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Fate by Taylor

by: Bethaney Hall

Fate by Taylor PHI4500

Bethaney Hall
GPA 3.6
Randolph Clarke

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About this Document

There are no class notes included with this set of notes, only text notes.
Randolph Clarke
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bethaney Hall on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHI4500 at Florida State University taught by Randolph Clarke in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Metaphysics in PHIL-Philosophy at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 10/08/15
Fate by Taylor Fatalism amp Determinism o the theory that all events are rendered unavoidable by their causes 0 argues that whatever happens is unavoidable Differences o Determinism concerns itself with the laws of nature and states that these laws together with the universe39s initial state can together determine the future 0 Fatalism is more an attitude the book expresses and where one can deny that the laws of the nature are not suf cient enough to determine the future 0 Determinism implies fatalism but one can be a fatalist and not be a determinist Fatalism with respect to the future and past Fatalism argues that all of time is xed and future events are unavoidable o The book states that we are all fatalism when it comes to the events of the past it is easy to argue that all of the past events are unchangeable Fataism goes even further and argues this for the future as well 0 This theory realizes that one cannot tell the future but can attempt by reading signs to what might happen Sources of Fatalism There is a to what the future may hold and whether God knows it or it is unknown to anyone it will still surely happen because it is a truth Divine Omniscience God if real knows all truths and therefore will know all truths of the future o If this is so then He can share this knowledge with others creating prophets The Storv of Osmo An example for fatalism 0 God transfers his knowledge of the future to a human man of another man named Osmo where he then creates a book of this man39s live events Osmo nds this book many years later and realizes all of these past events are true and even the present events He looks forward in the novel to nd the date that he dies from an airplane crash to a certain city He decides he will then not get on that plane in the future but fails to do so and dies Four Questions 1 Why did Osmom become a fatal5t a By nding this book he realized these statements about his life to be true and became to believe them 2 What then did Osmo believe a He simply believed that these future events were unavoidable even when he tried to change the course of events 3 Was Osmo s fatal5m justi ed a Yes even when attempting to change the future he failed 4 Is the doctrine of fatal5m then true a Our circumstances make it to where we do not know the truths of the future but just because he could read his truths does not mean they would be false if he had not b The mere fact that something is going guarantees that it will The Law of Excluded Middle Something is either true or it is false that is its denial is true there is no middle ground Common Objections 1 2 One can neither foresee the future nor prove God exists to foresee it a This reply is irrelevant fatalism is not a theology True statements are not the cause of anything a This claim has not been made The argument just con ates fact and necessity into one and the same thing treating as unavoidable that which is merely true This implies just that it is going to happen but it doesn39t prove it has to a The fact that it did happen makes it true however You can39t render a true statement false The fact that something is true entails only that its denial is false not that it is impossible a Fatalism doesn39t deal with the impossible but with the unavoidable Perhaps it would be best to discard the fataist idea that statements are true in advance The future is the realm of possibilities where we should say nothing is true or false a This statement is only meant to get rid of the detested doctrine of fatalism


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