mu THEME115 E i E f i 1105 1135 51m E f u U115


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