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Notes for Section 2, Wk 4(10/1-10/7)

by: Ashley Aquino

Notes for Section 2, Wk 4(10/1-10/7) MATH 1951

Marketplace > University of Denver > Applied Mathematics > MATH 1951 > Notes for Section 2 Wk 4 10 1 10 7
Ashley Aquino
GPA 3.96
Calculus 1(Section 1)
Dr. Riquelmi Cardona

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About this Document

Hello fellow humans! Here lie the notes for Week 4, fully detailed and color coded, all week days here and dutifully accounted for. To note, there were NO notes for Wednesday, 10/7. We began 2 p...
Calculus 1(Section 1)
Dr. Riquelmi Cardona
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Aquino on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1951 at University of Denver taught by Dr. Riquelmi Cardona in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Calculus 1(Section 1) in Applied Mathematics at University of Denver.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
I 9L1 W using We her 43f fLX 25239 Msmg mudquot Rx 4 XVquot 900 quot2 yaquot l 7 x72 Scc tbPOPPaqe 9MP A q39ka EALX L 3Zxbx cm Iolodli 15 my Sxquot 2x nd k39Cx 4 k L 3 3112 x l39l X W 0 5 gay Jtzx 4 Covxsi39av EMC 75 dX dx d f K MW 3563920100 K x me O w Lx 362x zu 0 h s a X 2 D Colnsan Base i 3 3 3 3 3 3 Find Me dens0mm of FOL aquot Nate39f x a y 39x3 um rm 53m k m In 0 MM aquotquotquot auxa PM mm Lquot a L 2 x aquot Mo Iquot 3 10mm Fm axav M ax Am 01quot aka I 0 k 39F FW 4quot Ha 1m fad Fm iii l quot 39 x quot70 f x 0 a k r w A w 4 vv m rf w w L4 iv 113 Pi 7 E Wa m J a 7 7 as 5 quotquot a o quot 393 quot quot if legig39rv39 45 A i cs L 39 V 7 quot 37 quot7 quoti J V v 3quot f 39m 39 39 rquot quot vquot LUV CA 139 A 39 39 minkwquot Jquot A a z 5quot I M if V K m quot34 I l s 1 r f uffy A I I a 1 l 39 la 3 MA 01 two k a a a a a 3 a if 39 i 5 O 1 05 5 2 x LXZ HXBHZ x32x2 HQ 7 7quot 33 22xquot 3 0 Ly f QXZ 4x1 5 4 50 513 3X 5x3 L 3x 3x 3 iii xoslzs a wmn m d equot x2 c116 FALSE d exx2 a quot 2152 x f M X AC7 olbc 0102 d1 1 75 dy 2x 33 i 336 ii a O Mao Ax uvy mm Au W1qu 3 ARE NOT saw 125 cmamp i JUJ I39 HHS gquot u I n3 glowus quot 1 MW v M MM ANV mumAv a a a a a a a 3 o m D s d ixa 32102 A 332 58 CNX 7 X s 39 Q 2 WW 3 dog 33X2 c112 EASlEIZ SOLMTIONL PM fod g x 9m Ft UM Fawn a FOL ADD A suenzncr RM an Ara h 0 m V39er 1s 4M gcxm gm 4109qu w 1 470 A VD 39 3 M Lam 5mm FXhjx f amggzx 460100 T A e m 1m Hxhfqxvgolt 3xF h Fz 7 90 A 1 Wquot o L J e 7g 5m 4 gm x E 4 r 3 jquot i a h Vh 1 Juan U A 1 I w 523 9 x z x m M U0 x e J W vahve Is 27 quotquot equot 162 39 Zex E Imbd 4xaf21 xz qx 413er 1 3 3 5x244 E 1 wk 12 2xax2 4x 4Xs rm Wu kM 129m ablF 32 3 9 CZ2 Fund 962 1 7a a w befbn 304 h39m 39620 x2 3933900 12 22 32 4 2Z 39 33962 k12 Llo3 439 2 2 3 M 2 3 quot1 7 I 1 I 39 3 39 X Solve usmg PM Ewe X 5 F Fumble quot g 900 3QMZ393 3 3x39q q39 39 qq d1 1 i i i i 3 i 3 i lt w gt 139 p N y 39gt gt I l 4 I 1 4 yj V z w Via m H q 5 39 a r iwim F 71 j L 5 s a r2 1 quot1 I I v w I y quot 3 1 u h A I d C 3quot 0 39 5X i I ifIi 5 ei si i z t 1 I J A v r 7quot v AV Q quotf3 K v 39 d 76 1 3XH w X 2 2 15quotli f quotig39 s Q1 EN L 0m Analo z 3xtC2x myzggro SxH 02 3xlz m2 2 3x2 SxHz quot6 ban hudv ms IF yourahhelplf 322 2x 5xlz d 5XZ 9 Nos SlmPli ed jouCoun 9 3H 2 Compuke 4L mlequot Q d1 41 39x2equot2xequot wsz LEWquot lodki himlo 5 x4 11 x W 9 9x3 q39i39l o XZyexx2cxo 4x3 WHY N 52 Lee 40 exxz Fma won f lx xzequot 216 9002 b v Lb 2 c chxl39zxe 39 f 439 L39 equot viva iii a i ii i I i a iaiaiiiiii i J t 03 I 39I 1 G V A F A 3 g Q A I m a 7 PI m m I if I A Calculafe d5m d1 d S mCXJ 7 11m gitWNW 5mm c116 v70 k Wig I dwhhj SmMHo frnlad 605k 1 Smb coda G Sm kWh smL39KMosth sm ak os x Sim x MUM 39 9mm 2 smmxosm 5mhcagx 4mm d SthL U 11m SmUtcoh l 1 08 A smU I 75 H1 39 1 Luigi 4 C OSC11cm SmCln xv 70 h kw h 1 7 J A BClsm 9 L 9 radian ls l 2 o an A3 f 9 9 Cdan 09 at vmdmquot are 5 9 IAB gt BCI 194 Since n f m m m m a AD gt owe NB AD 5 47 9 0A m2 an6 4A0 Case EE HI th 006 9quot os 60 0 AD gt ave AB 940 9 Cose 2 sme gt 9 etm 00516 C059 939 9C39os 9H 3 gme gt 05 9 5 3m26C0929 G SW19 l C osze 0 60594939 Ll th 39 Sunquot 9 9 9COS 9 0 I39 We Squeeze Weaverquot HM 6mg Elm me cm 3909 e Cosol 9 0 639 939 Cosel 940 L i 39 O um I 7 H 6 70 M 3ij x h 9 stn39k 392 5M7 ll d We 54 Sm 05 15 d1 at 03 7c vsmc quot cLac C m nd Addy 4 4 z 45 sCositj f n 39cosjc j cos x 3399m7 1W 05 106 05 4 Sm bsmx ML Cos 702 Cosz X46MZ I I 2 005275 00527 cosy v i39iiiii i Vt cl Simon 2 3905 26 0500 9 d1 dz 39 eoecant EL HIM Seczbj ggtw 5332200 d x GL1 6 quot angeln c39 an 1 Ji 56C 76 56cC139 tan 5X CL 156 76 39 Cscx Con A d x d7 m V quotquot 4 39 39v V V V x 39 F 13 KM X339 Cos X nd 1006 1quot m 90 7 5542 39 OS 70quot XBK SHA X 1 7 SXZCOSCX 3 v X 5m 00 0 QW COSF 739 A Slnl d Mask 5 cos 11 1 00500 i39 xv smx 3 mod I 4C 5m x 3 9 5 3 2 quot3 L1 l Sm 10 05 7c 39 609 7 5 7 l SWl XZ i mm Cos 1 d1 quot sum 1 SM X 39 CoS K sm1 SIM burnt 3 C057 3Wquot 0 Ro4es CM BACK E7 S R v 05 S Wy SWLJ Vu 1A4 7w E2 W 397 g 11rvTI


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