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Week 7: Art Nouveau

by: Brie

Week 7: Art Nouveau AD 395

Marketplace > Purdue University > Art > AD 395 > Week 7 Art Nouveau
GPA 3.34
History of Design
Connie Zeigler

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About this Document

Characteristics of Art Nouveau and notable proponents of the movement in Europe, UK, and the US.
History of Design
Connie Zeigler
Class Notes
history, Design, Art History, art nouveau, 20th century, printing
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brie on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AD 395 at Purdue University taught by Connie Zeigler in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see History of Design in Art at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Week 7 106 amp 108 quotArt Nouveauquot Raizman Chapter 6 Meggs Chapter 11 60 Characteristics of Art Nouveau quotNew Artquot 18701915 0 Japanese design 0 Nature 0 Rococo o Feminine ie swirly organic designs 0 Arts amp CraftsAestheticArt Nouveau 0 Similar to Aesthetic movement historical in uences with a new spin on it o In uences varied from region to region 0 Colors are strongerjeweltoned not earth tones like Arts amp Crafts Movement 60 France comprehensive movement every artistic medium and discipline was in uenced o Siegfried Bing rst named the movement in the title of his gallery quotL39Art Nouveauquot Paris 1895 o Hector Guimard French redesign of the quotMetropolitanquot sign in Paris 0 Print medium Alphonse Mucha Jules Cheret Eugene Samuel Grasset Henri de ToulouseLautrec 0 Worked with lithograph Mostly made posters of dancerswomen cherrette5 French pinup girl TheophileAlexandre Steinlen made quotLe Chat NoirquotBlack Cat poster 60 DEngland o Aubrey Beardsley Worked on The Style magazine which inspired Modern Art magazine in US Precursor to Art Deco black and white asymmetry rectilinear layenng oz DScotland 0 Charles Rennie amp Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh 0 Vienna o Viennese Secession o Koloman Moser 0 Joseph Olbrich o Wiener Werkstatte quotVienna Workshopquot more rectilinear less swirly 60 Germany 0 Jugend quotYouthquot magazine O 60 60 60 6 60 60 O O O Inspires jugendstil quotyouth stylequot 0 Richard Riemerschmidt architect rst to make Art Nouveau buildings painter designer Hans Christiansen Henry Van de Velde from Belgium designed the interior for Bing s gallery designed book for Nietzsche director of Weimar Arts amp Crafts Institute preceded Bauhaus Otto Eckmann architect and illustrator Designed cover for Jugend designed famous trademark for AEG electrical company Printed a book of typefaces Famous typeface quotEckmannschriftquot Peter Behrens Designed logos and magazine covers architect DScandinavia O 0 Finland Eliel Saarinen Netherlands Jan Toorop DHungary O ljltaly O O O O Zsolnay Pottery Turin World Fair in 1902 introduced movement to Italy Adolfo Hohenstein Leopoldo Metlicovite Giovanni Matoloni lSpain Barcelona 0 o DUS o o Gaudi39s quotCasa Batlloquot Art Nouveau is called quotmodernismequot in Spain Art Nouveau as a brand AL Rich s GE logo 1890now Will Bradley Worked for Inland Printing magazine Inspired by Aubrey Beardsley used layering Edward Pen eld Monthly posters for Harpers magazine used layering Max eld Parrish painter illustrator Modern Art magazine 1893 Inspired by British magazine The Style Edited by Bowles started in IN and moves to Boston when it gains internat39l acclaim


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