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Week 2 Notes

by: Phillip Yang

Week 2 Notes JPNS 101

Phillip Yang
GPA 3.13
Basic Japanese 101
Professor Takeno

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About this Document

Hey guys! This lecture is about "How to say something in Japanese or English", as well as the "There is" grammar. Check it out if you need it! It has everything you need to know how to make your...
Basic Japanese 101
Professor Takeno
Class Notes
JPNS, JPNS 101, 101, kanji, Takeno, Japanese, Language, week 2
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Phillip Yang on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JPNS 101 at Towson University taught by Professor Takeno in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Basic Japanese 101 in Language at Towson University.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Japanese 101001 Lecturer Professor Takeno TakenoSensei How to do you say in JapaneseEnglish Daily Phrases Phrases for the Classroom gt Mon Ichidou kudasai Please say it one more time gt Shitsumon ga arimasu I have a question 0 Shitsumon ga arimasen I don t have a question gt WakarimashitaWakarimasen I understand I don t understand How to say Dialogue A Surnimasen Phone wa Nihongo de nan to iimasuka Excuse me how do you say Phone in J apanese B Denwa to ii masu You say Denwa A Tsukue wa Eigo de nan to iimasu ka How do you say Tsukue in English B Desk to iimasu You say Desk A Wakarimashita Arigatou gozaimasu I understand now Thank you so much B Dou itashimashite You re welcome Explanation of the grammar IMPORTANT How to say in Japanese gt Obiect wa Nihongo de nan to iimasuka You say gt Answer to iimasu How to say in English gt Obiect wa Eigo de nan to iimasuka You say gt Answer to iimasu Do NOT change sentence structure To answer the question replace the question words nan and ka Replace the correct answer with nan and remove the ka to create an answer for the corresponding question Example A Book wa Nihongo de to iimasu B to iimasu GRAMMAR SKELETON QUESTION W wa NihongoEigo de nan to ii masu ka ANSWER Answer to ii masu NOTE Notice how Book wa Nihongo de is omitted in B s line The Subject has already been established so there is no need to repeat it in the answer the nan that has been highlighted in yellow to denote that it is a question word is changed into the answer in B s line to iimasu stays as part of the grammatical structure and ka is taken out since it is a question particle and is not used in a statement Nihongo and Eigo can be interchanged in the question from ask How to say in Japanese to How to say in English There is IMPORTANT Two ways of saying There is gt Ga arimasu InanimateNon1ivingDead objects gt Ga imasu Animate living objects Example gt Hon ga arimasu There is a book gt Tsukue ga arimasu There is a Desk gt Neko ga imasu There is a cat gt Inu ga imasu There is a dog Negation gt Arimasen Negation for arimasu gt Imasen Negation for imasu Example gt Hon ga arimasen There is no book gt Tsukue ga arimasen There is no desk gt Neko ga imasen There is no cat gt Inu ga imasen There is no dog NOTE Never use arimasu for any alive animal otherwise it is considered dead if used Same thing for imasu for any inanimate object otherwise it will be considered alive Question Example 1 Hon ga I Is there a book gt Hai Hon ga Yes There is a book gt Iie Hon ga NO There is no book Example 2 Neko ga I gt Hai Neko ga Yes there is a cat gt lie Neko ga No there is no cat GRAMMAR SKELETON Question ItemAnima1 ga arimasu ka imasu ka Answer ItemAnima1 ga arimasu arimasen imasu imasen Vocabulary IMPORTANT Nihongo J apnese Language or Japanese Language not the person itself Eigo English Language or English Language not the person itself Sensu Folding paper fan Isu Teeburu Lit Table Hon Book Boorupen Lit Ball point pen or Enpitsu Pencil Mado Window Denwa Phone Doa M Neko g Inu mg VVVVVVVVVVVVV


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