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by: Kristyn Notetaker

PsychCh10.pdf 005

Kristyn Notetaker
Penn State
GPA 3.84
No professor available

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About this Document

Notes taken in Psychology class, Chapter 10.
No professor available
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristyn Notetaker on Sunday November 2, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see PSYCH 100 in Psychlogy at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 11/02/14
fhaore 10 mtmrgt c Profesrsm sevampiwr ar wx r Mrotlvatrlon Chapter 10 9 M9 fiF tiQrr1 A M 2 P I quota 39 3939vr t gtlAl1r61 M 0Cl V yi i J quot39E H Fk Qquot 1 h M fr 3 hr 0 L H rV3939 i 0 1158155 I 5tW L41 Iry or iquotrr 0 E1 H 55p UEme 5t35i5 E1 rf J fa xquot15I lt f hr rrlvigqrf 1 n l rr f Vquot 5y39F quot39t1 395f vj K g 1 X 7 Iquotfr 1r h1rr lquot39 I J39 r r lntrinsigc vsExtrinsic M0 ivV ati9 rdomg something because you enjoy itdoing somethsioarI3 D8295 i1 n eEmadI39c r d Sgi g rt J b nuUxr p Masow s Hierorchy of Neelzls Draw your pyramid here 33 95 J49 rj quots 9ro aw A l j Wquot534i m N J5 A A 39moquotW1lt Needs p 0 quot r saw Meed 39 39 4 9 sajy m g 45 mm Miquotvrt f r39 39 hi i393 ii1Hitii I quot r quot tf gt LiP ii39Hitlni t H WW Mcmves to Eat i H ta at when not trying to Set Paint greneticaiiiy iirifiuenced weight FBHSE that V0 W S V gain er iose weight 391 quotJ E 3 39 J739s 5 quot3939 39i vquot yyillii quot 1 4 T 7 J1 t PQ k 5quot P i I i k lb 0 H 0 I 1 rltquot39 gt ji 439 f 8 T 49 0 V S gt B ieJi i tebeism ii 31 i39ei 4 7trii 7Li acw T 1 gt eii i 5 Mb r9 I5 gt Hormones also influence the set oint i V Lwmizn iaiu zilij twee mow wQ 31570 gt HeiiritTaTbititieoif set pointisto7initwinstudises 39 1 L4 A IquotFi fiL5 s39Zji ail fit 7 3quot V buk 393 Con ro mg our eating T T e is arhn Mme Ongirafies in hPUHa MUS Brain is L or an in determinin ehwun er i p Se 1oVMgcgti i E3 09 em gL 3gC WM Wu i U Y 39 kg poHR0 V5 gt Le tin R inormcme S d LT E2SC gt Iinsuiini HUWWAE Wit iowers glucose 5 Sum 0127 as I2 gt Glucose QHS Vtofuiff pz Bry 7 hrelin 39 e i aroljjij ilokwtoifii rVI39 3 gnpf1 Obesity Epidemic ii BM Body Mass index M l3wYf Op 3 Mcre than 50 of Americari adults and 25 of children are overweiighti or obese accordinsg to the BMI chart gt BMI not always a good measure of healthy gtNo aw For Imdj mm 0 a l measwrcs Suuiag P P p J d 0P 39 lt7 39 a39rgjjr39gja39 s 7quot V A 7 V I A quotncaa amg 39 h m 39 4 1r quot1 T39 39W rwwwgg yr V JVTL p9 rt A e G A vea EvolutI0n determines that we gain weight when food IS abunt1antAVtni1t djses not ha 1 S A ii i i i 5 N T f 5 KC f quot4 Hi p Ju K e 92 J T 39 comiparabie mechanism for losing weight 4 0l L Qculture can determine when what and how much we eat Glyculture determines what is an ideal 39 body quot3 M01812 0 iigtr39 2 m Eb J Jii i PKR A Eating Disordersi Vmnir mmim W W3F i e 7V uwpmgosai A e OlSixf mi 1 21iL1lzg FMI 39j3UJfi Qqju d ET cit P V l 3 h4 f39quot in R 2 7 Yequot iVf 53rquotequot52 quot Di3igr1LquotJ Q pf IIE I Wham C7r i Y39Zrmd 1411 Minlt H19 iv Usual 176 Hf3 in am h 1 39 Mme aim 3 Qmaie K4 mde 15 I2 O Ms MW amwtt3933 Tm DEADL1 557quot mum iH95 on L piiaim gt uIimiaiNewosa B7Mwrriwn at norm 1904 IN A E quotBinai15 ifaousazvds oi 7 arm in on 3iwg 4 puxgmg oF6q1 quotgtCompIJlSN Yie d 0 911 39Rlf1 3 Consisiisf5 self ix iidureJ UoMvquotin l iaxamg 5 3 We X9Cl3 ifgage i E doripiilIt J SE V wihng F Typsmiibl Iwe ii 33 G 039 E7 P39 W439Susues inM P635 3 Mi A hm ti i 1 Chapter 10 Ciutline Professor Le reton iquot i rquott7 UU Motives to Love Aljrfk J 54 Y W Passionate Love vs Cornpaanio1at L9V 0 P o N gr f3 H 39 39 Aquot39 39 quot quotquot quotquot 39 a quotV 39 2 3939 av ae L 3 r i p I I 1 I 39 1quot 39 at 39 r 39 I I p I I E PY I 0 E Er 5 p Z if h r M 4 VJ 39 J c T p 39pbnd Biological similarities between romantic love and mother Infant 0 2 to ob dand gt same neurotransmitters anti hormones are activated in the mom bah 0 in the aciulit love bond gt Same areas of the brain are activated when mom looks at pictures Of b3bV and when aduit lovers look at pictures of each other Attachmenit Theom P I 4 T 39t i b i gt Secure FLrf39 JffquotdrtJUJd0 1 922 MW ui u3t we no I I g P I o in39 in To Jrq 5 ET V gt mimr 5i i swt quot UWiP01Y W r 739 dr7 399 lt5 tinl g 0quotquot 1 Cjquota 39i Ctmyrzrrij AnxioursAmbivaient Wgp1fj Gig e M yhw gt 1 Cl i y fr manpmtpw 61 Wor P w h i f i7i39tf I r arrhrhoh gt Avoidant D1 fU 7L39 i U0i CO5 L 2r 5 ii I gt 57 ignorf smart clpartner P115 Wm awn W M Qquot RPBCRV t vYour attachment to your primary caregivers will govern your attachment in adult love rei ationships llarville HendriTckse Getiting the Love You Want T A 439 lrrronscvousij Pr 1 pairhwirj 5m W171 U 7390 r7orquot1W r 439lt iquot quot g vi a i YOU p 0 L reenaji d zJroad Chiap39tei39i 10 OutIinre Professor iLeBre39toini 39P39S rC 10039 gressivedominant behavior in the T i a so Voaa r gt iMienv s sexual d eesrre is more often linked it as E 391 1 o q quott AAA A gAAlF AAAA39 A biram A A the brain ts A A A A to V I e P T g A d to nurturmgjaehavlorln U ii A o 0G gt Women ssexual desire IS more often lmke WdAIg J is 39 i Y H quotix i quot u 3 Cuiiturie a CL5 5o t eixuatl Scripts gt give some sexual scripts for young men and women todav i A i it i hwin ImIKei z MTV f1 7 fCA 5 wd BX eiyii iliw 39iuJ k Hx gt My A PGy L V rifE FSEB biirJ ii riiW r i eriwfd W IQTDI93 A Siexuaal orientation 6 Biological links are inconcliusiver A A A A i T A s W A 4 j7gMA4aJ jamw 6 j Xffig i 1riE i39iP3 in 1J rilaiJi H AgniribanWim b Y3 gt A iC 5i M 2 fiflmuj A r I ffi iy mew p 33rna illerj 9 Semi orr ntaivom L It 39Od z394 Wy hentaue W n G What about the range of sexual orientation Hetero bi homo What about experimenting in homoseixuail behavior but not identifying as gay More ammm in lJ J V39L r i Hotmioistexuaiity is NOT caused b l39 smoihan m i 0ra10Sampi4 gir1 r U1nay 3 Same S ex a xuai Cluid pl gwiif ommm quotWitlt 0 prmper rote m0d Slemwrt Hiomostexuaiaity docsumentedi in more than A A AA 30 A A other species besides humans EX3mD 5 d lphi t Penguins many primates


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