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Week 6 Notes

by: Emma Keith

Week 6 Notes Physics 1114

Emma Keith
Physics for Non-Science Majors
Professor Howard Baer

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About this Document

These notes cover week 6 of lecture notes (9/28-10/2).
Physics for Non-Science Majors
Professor Howard Baer
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Keith on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Physics 1114 at University of Oklahoma taught by Professor Howard Baer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Physics for Non-Science Majors in Science at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Lccrurc N ores 72815 39 Chapter 6 Energy WorK w worko apply Force through a disrancc 39 w P d ex F1N d lm wFd 1NIm 1 Nm ll lToLuc measured in Tomes whl39ch are also used to measure encrgg 00 an forces produce work a No only fhc F component acting in the dire ch39on of mo on does work cx man on Sled Fveru cal doesnt do work 39 1 51 aoeswm l W I at oh lake Pow er r R power 9 rate atwhl39cnwork 1 s don c P AWN Joules wa s At sec thnyou work an an object andir Spacds up you import en ergy of m oh39On to 1h 3 object K1 ncrl39c Energy x mergy of moh39on KE K5 quotinrw2 KE Parabola o m 1 39 unra kg 3 Joules KE is scalar nafvufor r5pccd no direction CX wor39k changed position hado39srancc burnot KE WFch W0r39k Mpart39s Boreh al 39 mgh encr on book Porcnn39al energy Lecture Norcs 93015 T Work an Energy work 39 w Force applied fhrou 9h 0 dl39srance in Ioules component of o force paralch 113 the direction of mohon powcr pratc at which work is done Aw M in waHs kn nen c en crgy cncrgy of mo on onlv For objects of moss Pofcn al energy energy associated w 39h posf on for objects closcm earth39s surFo cc Porcn al energy 2 due 10 5pn ng spring quotquot Fric onlcss surface HO0Kc s Low ngSng k X object dt39sronce d3 ggl peed Prom equnln num 39 quotspwhg wnsmm Nm Lccrure Notes 10215 Energy Pofcnh ol Energy Psspn ng 392 kx PE electric force found stored in fossil J els quotPE gmvffy 5 mM r AbsolutevaiucoF PE is nor important only ch ongc in PE is important Energy is conserved conservah39vc forceaforce whose PE only depends on locon39on Force of Friction at conservative ex mass on Spring E J mv 39 kx 2 z l LdISplacement From equmbn39um gkd 11 simple harmonic mo on A E f amp PEKx spring Ehhl KE x W d Energy vs Posmon at xO JKd lm v mmemwlx 39nwx saw91 WMW IWQ R 39mr39f39m39m39 39 9939 quotW m quotl f W 2a 19 m hm znme39grmm 39 p j worldu ne of mass on o sm ng Tpen od time Perl 03cm Yr A vo I A t 3 v v large in opposite direction Vlarge 39 39 Hormom c Oscillators A romic mc on of different meleculcs ex ammonia molecule NH3 3 H quotH 05cm ator39s pcn od T In seconds 05d 1 cm39ons 15 c H crtz L chqucncg F T ex pendulum 5 d x A E lzmv mgy mgd A v 0 an E393 Kinetic mvhmgd V ng 29d


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