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10/6 HRM chapter 3 and 5

by: Sara Will

10/6 HRM chapter 3 and 5 HRM 1101-402

Marketplace > Temple University > Public Relations > HRM 1101-402 > 10 6 HRM chapter 3 and 5
Sara Will
GPA 3.3
Leadership and organizational management
Rush, Jameel U.

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About this Document

Leadership and organizational management
Rush, Jameel U.
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara Will on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HRM 1101-402 at Temple University taught by Rush, Jameel U. in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Leadership and organizational management in Public Relations at Temple University.

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Date Created: 10/07/15
10615 gt HRM Note 3 for exam 2 Chapter 3 Motivation and employee engagement Motivation set of influences and forces takes personal effort leadership and positive environment FLOW experience 0 flow as ideal working state 0 find inspiration right career and right aspects ofjob Great leaders inspire and motivate us 0 leadership shadow hope and resonant environment Link between motivation and psychology 0 intrinsic motivation sense of satisfaction from work itself satisfaction of doing something well use or improve one s abilities and learning self determination theory contribute in meaningful way relatedness o extrinsic motivation motivation forces or attractions outside of self material reward and social status avoidance of consequence pay and money fame grades people s approval and consentwhat is normal locus of control 0 perception of control 0 internal locus of control YOU impact your environment and your fate OTHERS IMPACT ON YOU AND RESULT OF YOUR EFFORTS 3 needs equity expectancy and goal setting theories 0 achievement desire to engage in activities exceed personal goals o affiliation desire for warm fulfilling close personal relationships 0 power influence and control directly or through social status 0 equity theory motivation from comparing inputs and outcomes about people s perceptions of fairness do my inputs and what i receive as result match what others like me are giving and receiving do i get what i believe i deserve learning theories 0 operant conditioning theories learning and behavior with reinforcement or punishment 4 types positive reinforcement negative reinforcement extinction withholding consequence following behavior punishment addition of negative consequence following undesired behavior employee engagement hierarchy of engagement 0 bottom to top what do i get basic needs what do i give individual contribution do i belong teamwork how do we grow growth impact planning process 0 6 key steps I quotIntroduction and Purpose Why did we do the survey I quotMeasurement Distribute and explain the Q12 results report I quotDiscuss What do these 0 items mean to our work unit I quotSelect Which two 0 items should we focus on I quotPlan Brainstorm action ideas and complete the Impact Plan I quotFollow up What progress have we made response scale added payoff of enthusiastic response Link between motivation and psychology 0 5 dimensions of personality openness to experience conscientiousness self discipline and planning extraversion agreeableness emotional stability mood and psychology HRM Notes 2 for exam 2 Chapter 5 planning and strategy plan for future focus on outcome action oriented focus on direction and vision human beings are purposeful creatures planning defined 3 types to plan for future 0 goal oriented determine activities and steps from existing state to clearly defined end state 0 directional planning identity domain and direction 0 action oriented planning task at hand plans more than goals and metrics 0 not everyone is goal oriented 0 too much attention to short term objectives 0 changing organization plans must be rational and creative types of plans used in organizations 0 short term plan 1 year or less has definite end point 0 long term 3 or more years not always determined for endpoint complex and requires substantial resources 0 single plan use once for unique situation 0 standing plan repeated ongoing activities 0000 O operational plan detailed outline in how goals are to be achieved strategic plan far reaching plan articulating and synthesizing mission driven goals financial plan financial resources to support it contingency plan respond to crisis or failed plan project plan outline actions time frames outcomes for work projects to be done by one or more people create plans that can change a modular approach 0 ensure plans are dynamic clearly link plans to mission and vision include mitple subgoals blackjack 0 map a journey goals subgoals milestones scenario planning 0 Scenario planning is a dynamic systematic process in which people envision all the quotwhatif scenarios for given situations and plan for several likely possibilities 0 Flexible and adaptable planning models are more likely to generate organizational success what is a mission 0 mission statement articulate competitive advantage create rationale for working 0 vision articulated as vision statement mission clarity leads to better choices 0 easier logical likely to succeed creating strategy 0 organization39s overarching plan that articulates its direction approach major focus and goals accessing challenging gaining perspective and creating alternatives taking risks what is strategy 0 helps organization realize its mission and bring it to life 0 elements of strategy circle missionvisionlong term strategic goalsshort term goals and subgoalstactics and actions types of strategies corporate strategies 0 growth new markets expansions o stability maintaining current market position 0 retrenchment defensive posture o divestiture selling off or folding division types of strategies business strategies 0 differentiation unique products services 0 cost leadership most competitive lowest price 0 niche cater to market segment or demand 0 vertical integration cost saving and efficiency acquisition strategy joining other businesses by buying and merging and taking over companies joint ventures formal agreement between two or more entities to engage activities and share risks functional strategies dependent on larger strategy strategic planning 0 state of business 0 goals 0 activities and tasks what needs to be considered in strategic planning process in environmental scanning 0 economic environment 0 sociocultural environment OOOOO N legal and tax environment political environment technological environment natural environment industry environment industry collective group of companies that provide same or similar products 0 michael porter5 forces model competitive rivalry within industry threat of new entrants threat of substitutes bargaining power of supplies and customers optional complementors stakeholder analysis audit of all stakeholders and analysis of how each stakeholder will be affected by org decisions 0 key important influence or importance 0 primary directly affected by actions of org 0 secondary indirectly affected by actions of org strategic planning process series of sequential steps OOOOO STEP 1 Revlew or evaluate mlsslon vislon goals and strategies l STEP 2 Conduct Internal analysls l STEP 3 Conduct external analysis J STEP 4 Craft strategies l STEP 5 Implement strategles l STEP 6 Evaluate stmtoqloo steps in strategic planning process review or evaluate mission vision goals and strategies conduct internal and external analyses 8 SW0t i strength ii weakness in oppo un es iv threats craft strategies BCG matrix market share and market growth rate implement and evaluate strategies implementation assumptions coordinate efforts challenges evational continual process focus on a few must win battles HR ROLE IN STRATEGY 0 right people in right job 0 help realize mission for org management 0 recruiting 0 selection 0 succession in planning workforce growth and reductions 0 growth period communication strong recruiting methods 0 reduction period layoff for cause termination succession planning 0 craft workforce to support org 0 sizeshapesupport strategy pattern recognition 0 mentally organizing raw information o ability to quickly identify relevant patterns 0 essential for effective leadership


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