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10.6.15 Lecture Notes

by: Jared Notetaker

10.6.15 Lecture Notes Rel 150

Jared Notetaker
La Salle
GPA 3.5
Exploring Christianity
Dr. Giandomencio

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About this Document

Here are the lecture notes from Tuesday's (10/6/15) class. This lecture focused on the end of Mark and the Passion of Jesus (death to resurrection).
Exploring Christianity
Dr. Giandomencio
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jared Notetaker on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Rel 150 at La Salle University taught by Dr. Giandomencio in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see Exploring Christianity in Religious Studies at La Salle University.

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Date Created: 10/08/15
Death of Jesus The Passion 10615 935 PM Mark 1416 Normal Story line 0 Beginning Birth 0 Events in the life of the main character 0 Death How Gospel Story Developed 0 Death and Resurrection Events in the life of Jesus 0 Birth of Jesus 0 Pre Jesus life Passion Narratives follow a logical course 0 Arrest precedes trial 0 Trial precedes sentencing Sentencing precedes Execution Execution precedes Burial Difference between Clip 1 and Mark Jesus Christ superstar Different words from Jesus all gospels have different sayings and different events upon death 0 Mark s interpretation was he just yelled and finally died Difference between Clip 2 and Clip 1 French 0 This clip makes it no big dealquot compared to the other clip 0 Ugly brutal death 0 Jesus doesn t say much Storyline of the Crucifixion Sentenced to Pontius Pilate 0 Roman governor Condemned to death 0 Carry s cross 0 Meet his mother on the way unsure on that fact 0 Stripped Nailed Died on cross Buried Earliest account of Jesus 0 I Corinthians 1538 o Romans and Jews didn t understand why he was crucified because its ugly brutal for terrible people Not for someone important What do we know about Crucifixion Shroud burial cloth findings 0 Scourging whips 0 Crown of Thorns not common did it to mock Jesus 0 Nail went in wrist s bones to keep the body up 0 It is punishment 0 Nailed to tree is bad for Jews Not a good way to die What we Know form the Jehohanan Nails What do we know from History 0 Person carried the horizontal beam Crucified fully naked 0 Happened in a remote but prominent place 0 Death was caused by failure to breathe or animals 0 Instances were people who lasted a week were strong Christian symbol 0 Used to be a fish 0 Now it is a cross used to be terrible symbol for Jews to use Matthew s Gospel 0 Only place where Pilate washes his hands 0 Only time where Pilate s wife shows up 0 Matthew gets this from Deuteronomy 21 69 0 Shedding innocent blood 3 groups mock Jesus 0 Passersby 0 Chief Priests Criminals At the death of Jesus 0 Curtain torn in two Rocks Split 0 Tombs are opened 0 Dead Raised to life 0 Mother was there Guard placed at tomb There for the Jews to believe that they did not just steal the body Did Jesus know about his own passion death and resurrection 0 Most assume he did not know because it would have watered down his death 0 Jesus bore the full agony of his passion and death 0 No only physical pain but also emotional pain 0 Suffering abandonment by his disciples and even the silence of God 0 It is only John s Gospel that portrays Jesus as all knowing and he knew all the details of his death Who is responsible for the death of Jesus 0 Traditionally Christians blame the Jews 0 Johns gospel and Mark s gospel back this point 0 At the time the romans were persecuting the Christians so they didn t want to make them more upset and blamed it on the Jews Burial of Jesus 0 Joseph of Arimathea 0 Observed Jewish Law Must be buried before sun down 0 Body may not have been given to family 0 Tomb had body in it until it was decomposed 0 Then take bones and put them in a box HW No class Thursday 0 Midterm questions will be emailed on Thurs 10615 935 PM 10615 935 PM


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