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Module 20, 21, & 22

by: aubrey

Module 20, 21, & 22 SOC 101

Intro to Sociology
Dr. Whitaker

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About this Document

Detailed notes (with examples) of Modules 20, 21 & 22.
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Whitaker
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by aubrey on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101 at Arizona State University taught by Dr. Whitaker in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Liberal Arts at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Modules 20 21 amp 22 pgs 7090 Module 20 Sociological Perspectives on the Media 0 Mass Media the print and electronic means of communication that carry messages to widespread audiences newspaper magazine books radio TV movies internet 0 Effect on culture It spreads our culture and leads to cultural convergence 0 Cultural Convergence the ow of media content across multiple media and the accompanying migration of media audiences 0 You initiate this migration yourself by interacting with others across multiple media EX Facebook Functionalist Perspective the purpose is to entertain and to socialize us enforce social norms confer status and promote consumption 0 Agent of Socialization the media increases social cohesion by presenting a common more or less standardized view of culture through mass communication mass media plays a signi cant role in providing a collective experience for members of society 0 Enforcer of Social Norms reaf rms proper behavior by showing what happens to people who act in a way that violates societal expectations Ex plays a critical role in human sexuality 0 Conferral of Status mass media confers status on people organizations and public issues 0 Promotion of Consumption young people cannot escape commercial messagesmedia advertising has several clear functions it supports the economy provides info about products and underwrites the cost of media o Dysfunction The Narcotizing Effect 0 Narcotizing Dysfunction Paul Lazarsfeld and Robert Merton created this term to refer to the phenomenon in which the media provide such massive amounts of coverage that the audience becomes numb and fails to act on the information regardless of how compelling the issue Con ict Perspective emphasize that the media re ect and even exacerbate many of the divisions in our society and world including those based on gender race ethnicity and social class Gatekeeping how material must travel through a series of gates before reaching the public a select few decide what images to bring to a broad audience Netizens are committed to the free ow of information with few outside controls Media Monitoring term used most often to refer to interest groups monitoring of media content can also be applied to government monitoring of individuals phone calls text messages and internet activity without their knowledge Dominant ldeology describes a set of cultural beliefs and practices that helps to maintain powerful social economic and political interests Stereotypes unreliable generalizations about all members of a group that do not recognize individual differences within the group Digital Divide a gap for lowincome groups racial and ethnic minorities rural residents and the citizens of developing countries have far less access than others to the latest technologies Feminist Perspective According to this view the media powerfully in uence how we look at men and women communicating unrealistic stereotypical and limiting images of the sexes o Tries to determine whether the media has a different impact on women than on men lnteractionist Perspective Interested in shared understandings of everyday behaviorthey examine the media on the micro level to see how they shape daytoday social behavior 0 Friendship networks can emerge from shared viewing habits or from recollection of a cherished television series from the past 0 Egocasting personalized approach to news information gathering Cass Sunstein Table 203 page 81 Module 21 Audience can be an identi able nite group or a much larger and unde ned groupthe audience may be a secondary group gathered in a large auditorium or primary group such as a family Microsocioogy might consider how audience members interacting among themselves respond to the media Macrosocioogy examine broader societal consequences of the media such as the early childhood education delivered through programming ex sesame street Segmented Audience the media marketing themselves to a particular audience The specialized targeting of audiences has led some scholars to question the quotmassquot in mass media Audience Behavior 0 Opinion leader someone who in uences the opinions and decisions of others through day to day personal contact and communication o Often times members of an audience do not all interpret media in the same way many times their response is in uenced by their social characteristics such as occupation race education and income Module 22 0 Global village physical distance is no longer a barrier mass media has created a global village 0 Global Torrent the media permeates all aspects of everyday life Todd Gitlin BIG BROTHER BIG BUISSINESS VIDEO In 2010 humans added 12 zettabytes zettabyte 1 trillion gigabytes of digital information to the worlds already huge data library Commercial websites use cookies and tracking technology to monitor visitors web sur ng This is a threat to privacy freedom from crime and censorship Event data recover EDR quotblack boxquot looks at the events that happen shortly before and after a car accident Accelleron Corporation rental car using GPS to track where people go with their cars Printing digital camera pictures and burning CD s can trace back to the user because they can show the serial number of the device that was used Electronic Frontier Foundation goes against the tracking of people Verint Technology made store security cameras that can judge how fast you are moving and whether or not they should send out a customer service person to help you nd what you are looking for It also can show what you have purchased Helped solve the murder Choice Point has information on nearly every US citizen and sells the information has social security health records insurance info etc Google keeps the search record of every individual FOREVER Gmail keeps emails even when deleted for 2 months and longer AOL keeps emails even when deleted for 30 days Theft of cell phone records is a growing problem and you can even buy phone records online ldentix sells ngerprints and other biometric personal info such as facial recognition Technology isn t going to dictate the use of an application in society it is societies needs and values citywatchers implants chips into the employees for securhy We need to establish balance between individual privacy rights and ability of the government to get our personal information


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