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Week 6: Aesthetic Movement (England & U.S.)

by: Brie

Week 6: Aesthetic Movement (England & U.S.) AD 395

Marketplace > Purdue University > Art > AD 395 > Week 6 Aesthetic Movement England U S
GPA 3.34
History of Design
Connie Zeigler

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About this Document

Notable people in decorative arts and printing in the 20th century.
History of Design
Connie Zeigler
Class Notes
aesthetic, Design, england, printing, Art History, history, furniture, 1900, 20th century
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brie on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AD 395 at Purdue University taught by Connie Zeigler in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see History of Design in Art at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Week 6 929 amp 101 quotThe Genesis of 20th cent Design Aesthetic Movementquot Raizman Chapter 7 Meggs Chapter 12 oz Difference between Aesthetic Movement and Arts amp Crafts Movement 0 Further democratization of movement good design is for everyone Embraced use of machinery so products were cheaper 0 Not as concerned with social reform Elevating decorative arts to same level of respect as ne arts 0 Allowed for individual spin on design in addition to historically inspired o Japanisme is a strong in uence 0 Concerns with health and hygiene re ected in design 0 Comprehensive interior design oz Similarities between Aesthetic Movement and Arts amp Crafts Movement 0 Inspired by nature and historical movements Renaissance Gothic etc o Happened in same time period often intermingled oz Furniture and Decorative Arts Designers in England 0 Christopher Dresser Contributed to Owen Jones39 Grammar of Ornament Natureinspired at designs Wanted to bring good design to all quotknowledge is powerquot Worked with many types of media 0 0 Wallpaper Silverplate in particular his geometric teapot Pottery Fabric 0 James McNeil Whistler American lived in France amp worked w painters moved to London in 1859 and in uenced by the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood Japanese in uence adopted Japanese principles of composition amp space Famous work quotArrangement in Grey and Black No1 The Artist39s Motherquot 1871 Believed in overall harmony of design ie did the furniture and interior decoration of entire exhibitions Cranky sued Ruskin for criticizing him quotRose and Silver The Princess from the Land of Porcelainquot 1876 painted for Leighton who asked him to contribute to color scheme of room amp he painted entire room extravagantly quotPeacock Roomquot Leighton at rst refused to pay 0 Lord Frederick Leighton wealthy Painter w PRB quotAthlete Wrestling with a Pythonquot 1877 considered a renaissance in British sculpture new ways of representing the body more active 1878 President of Royal Academy of Art Paintings displayed for Britain at Paris exhibition 1900 o EW Godwin originally Gothic revivalist friend of Morris disciple of Ruskin 1860 became a lover ofJapanese style concerned w cleanliness Collaborated w Whistler on furniture Used Japanese style and riffed off it melded English ampJapanese style 0 Oscar Wilde editor playwright author lecturer Big supporterspreader of Aesthetic Movement via lectureswritings 1880 toured the US gave 140 lectures 1885 Editor of quotLady39s Worldquot style magazine 1895 Imprisoned for 2 yrs for being outed as gay died in 1900 0 Walter Crane friend of and in uenced by William Morris exempli ed aesthetic movement painter decorator designer poet book illustrator socialist art for all Designed textiles wallpaper illustrations for a socialist newspaper Children s book illustration show wide array of in uences Japanetc Leighton39s Arab Hall 18779 designed in Moorish aesthetic kt Printing Developments in England 0 For adults Aubrey Beardsley this is a dude Charles Ricketts o For children Randolph Caldecott wide popularity 0 18705 professional illustrator London News Journals amp Harpers Magazine 0 Children39s books illustrations simple and colorful without typical woodcut crosshatching Contributed to growing eld of graphic design Kate Greenaway died at 54 Painted children sweetly often wearing oldfashioned clothingin gardens Paintings were woodblock printed 0 Extremely popular 0 Dinnerware companies used her illustrations 0 Liberty of London produced children39s clothing line based on her designs o Ruskin was a fan asked her to illustrate Dame Wiggins and her seven wonderful cats kt Printing Developments in the US 0 Philadelphia Exposition 1876 introduces US to japanisme and Aesthetic movement o Minton39s tile display of products showed new Japanese in uence 0 John La Farge experimented in opalescent glass 0 Louis Comfort Tiffany opalescent glass amp designs inspired by nature His rm interior design and decorative items in metalwork and glass Persian vases middle eastern in uence Large installations Chicago Public Library dome Introduced all to good design the use of color and light to create mood Wisteria window at home Laurelton 1910 show shift to Art Nouveau style oz Department Stores sold some aesthetic designs 0 Harrods est 18805 in London 0 Liberty of London est 1874 Basically decorative arts mecca in store form Sold clothing and fabric Clientele included Wilde and PRB members EW Godwin directed the quotcostume departmentquot inhouse fashion which rivaled Paris 0 Middle class gained ability to have designed interiors 0 Window dressings The Vanishing Lady etc L Frank Baum same guy who wrote Wizard of OZ


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