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Week 6 French Revolution

by: Nicole Tsai

Week 6 French Revolution UGC 112LR

Nicole Tsai
GPA 3.6
World Civilization 2
Timothy Triandos

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About this Document

Typed notes for French revolution -Thorough class lecture -including recitation reading summaries -Lecture recording available upon request with purchase of notes
World Civilization 2
Timothy Triandos
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Tsai on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UGC 112LR at University at Buffalo taught by Timothy Triandos in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see World Civilization 2 in University Studies at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 10/08/15
World Civilization 2 Week 6 10815 Revolution in France A Neoclassicism in art and architecture a Late 1800 early 1900 b Sculpture literature architecture painting style c In uenced by classical art ideas and form d In uenced by Greek and roman history popular in 1900 1 Classical Enlightment period in 1800 a Understood as the height of civilized society b Virtues liberty civic responsibility morality and sacri ce B Thomas Jefferson brought Neoclassicism into art and architecture during the French revolution a Remodeled his own home b Wood and brick but had boId rectangularity c Columns triangular geometrical shapes C Neoclassicism in art a Bold linearity and geometry b Oath of Horatii JacquesLouis David 1784 1 Bold lines Horizontal and vertical lines 2 Visual power and clarity easily identify action and people 3 Ideal forms of man and women anatomy 4 High contrast in primary color highlights the people and action going on 5 Straight rigid lines for men soft curve lines for women masculine form 6 Women are distraught men are steadfast feminine form 7 Commissioned to be painted by the king 8 Unexpectingly becomes the symbol of French revolution D Enlighten Thinking a Based of observation b To think without religion c Rejected unfounded beliefs E Scienti c revolution lead to revolution a Isaac newton 1 Made scienti c ndings 2 Arguing for rational base and imperial based world 3 avoid supernatural 4 Philosophers took this to apply for governance b Locke 1 Humans are born good counter to religious teaching 2 Natural rights of life and liberty and freedom of conscience given at birth 3 Government is to protect the rights of people not to impose 4 Knowledge comes from senses c Fredrick 1 Morality lies in us as individuals 2 Government is to protect the rights not limit World Civilization 2 Week 6 10815 3 Citizen have right to over throw gov d Voltaire 1 Reason and common sense 2 Criticized religious intolerance 3 Church are limits to intellectual freedom 4 Humanity an advance to happiness 5 Despise king F Post England and France 7 year war 17541763 a Harsh taxes by monarchs b High poverty amp bad harvest c Clergy and Nobles were privileged d Demand for change by the common people e The Estates General was created 1789 1 Three estates clergy noble common 2 King cas meeting to come to terms about a Should voting be done by estates or by assembly everyone a Third estate had much more people and can dominate if voted by assembly vs if voted by estate the rst two can ban together b King was in line with rst and second estate b Third estate break free and become independent a Met at tennis court of Versailles b De ed the kings demand to disband c Took oath to not disband if they did not reform the estates d Louie dismiss estate minister cause third estate to storm prison f 1792 French victory and ouis 16 was executed G David Post revolution a Oath of Horatii 1 Now seen as a call to people to take arms 2 Propaganda for the revolution against same king who commissioned the painting b Became minister of Revolution and voted to kill Loui c Death of Marat 1 Depicts a revolutionist deputy killed in bathtub while writing 2 He was despised and a counter revolutionist murders him H The Terror a Born of rival between political fractures b Mass executions of enemies of revolution 10000 c Carried out by committee of public safety d Mindorian got rid of committee of public safety and ended radicals I Napolean comes to power 1804 a Adapts constitution giving him ultimate power J Neoclassicism continues sti World Civilization 2 Week 6 10815 of Sabine Women 1799 David Crowding no clarity no rationality Female front and center Both male and female stand between rigidly straight and softy curved a Intervention 1 2 3 4 a b c b Return of Ma 1 2 Depicts Roman vs Sabine Sabine attack to retrieve women Rome abducted Daughter of Sabine leader depicted in center stopping men from battling They had established new lives with husband and children rcus Sextus 1799 Pierre Narcisse Guerine Does not have same presence and austerity Light and dark contrast central gures for cross strong composition 3 4 Colors are muted and darker Resonate with social situation Depicts Marcus return to nd daughter in tears amp wife dead Re ects those who ed during revolution and have nothing to come back to World Civilization 2 Week 6 10615 The Rise of Photography Invented in England and France same time 1839 William Henry Fox Talbert 18001877 amp Louise JacquesMande Daguerre 17871851 Captures can be spontaneous and immediate Objective no artist intervention like painting Daguerreotypes earliest photos on silver or copper Paris 1849 hundred thousand sod amp England photo studios open Capture Realist imagination Eadweard Muybridge 18301904 Photograph California governor horse in movement Line of cameras with trip wire to sap when horse pass Study of animal in motion and human motion in University of Pennsylvania 1883 later in uence painter Alfred Stieglitz 18641934 Photographer interested in European modernist Bought Picasso rst Winter Fifth Avenue capture Manhattan center in storm Gertrude Stanton Kasebier American photographer considered nest She opened studio in fth ave and was successful Landscape and gurine aesthetic rather than documentary Pictorialism gurative not literal The Manger depicts woman and baby w soft ines slight blur undetailed but symbolic World Civilization 2 Week 6 10615 The Civil War Erupted over slavery and other social political and economical factors 0 Abraham Lincoln elected 1860 wanted to abolish State rights vs federal authority amp difference of agrarian south vs industrial north cause tension 0 South try to separate Lincon oppose 11 southern states withdraw from Union 18601861 0 War starts 18611865 Emancipation Proclamation announced midwar o Promise freedom to save North win and slavery abolish and central gov stronger Reconstruction era starts 0 Black rights 0 Inequality 0 North and south are a divided country


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