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Second Great Awakening and Global Missionaries

by: Erica Kugler

Second Great Awakening and Global Missionaries HY 325-001

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > History > HY 325-001 > Second Great Awakening and Global Missionaries
Erica Kugler
GPA 4.0
US World Power to 1898
Dr. Steinbock-Pratt

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About this Document

Notes over the Second Great Awakening and the spread of Global Missionaries
US World Power to 1898
Dr. Steinbock-Pratt
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erica Kugler on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HY 325-001 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Steinbock-Pratt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see US World Power to 1898 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
The Second Great Awakening and Global Missionaries Second Great Awakening o Transatlantic religious revival movement gt preachers traveled between Great Britain and US 0 Started in Britain and moved over to America Early 19th century peaked from 18201840 0 Variety of religious denominations involved gt most influential Baptist and Methodism o Revival meetings were nondiscriminate in terms of what denominations could attend o Came as a response to social anxiety produced by Industrial Revolution and Market Revolution 0 Anxiety over modernization gt are these technology and labor changes for the better 0 Revivals meant to uplift and reform society for American exceptionalism o Believed in idea of virtue and individual responsibility 0 Perfectability of mankind o Reform of the individual better citizens better country 0 SGA spurred many social reform movements Temperance AntiSlavery Missionary work 0 1801 Cane Ridge Revival in Kentucky 0 Mass revival meeting 0 Spurred the Restoration Movement I Movement away from denominations I Focus on early Christianity gt beginning of Christian fundamentalism I Goal hasten second coming of Christ hasten the coming of the millennium o Revivalism in Northeast region New England and New York 0 Before SGA educated elites embraced Enlightenment principles of reason and deism o Yale University I PreSGA hub of Enlightenment teaching I Timothy Dwight revivalist preacher on Yale campus I 180218205 With SGA Yale changed curriculum to teach its studentsseminaries about traditional religion rather than Enlightenment reason 0 Charles G Finney gt revivalist preacher in Rochester NY I Goal energize believers I Dual message live a life of the Gospel and work to make this life better 0 Upstate NY I quotBurned Over District 0 Lots of revivals 0 Areas burned over with religious zeal 0 Increase in evangelical religion 0 Transportation revolution aided in the spread of revival message and aided in moving preachers across the US 0 SGA spawned many new religious sects o Millerites I Believed the second coming of Christ would occur on October 21 1844 0 Didn t happen gt October 22 quotDay of Great Disappointment 0 Many Millerites left and formed a new sect see next bullet 0 Seventh Day Adventists I One of the key founders was Ellen White 0 Had a religious vision where God told her to go out and do missionary work 0 Mormons I Founder Joseph Smith 0 Lived in Buried Over District of NY 0 Had a religious experience gt revelation about the location of gold tablets that contained the story of a long lost European group in America 0 Story of this revelation The Book of Mormon 1830 o Mormon Church believed in early fundamental Christianity 0 Practiced polygamy gt not popular with society at large 0 Caused Smith and followers to move out to IL o In IL Smith wasjailed and then killed by a mob o Successor was Brigham Youth who helped settle the Mormons out in Utah as a way to escape the control of the US government Utah as under benign rule of Mexico at the time o Oneida Community I Founder John Humphrey Noyes o Believed that Christ had already come 0 Believed that it was possible to live sin free 0 1848 established utopian group called Oneida Community 0 Communalism I Everyone is equal I No individual attachment to something or someone 0 You shouldn t anything more than you love the community 0 Complex marriage I Everyone is married to everyone quotfree love I Controlled procreation I No motherbaby attachment 0 Radical ideas about gender roles I Ex women didn t wear corsets and wore loose clothes 0 quotGeneral criticism group meetings I Community meetings where people pointed out the flaws of each other 0 To have money to support the community the community created silverware quotflatwarequot 0 Community petered out in the 1880s SGA also spurred lifestyle movements change behavior to be more simplereligious o Grahamites I Founded by Sylvester Graham I Idea of quotstay coo o SGA and slavery o Slavery was seen as America s fundamental sin Religious revivals influenced enslaved AfricanAmerican religion Nat Turner was a preacher and a slave who used the Bible to encourage other slaves to rise up and break out of slavery I Led to Nat Turner Rebellion failure 0 SGA and missionary work American missionaries worked in both the domestic and foreign spheres American Missionary Society gt was antislavery and worked to abolish slavery American Bible Society gt spread the Bible and the Gospel American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missionaries ABCFM I 1810 1St American agency to send Americans abroad to spread Christianity 0 O O O O O I Hawaii I gt avoid anything that could inflameexcite the body Vegetarian diet Wore loose clothes Took cold showers Developed the graham cracker as a bland food product Grahamite cereal developed by Harvey Kellogg Corn Flakes quotdiscoveredquot by James Cook in 1778 o Named the islands quotSandwich Islands 0 First European to be recorded as reaching the islands Islands were not united under one kingdom but were ruled by individual rulers residing on each island Kamehemeha l began to united the islands under one kingdom o Died in 1819 Kl s son Kamehemeha ll took over 0 Also ruling wK II was his mother Keopuolani highest ranking female in HI and his firstfavorite wife Ka ahumanu Hawaiian society was hierarchical based on social status 0 Ruling elites at top and laborers at bottom 0 Had a reciprositytribute system where lower class gave tribute and gifts to upper class I Solidified view that lower class is subordinate to elites Henry Opukaha ia gt model for Hawiian conversion 0 Born in 1792 during wars of unification lost family 0 Sailed to America and went to Yale I Meet son of Timothy Dwight who took him in and taught him Christianity as well as general education skills I Schooled at a quotHeathen School 0 School meant to taught foreigners Christianity and civilized lifestyle I After his death he was seen as a model of the good work that missionary activity could do 0 Showed that Hawaiians were people that could be converted o 1820 first group of ABCFM missionaries arrive in Hawaii 0 Goal change Hawaiian culture and religion but not their politics 0 Missionaries dealt wKll Keo and Ka ah o Keo and Ka ah were responsible for abolishing the kapu system I Kapu system rules regarding eating 0 Males and females had to eat separately 0 Certain foods were prohibited in accordance wtraditional Hawaiian religion and beliefs 0 Keo and Ka ah also helped est missionary schools for the children of elites and of missionaries I Ex Punahuo school 0 William Hooper gt 1840 est the Koloa sugar can plantation I Changed Hawaiian economy wintroduction of wage labor as sugar car production was a forprofit agriculture industry whereas Hawaiians had traditionally farmers for own sustenance o Missionaries also sent to China I Great Britain and China had engaged in the Frist Opium War 0 Britain imported Indian opium to China to make the Chinese addicted to it so that they demanded more and Britain became their supplier o This made China upset 0 Britain won the war and opened up Chinese trade 0 Continues to sell opium 0 Chinese trade dictated by foreigners 0 Opening up of China allowed missionaries to come in Key Words 0 Cane Ridge Revival 0 Restoration Movement 0 Timothy Dwight 0 Charles Finney o Burned Over District 0 Millerites 0 Seventh Day Adventists o Mormons 0 Joseph Smith 0 Brigham Young 0 Oneida Community John Humphrey Noyes Grahamites American Missionary Association American Board of Commissionaires for Foreign Missions James Cook Kamehameha Henry Opukaha ia Heathen School Lihoiho Kamehameha Keopuolani Ka ahumanu Punahou Koloa Plantation First Opium War Treaty of Nanking


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