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In-Class Notes for Exam 2 Part I

by: stefaa

In-Class Notes for Exam 2 Part I PSY 150A1

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Psychlogy > PSY 150A1 > In Class Notes for Exam 2 Part I
GPA 3.75
Structure of Mind & Behavior Lecture
Dr. Lazarewicz

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About this Document

to from September 28-October 9
Structure of Mind & Behavior Lecture
Dr. Lazarewicz
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by stefaa on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 150A1 at University of Arizona taught by Dr. Lazarewicz in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Structure of Mind & Behavior Lecture in Psychlogy at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Monday September 28 2015 STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS LET S GET SOME CONTEXT Neurons Brain amp Nervous System Sensation Perception WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS 0 Early psychology all about consciousness 0 Then came behaviorism consciousness like a speedometer If speedometer breaks car will still work just won t know the speed going Then reemergence of mental processes 0 Today s psvchological definition a person s awareness of hisher own existence sensations cognitions and environment 0 Much processing occurs unconsciously but some also conscious what s the difference 0 Sergent amp Dehaene 2004 certain threshold of brain activity consciousness Consciousness emerges from individual brain events musical chord analogy Different parts of brain depending what the person is aware of at a given time 0 Does NOT arise from perceptual area occipitaltemporal lobes 0 Instead several areas in parietal amp frontal lobes areas of decisionmaking and judgment 0 Consciousness is not merely perception It is an experience that emerges from patterns of brain activity We have begun to identify these patterns 0 EX See chair and see dog different thoughts THE TIMING OF CONSCIOUSNESS consciousness of action lags slightly behind the brain events that evoke it Libet 1985 2004 decision to move becomes conscious 20 ms before movement but Ask question know question raise hand brain activity of conscious decision to make hand 2ms of conscious in air that says okay lets move our hand motor cortex activity begins 500 ms The brain gets the ball rolling before we are ever consciously aware of our decision How it feels consciousnessbrain activityljbehavior What actually happens brain activityljconsciousnessljbehavior Are decisions every truly consciousness ls consciousness simply awareness of what our brain is already doing Does freewill exist IF WE DON T HAVE FREE WILLlt WHY DO WE BELIVE IN IT SO STRONGLY Wagner 2002 2 things need to happen for us to assume that Event A caused Event B 1 Event A comes immediately before Event B 2 It makes sense that Event A could cause Event B a BOOMl tree fall over OK SO WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH FREE WILL People experience a thought Event A then immediately observe themselves doing a behavior Event B ARE THERE TIMES WHEN WE THINK WE CONTROL THINGSlt BUT WE CLEARLY DON T Magical thinking belief that you can influence events at a distance with no obvious explanation of how eg bowling eg rooting for sports teams needs to wear jersey or in their chair and special food orders or else team will lose Thinking about an event just before it happens gives us a sense of authorship of that event EX Team losing so changed seats team winning seat changing influenced team win THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING FEE WI AND BELIEVING IN FEE WIL Believing in free will matters internal sense of control Baumeister 2009 tell people there is no such thing as free will cheating refusal to help social irresponsibility WHY DO WE SLEEP restorative theory helps body recover from wear and tear energy evolutionary theory keeps people out of trouble at night poor night vision susceptible to predators falling off a cliff etc cognitive theory helps consolidate memories lock in more permnant easier to find RHYTHM OF SLEEP circadian rhythm regular bodily rhythms that occur within a 24 hour cycle the biological clock blood pressure pulse rate body temperature sugar level hormone levels metabolism etc EX naturenurture social cultural environment Sleep urges vs needs HOW DOES THE CIRCADIAN RHYTHM WORK hypothalamus reminder regulated bodily functions hunger thirst temperature blood pressure heart rate Wakes us up makes us sleep light sensitive like sunlight hypothalamus pineal gland endocrine gland that secretes melatonin melatonin hormone that makes people feel sleepy the hormone of darkness shut lights off earlier to feel Circadian rhythm sensitive to external cues of dark and light but also cultural cues to time eg clocks TV shows People deprived of such cues end up living a 249 hour day same with blind people


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