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Week Two Shakespeare Notes

by: Maddie Evans

Week Two Shakespeare Notes 12082

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Foreign Language > 12082 > Week Two Shakespeare Notes
Maddie Evans
GPA 3.6
Dr. Dugaw

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About this Document

Hey everyone, here are my notes for the second week of Shakespeare (English 208) lecture. I hope these notes help!
Dr. Dugaw
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maddie Evans on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 12082 at University of Oregon taught by Dr. Dugaw in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Shakespeare in Foreign Language at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/07/15
Shakespeare English 208 Week Two Lecture Notes The Twelfth Night gt gt Malvolio considered a character of intrigue Antonio and Sebastian interesting dynamic 0 Among rst in a play to be characters that accept their homosexuality Since there is no internal dialogue happening in a play the only way a character can express their innermost feelings is through speech song used often in Twelfth Night We are to feel more empathy for Viola and Olivia protagonists Malvolio is considered an antagonist 0 Very arrogant considers himself to be better than others Uptight 39Mal universally a term for bad Cares about being in charge Social climber marry Olivia for power 0000 Shakespeare wanted the world to feel scrambled so he rhymed many of the names as well as using the same letters ie Viola and Olivia Sebastian and Cesario Antonio and Toby Maria is Olivia s ladyinwaiting but does not contribute to order sets prank in motion Feste Fool acts dumbna39l39ve but is the smartest o Often talks back to Olivia calls her the fool and to get out of his house 0 Crude jokes 39well hung Viola is one of the only ones to outsmart the Fool Uncle Toby has no priorities but to drink and party Sebastian is very oblivious to what is happening 0 Accepting of whatever is happening 0 Does not question when Olivia steals him away to get married gt Verse vs Prose 0 Speaking in verse is considered to be more 39regal or appears more orderly 0 Speaking in prose is considered more 39peasantlike 0 Olivia speaks in prose and causes misrule while Feste speaks in verse gt The jester FesteFool is always able to surprise the audience and turn the tables ie talking back to Olivia crude jokes gt The name Feste would be in conjunction with festival esta feast while Malvolio would be related to bad sinister or evil gt Malvolio is very dense and strict but sexually repressed ie comments about Olivia s handwriting spelling out dirty words Terms gt Setting The place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place gt Character A person in the story novel play or movie the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual gt Plot The main events of a play novel movie or similar work devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence gt Verse Writing arranged with a metrical rhythm typically having a rhyme gt Prose Written or spoken language in its ordinary form without metrical structure gt lntrigue Arousing the curiosity or interest of something gt Diction The choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing gt Wit The keen perception and cleverly apt expression of those connections between ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure gt Humor A comic absurd or incongruous quality causing amusement gt Elizabethan Age The reign of Queen Elizabeth I approximately 15581603 0 O O Seen as the quotgolden agequot of English history Beginnings of poetry music literature and famous for theatre once Shakespeare broke through past style of theatre Age of exploration and expansion Time of internal peace between Reformation and Protestants and Catholics gt Jacobean Age Period in English and Scottish history that coincides with reign ofJames Vl who interested crown of England in 1603 O O O Successor of Elizabethan Era Denotes style of architecture visual arts decorative arts Hterature Foundation of rst British colonies in North America gt Renaissance Period from 14th17th century in Italy as late Medieval period 0 O O Considered the bridge between Middle Ages and modern history Rediscovery of classical Greek mythology Perspectives in oil paintings


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