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Week 5 Book and Class Notes

by: Danielle Lynch

Week 5 Book and Class Notes MKT 319

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Marketing > MKT 319 > Week 5 Book and Class Notes
Danielle Lynch
GPA 3.8
Marketing Research
R. Spreng

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About this Document

Week 5 Book and Class Notes Guest Speaker and Chapter 7
Marketing Research
R. Spreng
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Lynch on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 319 at Michigan State University taught by R. Spreng in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Marketing Research in Marketing at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Ch 7 Descriptive Research Design Survey and Observation Survey Methods Survey Methods Classified by Mode of Administration Telephone Centrally located facilities Low cost Field service supervisors monitor the telephone conversations ComputerAssisted Telephone Interviewing Replaces paper and pencil Highly efficient Improves accuracy and controls for logically incorrect answers Advantages Quick Sample control ability to reach the units specified in the sample Control of the field force Good response rate of total attempted interviews that are completed Not expensive Disadvantages No use of physical stimuli Limited to simple questions Low quantity of data Personal InHome Advantages Complex questions can be asked Good for physical stimuli Very good sample control High quantity of data Mail Very good response rate Longer interviews can be done Disadvantages Low control of field force The tendency of respondents to give answers that are socially desirable but incorrect Potential for Error due to incorrect interviewing procedures Some samples may be difficult to access May take long to collect the data MallIntercept Advantages Complex questions can be asked Very good for physical stimuli Very t Very good response rate Disadvantages Potential for Moderate quantity of data CAPI Respondent sits in front of a computer and answers questions on a screen Advantaies Very good control of environment Very good response rate Low potential for interviewer bias Disadvantages Moderate quantity of data 0 High cost Fax Mail Advantages No fieldforce problems No interviewer bias Low social desirability Low cost Disadvantages Limited to simple questions No control of environment Low response rate for cold mail Low speed Mail Panel A large and nationally representative sample of households that have agreed to periodically participate in mail questionnaires product tests and survey research Advantages No interviewer bias High quantity of data Low social desirability Lowmoderate cost Good sample control Disadvantages Limited to simple questions No control of environment Lowmoderate speed Electronic Email Advantages No interviewer bias Low social desirability High speed Contact hardtoreach respondents Disadvantages Low sample control No control of environment Low response rate Moderate quantity of data Security concerns Internet Advantages No interviewer bias Low social desirability Very high speed Visual appeal and interactivity Personalized exible questioning Contact hardtoreach respondents Disadvantages Low sample control No control of the environment Low response rate Moderate quantity of data Electronic Surveys Software and Sites Personalization Incorporate complex skip patterns Randomize response choices Consistency checks Add new response categories as the interviewing progresses Criteria for Selectin a Survey Method Improving Survey Response Rates 1 Prior notification 2 Incentives a Prepaid Included with the survey or questionnaire i Increase response rates more than promised b Promised Coupons money or some other incentive to participate that is sent only to those respondents who complete the survey 3 FollowUp a May increase to 80 4 Other Facilitators of Response a Personalization Observation Methods Personal A trained observer collects the data by recording behavior exactly as it occurs Humanistic inquiry A special form of personal observation in which the researcher is immersed in the system under study Onsite observation Observers are positioned in supermarkets and presented as shippers who need advice from another shopper in making purchase decisions Mechanical Mechanical devices rather than human observers record the phenomenon being observed People don t always want what they say they do Internet cookies Turnstiles Scanner data Obtrusive expensive A Comparison of Survey and Observation Methods Advantages Nonresponse errors eliminated Interviewing bias minimized Children pets Frequent short behavior Disadvantages Selectively observe only what they want to Too expensive for long term behaviors Ethnographic Research Ethnographic Research The study of human behavior in its natural context and involves observation of behavior and setting along with depth interviews Other Methods of Descriptive Research Mystery shopping Question employees at stores take notes and observe variables of interest Social Media Observation Trace analysis Comments photos videos audio and other stimuli posted voluntarily by consumers on their social media sites are traces of their behaviors Ethics in Marketing Research Sugging Selling a product rather than addressing a marketing research problem selling a product Frugging Fundraising under the guide of research asking for a donation Anonymity important People should be observed in a public place and marketing research should be posted Guest Speaker 95 Marketing Research Asking the right questions in the correct manner of the appropriate people Bad data worse than no data Definition of Quality Research Sampling The correct people defined chosen Must be random Build trust with clients Media Research Counting eyeballs on TV Media Analytics Impressions rating x pop Research categories Satisfaction tracking image awareness OTT TV Application Masculine Adventure Broader audience 55 of population Appeals to men and women Attitudinal Segmentation Target Audience Profiles Competitive set and positioning Product and marketing input Qualitative Quantitative 9 Segment 9 Priority Ch 7 Descriptive Research Design Observational Structured You know what you re looking for exactly Unstructured Not sure what you re going to see Disguised Mystery shopper Undisguised Natural People unaware Contrived Artificial Environment Testing to see if people say what they actually do Ethics Need permission to observe Complementary to other research methods Observation methods 1 Personal 2 Audit 3 Ethnographic Anthropology Highly trained people spend long periods of time with the people to understand them 4 Content Analysis Sampling Finding irregularities in data 90 of data is unstructured a Text analytics Text mining Categorizes what people are saying i 900 response example international students 5 Trace Analysis Cookies Mechanical Observation Direct iarticiiation vs Not 991990 Instant Response Focus Groups People metersquot cognitive mediated Footfall Analysis Cameras sensors where people are using heat map Eye Tracking GSR Galvanic skin response Arousal level limited No fMRI Blood ow in brain a Critisisms Unethical Gimmick Artificial Costly Facial Coding a Emotional reactions are crosscultural faces move the same way for emotions b 3D Coding tells


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