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Chapter 7 Lecture Notes

by: Jacobi Johnson

Chapter 7 Lecture Notes HDF 213

Jacobi Johnson
GPA 3.7
Introduction to Human Sexuality
Angera, Jeffrey

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About this Document

This is a compilation of the topics discussed in week 6 lectures done by Dr. Latty.
Introduction to Human Sexuality
Angera, Jeffrey
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacobi Johnson on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDF 213 at Central Michigan University taught by Angera, Jeffrey in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Human Sexuality in Human Development at Central Michigan University.

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Date Created: 10/07/15
Chapter 7 Love and Relationships lecture How we think guiltenjoyment about our sexual feelings thoughts and actions is influenced by 3 levels Cultural how people learn to behave appropriately guidelines for conduct Interpersonal what we think we should do amp how the other person should act how to carry out sexual wishes with regard to anticipated response lntrapsychic what a person has learned to mean or understand as being sexual what the person finds to be arousing Love an individualistic norm not a social one and to legitimize sexual relations outside of marriage made love lovers being intimate Other times value sex as an end in itself Sex is how two people use their bodies for touch pleasure fun and play for affirmation mutual acceptance for cohesion closeness and intimacy for consolation and support Interpersonal Dvnamics couple identity autonomy vs cohesion couple cooperation eg interaction styles conflict resolution emotional intimacy eg quality of relationship empathy Tvoes of Relationship Coonitions Assumptions what each believes the relationship and partner actually is like the set of characteristics typical of a partner Standards what each believes partner and relationships should be like Selective Attention perception what each notices about the partnerrelationshipenvironment dependent on multiple factors eg the individuals emotional state fatigue prior experiences in a similar situations Attributions causal and responsibility explanations for relationship events serves to increase an individual s sense of understanding and control over complex relationship events Expectancies predictions of what will occur in the relationship in the future Psvchosexual Skills cognitive sex skills eg expectations IOUFIOOSGS arousal styleS behavioral sex skills eg techniques sexual cooperation emotional sex skills eg flexibility acceptance generosity Sexual SelfEsteem Accepting and affirming one s sexuality is the foundation for sexual selfesteem positive and respectful attitude honest sexual feelings regulated behaviors Sexual SelfDisclosure Sexual activities are not automatically mutually great amp satisfying just by being in love Must reveal ourselves openly and honestly Sexual likes and dislikes turn off amp turn ons Sexual needs and desires Sexual fears and concerns 39 Questions about STls Past experiences positive and negative including traumas Personal sexual values and morals Personal conditions for a sexual relationship The importance of touch skin hunger Touch reduces stress diminishes irritation frustration anger consoles and comforts reassures or soothes fear brings couples together Boys and men need love too The 5 Kinds of Touch Affectionate Touch clothes on gentle touch hugging kissing holding hands Sensual Touch cuddling pleasant soothing embracing nongenital touch Playful Touch comfortable secure mixing nongenital and genital touch Erotic Touch manual oral rubbing erotic stimulation to orgasm Intercourse Touch penilevaginal connection and bond Benefits to Oroasm General health Pain relief Lower cancer rate Mood enhancement Longer life Greater feelings of intimacy Less heart disease Better sleep Younger appearance


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