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The Chronology of the Old Testament

by: Julia Tang

The Chronology of the Old Testament Rels 2403

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Religious Studies > Rels 2403 > The Chronology of the Old Testament
Julia Tang
GPA 4.0
Comparative Religion
Charles A. Kimball

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About this Document

I try my best to keep up with Dr. Kimball as he lectures on the Old Testament in one class period.
Comparative Religion
Charles A. Kimball
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julia Tang on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Rels 2403 at University of Oklahoma taught by Charles A. Kimball in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see Comparative Religion in Religious Studies at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Old Testament s Chronology 1 PROLOGUE Bible is not an imperishable book Whether it s sacred or not it s still arguable that it s the most influenced literature in history Authentic revelation stories from the bible Varies in Islam Shaping of the western civilization connected to the Christian tradition 0 Highly influential today But what constitutes as the bible Contains 39 books Hebrew bible 27in another bible Catholic bible has more books 2 GENESIS 1st and 2ml 0 Prehistory of Israel story of Creation 0 God likes what he makes 3rel the fall 0 First man and woman failing to do what God wants I Separates from God because of sin I No more garden of Eden now have to work consequences 0 Pain in child birth woman s punish 0 Cast out of the garden 0 God never abandons them I Human predicament o EVERY RELIGIOUS TRADITION IS PREDICATED ON SOMETHING THAT IS WRONG WITH HUMAN NATURE not ideal o In the biblical tradition reason why Jesus saves how to reconcile with God be righteous with God 4th first murder 0 Two sons of Adam and eve 0 One is more acceptable I Cain kills Abel And consequences that follow that 6th things have gone too far awry 0 God is disgusted 0 Noah builds an ark new beginning I 40 days and 40 nights I Clean animals 7 I Dirty animals 2 o Primitive understanding of God experimental nature as seen in the flood story I Like breathing and pulling a human from the dirt and pulls a rib out of the man to form a woman I Another version man and woman created at the same time I Human image of God god s fingers into the dirt and breathing into 0 Different names of god 0 Primitive human like he feels bad for killing everything he promises he won t do it again 0 God is saying quotwhere are you but they are hiding They hear God walking rustling in the leaves 0 Not a god that omnipresent I Understanding of god is more refined revelation is continued in the Hebrew tradition 0 11th babble tower I God disperses everything confuses their tongue 0 Edamology why we speak different tongue 0 12th chapter call of Abraham common patriarch I Leaves his family and is called by God southern Iraq old Babylonian area Sarah goes with him I God has given him the quotpromise land I Can t have children then has a child with Haggard Ishmael and then Sarah is jealous Angel comes and says Sarah will conceive Isaac becomes the heir of the promise Then kicks haggard out and Ishmael 0 They move to mecca Islamic tradition 0 Just before the boy dies the mom can t bears and leaves them God causes a spring in the desert and they re saved Ishmael is blessed with a great nation I Muslims symbolically trace themselves back to Abraham believing as the descendants of Ishmael him being a father of a great nation I Pilgrimage to mecca associated with Abraham visit a well of ZamZam in the desert I Even though Ishmael is kicked out he doesn t go away He continues to have interaction When Abraham dies Isaac and Ishmael both buries his father 0 Isaac is deemed as the heir in the biblical tradition I Miraculous birth of Isaac god tells Abraham to sacrifice his son Three dayjourney to Mt Mariah part of Jerusalem David associates with Abraham just before he is about to sacrifice his son Story depicts Abraham as willing to do so 0 He poses quotare you willing to kill for God contemporary interpretation O I Enters the notion that there is a need for sacrifice to symbolize something A nonblemished animal to substitute for your sins Just like Jesus was sinless o Substitutionary sacrifice 0 Has more descendants than the stars in the sky 0 Important in all three religions Isaac has two sons Jacob and Esau I Jacob is the second son he takes his brother s birthright 0 Has 12 sons with 4 different woman 0 Two fav joseph and Benjamin I Brothers are jealous and gets rid of him But joseph is taken to Egypt and through his cleverness and works his way up to becoming a right hand man Hebrew people are experiencing draught Brothers find themselves begging for help from his brother Provides support for them Hebrew people become slaves Wants to escape Edamoligies explanations for the way things are and why they are 0 O 3 EXODUS Like pain in child birth sacred stories explain things Why is there death Consequence of sin Now you can t live forever You can from dust and dust you return baby in the Nile O O O 0 Moses is taken out and has a vision to lead the people out of Egypt quotburning bush Liberates the people from Egypt Become a prophet Moses confronts the pharaoh Tug of war I Final straw he says God is going to kill all the first born males in the land Moses gives instructions for all the Hebrew children of Israel by telling them to put blood of a sacrifice on their doorpost and angel of death won t kill them 0 Jewish traditiongt A day to commemorates the saving of the children of Israel and the liberation Pharaoh lets them go Then changes his mind and chases after them I Parting of the red sea sea of reeds 40 years symbolic meaning of quotcompleteness of wondering in the wilderness Provided with food on the daily basis I Ten commandments I Ark of the covenant 0 Hold tablets of the Ten Commandments anyone touches it will be struck with lighting Laws and Its formation of biblical Israel Moses out of exile 0 beginning of the laws and ten commandments for 40 days and 40 nights o Annoyed when he come back down and sees that they ve had worshipped a golden statue He smashes but retrieves another set of 10 commandments these laws are the foundation I Orthodox no cheeseburger milk and meat 0 Moses himself can t enter the promise land But can t go in left to Joshua as the leader of the community I Much like the civil rights movement like martin Luther king Jr quotI may not get there with you to the promise land freedom but you will get there 4 LAWS OF LEVITICUS Where all the laws and sacrifices come in in order to be purified Biblical Israel focus of worship sinful Jesus is depicted as the once and for all sacrifice between god and human beings God sacrificing himself for human sacrifices Page after page about laws 0 Ex what priest wears 5 JUDGES Samuel becomes a judge after the last one rules for 40 years 0 People rise up and wants to have a king It s going to be disaster God says not going to go well but goes with it I Samuel anoints Saul o Terrible tragic loses favor with god I David next king of Israel 0 He and his son Solomon decides to build a permanent temple in Jerusalem 0 He has multiple children All these figures are flawed 0 David s flaw adulterer Bathsheba Solomon becomes the leader known with his wisdom o Proverbs Ecclesiastes song of songs erotic love poem bw a man a woman interpreted in a variety of ways 0 David author of many songs 150 many attributed to David I Songs come from captivity Jerusalem become capital 0 Samuel concerned about servitude and taxation Prophetic literature constitutes the rest of the Hebrew bible o Year1000 o A series of kings a lot of discord I North and southern kings 0 7th and 8th century north kingdom falls 0 Judah I 587ish Babylonians destroys the temple 0 Very tumulus o Prophets rise up one by one challenge the status quo the king 0 Nathan comes before David and tells him a metaphorical story of Bathsheba 0 David says they should kill him I Speak through the word of god Very unpopular But later revered 6 JEREMIAH Despised prophet Jeremiah o Became in 62439 a prophet for a long time Really upset the powers He thought the religious establishments were corrupt And warns the authorities And god destroys them 7th Temple sermon o Sermon was so Incendiary that he was threatened to death if he came back again I His hope woven into the messages I Passages that relate to coming of the messiah o Prophetic material majority of the bible falls in the 400 year period I Exile of the Jewish people Many stayed even after liberation southern Iraq I Cyrus Persian king recaptures Jerusalem allowed people to come back They began the process of rebuilding the temple that had been destroyed 7 LAST 2 BOOKS OF HEBREW BIBLE EREA AND DEAMIAH 6TH CENTURY I Cyrus is called the messiah savior figure Find a lot ofJewish people name their children Cyrus Saves people of Israel from Babylonian captivity Ancient traditions in genesis Moses come during the 2ncl millennium Prophetic later 1000bc600or500bc then a intertestamental period book of Daniel 0 Much of the bible was collected during the time of Babylonian captivity Collected and preserved o Historically 4th century the coming of alexander the great and the Greeks dominant and political power until the romans displace them During the time of roman empire where Jesus is born Bible stops around 500 New Testament first century of the Common Era 0 New Testament only cover a little over a 100 years


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