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Week 7 Notes

by: Emma Keith

Week 7 Notes Physics 1114

Emma Keith
Physics for Non-Science Majors
Professor Howard Baer

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About this Document

These notes cover week 7 of lectures! (10/5-10/7) There are only two days of notes because of Friday's cancelled classes.
Physics for Non-Science Majors
Professor Howard Baer
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Keith on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Physics 1114 at University of Oklahoma taught by Professor Howard Baer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Physics for Non-Science Majors in Science at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
i LCCT UF e Notcs DIS5 Conservoh39on 0F Ene Pmch39cal for conservative Force gravity spn39ngc1ccmfan c quot 99 E kE PEgVzkxz 9mm I r quot l2 mv wPE 39Conserva h on 0f cnerggdue r0 laws 0F physics being the some at on th0an 04 time Chapter7 momentum n mpwse and collisions y c New1on s 2nd Law 3 d a 3 me EFmo a At Em At m Av momentum mv Ncwfon s 2nd Law 2 thc impulse acnhg 0 n Sonobjcct produc cso Own 9 in momentum that is cqual in magnitude and inthe some direction osme rmp39ul se quot m xw a goquot club h ft 39n g a39gleba ITwhOE s39t e impulse 39 39 impulseaEAt m I 3500000 Ns quot 3 39 quot Club exerts forcequotS DON 39 quot 39 timeLt o01s p an s Pas kgrm mv S MV39Pm 5kg m 5 soms OJKQ lmogfnc 2 balls abouffo colll39dc Imaginary box cnaoses a 2 body svsrcm Wffh no cxremal forces no impulse cxfemal on a 2 body system 0 Fsgsrcm At Apsgstem O ak wjd Pim n al p nal a A Pn39m39h39al quot Ph nal momentum is conserved only when there are no eXfem al Forces cx Fallback defensive back m1 m1 i V Via mlOOKg m1 75KB V5L X Wme S 3 tacKlI39ng l sn39okrogcrh or A Pmm ar 100 Kgg 5 kg 1 S s 5 4 A 3 7quot m 1quot m 1 Van01 5 I75 Kg V hal u VHDOl 200 m 13975 S Lccrure Notes Newton u D quotquot 4 Fnet maz m g A At Fnet At m AV VJ T impulse momentum 5 3 p mv 2bodies in colh39sfon no external fbrces a A 0 D A Pbcl39bre Spotter conservation OF collision momentum Rccoil mon on cx M n ch39onlcss I ce m L V 399V 4 no exramal forces 1c 3101ch MU mV39 ex snotgun recoil O quotfquot 392 J Pim 39m o v Ps39 btzmv cxr adfoact1 ve dcoag of atomic nuclws r neumns b mfon 23 p 5 92 U W 23 1qu 50m 6 nuclcf emit hem patriots Colu39sfon pmcess es 19on 1 om body 2 lt 9653 n ng h ally pzmv nol W MVP 3MV W vpziliy 10015 Com s on wpes quotW boh momentum and energy oonSened cx colliding billiard bolls 39IhCIOS CI mgr mm momenrumn0t energy conserved ex 2 bans 0F pu ysh ck rogcrhcr atcom39slon Parh o N 3 Inelastic 39 l in coming bodies are samc as Zourgon39ng bodicsa kinetic ench not conserved cx Zmbbcr ans com dc some chergg convertpdfo heat d ucro deformah on


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