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ENG 2320 Keats

by: Marissa

ENG 2320 Keats 2320

Texas State
GPA 3.3
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka

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About this Document

Notes discussing the life and literary works of John Keats
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2320 at Texas State University taught by Susan Tilka in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see British Literature 1785 + in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 10/07/15
ENG 2320 Keats John Keats 1795 1821 Not popular in the 19th century but became popular in the 20th century Wrote many memorable lines such as quottender is the night Compared to Shakespeare Had insight into humanity not like other writers 0 Believed the abstract and intellectual aspects could coexist o The world and ideas are never enough 0 Everyone has negative capability I The ability to understand all kinds of things like hunger and suffering o Humans can imagine more than what they experience Writers have a gift they can tragically accept life which is full of contradictions His poems are odd he communicates that you have to accept both the abstract and physical and be gracious about it How do you navigate life when it s a tangle of opposites There are positive possibilities but always a downside 0 He finds the answer in nature 0 Reconciles that nature is beautiful and sensual while life is tragic slow gracious accepting He wasn t an aristocrat his father owned a livery stable Oldest of 5 only 5 feet tall athletic At age 9 his father died he and his siblings are raised by their grandmother At age 14 his mother dies of tuberculosis he and his siblings are separated and given apprenticeships He becomes apprentice to a surgeon Hospitals were for poor people doctors were trained by other doctors since there were no medical schools No anesthesia for surgeries apothecaries provided drugs Keats becomes a license apothecary Obsessed with death he can t stand it and needs to do something else 0 Quits apprenticeship and tries to be a poet Leigh Hunt introduces him to many famous poets like Wordsworth Writes Sleep and Beauty 0 Rebel attacks 18th century style of poetry including Byron 0 Byron labels Keats as the head of the cockney school of poetry and ravages him in the press I Keats dialect is a sign of his low social class Keats is tolerant of Byron and other aristocrats since they were rich snobs and college boys Enters a contest and his poem is destroyed by reviews Tries writing an epic poem Hyperion god of poetry and medicine Has financial problems takes care of his siblings brother gets tuberculosis Starts to develop a sore throat the kind that will never get better Falls in love with Fanny Brawne but has no income to marry her 0 Loving her is torture since he knows he is going to die He knew that he would die but his art would live forever Dies in Italy at age 26 Enveloped in his own humanness his goal is to be fully human with all his emotions and feelings Understands the need to escape and the need to be involved talks about how to navigate between the two Sensuous beauty employ all your senses to have a full appreciation of beautiful things Synesthia combine the senses o quota pale silvery silence or quotthe moist scent of a flower 0 Everyone can make these connections but are not conscious of it quotthe cheese is sharp Imaginative sympathy imagine someone else s suffering leads to empathy His poems start joyful then get tragic then he accepts it all at the end 0 Its sad to look at the reality of your existence Poems express romantic longing but we must live in time faithful to reason Transience we live in time but wish to escape it Transcendence comes in fleeting moments Ode to a Nightingale Ode to the power of imagination Song carries the speaker to a transcendent state Stanzas 1 2 3 8 take place in daylight Stanzas 47 penetrate the dark 0 Its pitch black around him he can t see the flowers but he can smell them imagines what his surroundings look like Bird represents the beauty and permanence of art 0 Its song has charmed Keats Nature teaches you what s beautiful 0 Reconciles the loveliness of the world with his pain Experience momentarily relieves the speaker from the torment of mortality He wishes he were dead it would be easier that way he s very depressed Feels numb his senses don t work his life is a nightmare of suffering He s not jealous of the bird but how can he reconcile his personal depression to a happy bird 0 Thinking of his own mortality He wants relief from his depression 0 Wishes he were drunk wouldn t feel anything 0 Gives a sensual and physical description of drinking to make his pain go away 0 The bird will fade away to the woods and so would his pain if he drank enough it would all disappear he wants to fade away The bird is innocent and doesn t know Keats knows life is tragic as a surgeon he s familiar with death Life is sad we are living but on our way to death Beauty and love doesn t last He will try to fly away from his depression with poetry use art to escape his pain like the bird does with its song He calls out to death wishes to go peacefully it will be the best and richest thing to happen to him Forlorn the word sounds like bells like a death knell at a funeral Is the experience a vision or dream 0 Doesn t know what just happened to him but he knows poetry is eternal 0 Beauty is eternal whether he lives or dies whether he is sad or not To Autumn Keats is arguing a thesis that autumn is the best time of the year 0 New kinds of flowers are in bloom o Busiest time of year since there are crops to harvest 0 End of summer Autumn is also a harbinger of the death of the earth winter is coming The autumn of your life might be the best time of your life 0 You ripen just before your death Farmers spend the day working then in the autumn hour they come home before it gets dark 0 They swing a sickle all day which is exhausting o Pressing apples all day 0 When it s time to bring in the crop the gleaners appear I Orphans and widow walk behind the farmers as they bundle the sheaves pick up the pieces that fall out then take to the miller to be ground into flour 0 Profound acceptance of mortality 0 Solace in nature living in time 0 Image of nature on an autumn morning waiting for harvest preparing for winter 0 He hears the music of autumn of the end of life I Sad songs a soft dying day the sunset turns everything pink the sheep are bleating and will be shorn and eaten crickets are chirping and gnats are buzzing birds are flying away and leaving for winter 0 Autumn has its own comforts o Keats is young but in the autumn of his life 0 Structure 0 Early September preharvest 0 Middle October midday 0 Late November evening 0 A movement outward from the cottage abroad to the sky 0 Sensory appeal tactile visual auditory o The bees are exhausted they think there is no end to the blooming their hives are dripping with honey 0 The fruit is so heavy and ripe that the trees are bent over 0 Apples are important in England they make cider in the winter when water is frozen On First Looking into Chapman s Homer 0 Keats is trying to describe the emotion he has how he was speechless when he read The Iliad and The Odyssey 0 First he describes an astronomer and the feeling of discovering a new planet 0 Then he describes a Spanish conquistador Cortez and compares the feeling of discovering the Pacific Ocean 0 Humans have moments when their minds go blank and their lives are changed


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