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Chapter 7 continued & Chapter 8.

by: Kylee Milton

Chapter 7 continued & Chapter 8. BIOL 1334

Marketplace > University of Houston > Biology > BIOL 1334 > Chapter 7 continued Chapter 8
Kylee Milton
GPA 3.42
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Tejendra Gill

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About this Document

Chapter 7 continued & Chapter 8. October 5 & October 7 notes. EXAM 2 material Chapter 7: Skeletal System - Bones Structure and Function Chapter 8: Skeletal System: Axial and Appendicular ...
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Tejendra Gill
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylee Milton on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1334 at University of Houston taught by Tejendra Gill in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 168 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy and Physiology in Biology at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Chapter 8 cont 1007 Cranium calvariasskull cap View Transverse plane FRONTAL BONE ETHMOID BONE Crista gaili Olfactory toramina Cribritorm plate SPHENOID BONE 39 Lesser wing Coronal suture 3 quot Tuberculum seilae Superior orbital fissure HypophyseaI fossa Sequot Foramen rotundum Domum seuae turcrca Foramen Iacerum Squamous suture Foramen ovate Foramen spinosum TEMPORAL BONE Petrous portion Hypoglossal canal Internal auditory meatus Foramen magmm Jugular toramen PARIETAL BONE OCCIPITAL BONE Lambdoid suture a Superior view of sphenoid bone in oor of cranium contains pituitary gland The Sphenoid Bone 0mg SayreOhm Pinto Regan on Phi PM Rotunda Ethnoid crista galli cribriform plate gt perforations gt axons of olfactory receptors C nbnlorm horizomal ptato Crista galli Ethmmd SIDUS Orbital lateral plate PerpendtCMar plate Anosmia disease where you cannot smell Cranial fossae Anterior frontal lobes of brain middle temporal posterior cerebellum framen malnum ey gmatir 7 L process 39 canines Mastoid process inflammation Styloid process tongue muscles Wormian bones in lamboid suture Sutures ossification between 2 frontals Sagittal between 2 parietals Lambidal between parietal amp occipital Squamous between parietal amp temporal Craniostosis premature ossification Ossified skull is wider Ossifiedskull larger Frontal sinus hollow spaces air membrane sound resonance inflammation fluid build up Maxillary sinus hollow spaces air membrane sound resonance inflammation fluid build up Ethmoid hollow spaces air membrane sound resonance inflammation fluid build up Sphenoid sinus hollow spaces air membrane sound resonance inflammation fluid build up Vertebral Curvatures Primary thoracic amp sacral concave anteriorly convex posteriorly Secondary lumbar amp cervical convex anteriorly concave posteriorly Spine is always backwards amp downwards If you slip amp fall you can get a herniated disc Kyphosis hump Scoliosis Sshaped sideside Lordosis Atlas skull quotyes joint Axis dense odontoid process I quotNo joint Ulna allows flexionextension Radius allows turning over of the arm Glenoid cavity head of humerus Obturator foramen Acetabulum head of femur October 5 Cont Chapter 7 Growth of bones increase in diameter micknc39SS OF comeL bone OS39i to chitquot 5quot mustcum 0059 19 9 an msmit Diameter gets bigger but thickness stays the same HORMONES 1 growth hormone somatotropin 2 thyroid hormones T 3T 4 3 thyroid oaloitonin 4 parathyroid parathyroid hormone PTH 5 vitamin D3 125 dihydroxyoholeoaloified nso m i 00quot Como Growth hormone 6 ngpkfgm from pituitary gt liver gt somatomedins gt epiphysis gt bone elongation Thyroid hormones Wu we moi T3T 4 gt lack of T3T 4 gt oretinism oretin gt 33 kw mm Physical growth Mental growth Gonadal growth Vitamin D3 Cholesterol iLN mdu39qhm Pre vitamin D3 25 hydroxyoholeoaloified L in bdrm5 Vitamin D3 125 dihydroxyoholeoaloified Matti Ca2 absorption in intestine BONE Ca9 cai Giltan in o much110x H om pormtion s39r MEL Mamm If 33 ECFPlasma 9 11 mg 100 ml 3 10000 X less than tallest person Robert Wadlow lived in Alton Illinois was 83911 quot died at the age of 29 30 because he had something wrong with his feet they were unable to hold up so much body mass such a big stature Chapter 8 Colle39s fracture distal part of radius Pott39s fracture distal ends of tibiafibula Communited fracture bone breaks into pieces Compression in skull Green stick one side of bone breaks Hairline barely visible skul Spiral fracture along the long axis Compound bone pierces the skin Axial skeleton 80 bonesasruuimebmt colwwibSS KW Appendicular skeleton 126 bones 411mb WWW Skull 22 bones gt 8 cranial bones 14 facial bones Cranial bones frontal occipital parietal 9 Temporal a Sphenoid i Ethmoid 4 Facial bones n bones Maxilla rag Nasal 95 Nasal conchae Q Lacrimal Q Zygomatic cheek bone a Palatine Ca Vomer i Manudula D Vertebrae 90 boners Atlas 1 1 Axis 1 Cervicals 393 Thoracic 38 Lumbar 5 Sacral fused 1 Coccyx D Cervicals Ribs 12 pairs 1 7 true ribs 8 12 false ribs 11 12 floating ribs Sternum D smallest boot Middle ear ossioles malleus inous stapes Appendicular skeleton 126 bones Upper limb bones Hormones i3 Radius Ll3 Ulna iW Carpals 35 Metacarpals C57 Phalanges MB 50 7s 3 00 Lower limb bones Femur D Tibia D Fibula 13 Tarsals 75 Metatarsals 05gt Phalanges m Patella D Carpals 33 She Look Too Pretty Try To Catch Her Soaphilim Lunate Triquetrum Pisiform Trapezium Trapezoid Capitate Hamate Tarsals 7 bones Tarsals Calaneus Pelvis IleumIlium Iargest bone Isohium sit down bone Pubis in front Pubic Symphysis


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