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Lecture 6 and Lecture 7

by: Kionna Morris

Lecture 6 and Lecture 7 SOC 343

Marketplace > Old Dominion University > Sociology > SOC 343 > Lecture 6 and Lecture 7
Kionna Morris
Sociology of Sexuality
Dr. Polonko

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About this Document

Lecture 6: Arousal Lecture 7: Childhood Sexuality
Sociology of Sexuality
Dr. Polonko
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kionna Morris on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 343 at Old Dominion University taught by Dr. Polonko in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Sociology of Sexuality in Sociology at Old Dominion University.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
Soc343 Outline of Lecture on Arousal II III Implications of the brainlimbic system for pleasure and for what we call sexual Passionate Love 1 Factors related to experiencing sexual passion a Situations that evoke generalized excitement from either intense physiological or psychological arousal b Factors that facilitate de ning this excitement as passion 2 How these factors help us understand why it is easier to experience passion in the beginning of a relationship and what couples can do to increase their chances of experiencing passion in longterm relationships What factors are defined as attractive and what factors in uence this process both societally and Individually II III IV Lecture Outline of Childhood Sexuality Sources of Information on Sexuality for Children 1 Parents Issue of quotno namesquot consequences of nonlabeling 2 Why do parents avoid talking about sexuality to children 3 In uence of peers 4 When the child is discovered and punished leads to guilt reactions which can interfere particularly for the female with adult sexuality Layperson Assumptions about Children and Sexuality 1 Assume that children are not sexual 2 Assume behavior has the same meaning for children as adults Sexologists and Childhood Sexuality 1 Argue that quotsexualquot exploration for child does NOT have the same meaning for children as for adults Instead children have to learn meanings for these behaviors Childhood or preadolescent quotsex playquot A Females 1 Prevalence a 48 of females have engaged in at least 1 episode of childhood quotsex playquot before age 13 b 15 with boys 18 with girls 15 with boys and girls thus approximately 50 same gender and 50 opposite gender Naturetiming a Most of the sex play is restricted to one experience or a few stray experiences b Most of the above are incidental outcome of m play activity ie a considerable portion is a product of curiosity Type of quotsex playquot a 99 of childhood quotsex playquot involved genital exhibition b 52 involve manual manipulation of genitals c 3 involved objects usually ngers inserted into the vagina Orgasm a Clitoral erection and orgasm easily induced in girls b Orgasm observed in female babies as early as 4 months Normal for kids to do to explore taboo stuff Consequences depends on whether the experience was voluntary and the reaction to what was seen Let them know that its normal to look B Males 1 Prevalence a 60 of males have engaged in at least 1 episode of childhood quotsex playquot before age 13 of young boys interviewed over 70 said they had b 50 with same gender 50 with opposite gender Naturetiming a quotsex playquot episodes 24 were limited to one year over 36 continued 5 years Type of quotsex playquot all childhood quotsex playquot involved genital exhibition over 23 involved manual manipulation 16 oral contacts 17 anal contacts e 6 urethral insertion Animal contacts 4050 all of farm boys have some kind of contact with or without orgasm with an animal during some point in their life 6 by age 13 Shows that COitUS is not innate Orgasm a Erection and orgasm easily induced Penile erection is a daily occurrence for small boys starting from earliest infancy preadolescent boy erects indiscriminately to any and all intense stimuli regardless of contact by late teens male so conditioned that he rarely responds to anything but direct stimuli of penis or specifically quotsexualquot psychic stimuli For boys it continues for a lot of them 999 b Orgasm has been observed in boys as young as five months 0 H H Few things we don39t name are genitals consequence of not naming is they have no idea What it is or What it is for They avoid talking about it because they re uncomfortable Girls who are taught about their genitals are much more likely to stay Virgins longer then others Who don39t know If they don39t learn about it from their parents they39ll learn about it from their peers or other sources Other kids are going to tell them What it39s for how to use it Biggest source for boys is their father uncle etc porn stashpomography II We assume that children aren t sexual We assume that it has the same meaning 111 We aren t curious anymore they39ll nd out on their own What it is They explore because nobody talks about it


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